New Hive Engine Tools Pending Token Payouts Feature

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I just updated Hive Engine Tools to add a new tool to find pending tribe tokens on your pending posts.

You can find the tool at the Hive Engine Tools site.

Just enter your username and hit enter, after a few seconds you will see a list of your pending posts.


This tool will find all pending tokens on every post that is pre-payout (7 days).

Currently the tool does not factor in author/curation split, any potential front-end burn, or beneficiaries. These will be taken at payout and will adjust the final value of payout.

The data is cached for five minutes on when running it multiple times in a short period of time.

This feature was requested by @clixmoney.

That brings Hive Engine Tools up to seven tools in the tool box with more to come as time permits.

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That's great. I have an idea for you to add there. What if we will be able to see the most commented posts ? Usually such posts are really interesting and maybe even important. I've seen posts not doing well in rewards in any tribes or even hive, but having a lot of comments. I'll be really interested to find such posts and to reward them and it will be useful for some curators to find a content to support !

That’s a super cool idea!!

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The comment section and the comment strings are sometimes even more worthy that the blog payout amount is my opinion @themarkymark @clixmoney so if it's not to much trouble an addition would be great

Have some !PIZZA for the idea.



@clixmoney! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @xplosive.

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Very interesting this new function in hive engine, but explain to me why you vote negative my summaries

That is a handy tool. Thanks for sharing

This is great addition to the tool. After using this new feature Within first 2 minus I was able to find a mistake I was making while posting from Actifit as I can see that I am only getting sports token, nothing else. This must be a mistake at my end where I would have used wrong tag or something. I need to investigate.
I greatly appreciate your efforts.
Here is is some LUV for that
!luv 5

This is so cool!! You are a gentleman and a scholar @themarkymark

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Will there be any future updates about adding factor in author/curation split, any potential front-end burn, or beneficiaries?

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I was thinking about adding that, but it is a lot more work in terms of processing power for each query. I may add it, but right now I'm happy with how it is.

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We can help you, because it's just change the author variable, so you can add to the final value the multiplier

I know it's hard know the value of every community, but when it's done we send you the values and you just change, if you want of course, hehe

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I already have the data from other tools on the site (like Tribe Config) but it's a lot more remote calls to get the data. I also planned on calculating the Hive value of all the rewards and have a total. Just a lot more work.

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This Is really informative. For me I've learned to use most of this hive tools through such post that you guys share. It's helps a lots. Thank you for sharing

It helps , thanks very much. 😁

What a nice feature to show the token payout. Thanks for your efforts.

Thanks for making these handy tools Mark! They really allow me to understand the tribe and communities better and of course are great tools to analyse my own posts etc. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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Very useful, thanks for sharing.

very good information

It s very good idea.Thank you so much for sharing this kind of information.

This looks very useful. Thanks for sharing. 😎 🍻

Cool. Been on the look out for a tool like this here on hive. Really helpful. thanks for sharing

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Just came across it, so it is like an automated tool to "find lost coins in your pocket"? That happens to me a lot, I have been using crypto since the beginning and once or twice a year I find a wallet, reward or token I can claim and is worth something.

Take my witness vote, well deserved! I might get back to developing open source some day, right now because of the pandemic crisis I am working a lot on a private company to make ends meet. Congratulations and good job!

Thanks for sharing, this is so so helpful.

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these are great tools, one question I have is there a way to see for each tribe how many new tokens are created per some unit of time (i.e. what is the inflation rate?)

I am searching for a tool to stake all Token at once. Currently I have to stake all on hive-engine one by one :(

Good stuff.

I know eh!
Should see what I don't have on the site :P

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Lol I know the feeling. No matter how much you've done, it always feels like there's always a shit ton of work left to be done.

Very handy tool. Would there be a way to come up with a tool that views pending tokens payouts for just comments? That will be a cool feature. Would love to see that

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Hi, can you @themarkymark give us an information about how long you must wait for undedelegation of Hive-engine tokens in your beautiful tool? Thanks in advance.

It is usually 5 days but I can probably add that to the tribe config tool. Been wanting to add power down time as well.


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