What if you bought $100 worth of BTC every month since creation?

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No one really knew what Bitcoin would become, but let's say you did. So you decided to buy $100 worth of Bitcoin each month since the start.

How much would you have?
How much would it be worth?
How much would it have cost?
What would be the ROI?

I thought this was an interesting question, and I decided to figure it out.

First we need to find the BTC price for each month since the beginning. I was able to find a site that had this data readily available here.

I loaded this data into Excel, and after a few simple formulas I figured the answers to my questions. It's quite impressive.

If you bought $100 worth of BTC since July 2010 when it was worth roughly $0.09, you would have accumulated 8123.941409 BTC. I am ignoring transaction fees for simplicity.


Over that time you would have roughly 464,301,181 million dollars. This would have costed you around $12,900, for a return on investment of 36,069%.

I don't think you could really come up with many investments with a return of 36,069%.

Some interesting observations.

  • The first month you would be able to buy 1,111 BTC for $100.
  • The second month you could buy 1,666 BTC with $100, and on the 3rd and 4th month.
  • May 2011 would be the first month you couldn't buy 100 BTC with $100.
  • October 2012 is the first month you couldn't buy 10 BTC with $100.
  • April 2013 would be the first month you couldn't buy 1 BTC with $100.
  • Today you would be able to buy 0.001759726890386 BTC for $100.

Let's dream a little, what would you be able to get with $465+ million dollars?

You could spend the next 17 years at Mark Hotel in Manhattan, New York. This is considered the most expensive hotel in the US.

You could buy 3,782,936 shares of Apple (APPL) stock, or roughly 2.77% of the current outstanding shares.

You could buy 5,170 Tesla S with auto drive unlocked. I'm sure Elon Musk would love you for that.

You could buy the entire market cap of HIVE and still have 196.5 million left over.

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I'd buy some cat food. Maybe a cat. Get some of those cool little straws with the bendy part. Couple cans of those alphabet noodles. A new ladder. Five pack of BIC lighters. Some skate laces. Socks for sure. Can never have too many socks. Fly swatter. New blinds for that window above the sink in the kitchen. Some gas for the lawn mower. Potting soil. Pots. Some 'AA' batteries. And maybe splurge on Subway. Get a footlong this time.


I hear this one is looking for a home

That's because I fired that cat.

I didn't know you were a manure spreader. Geez. Jack of all trades this guy.

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make it 6 or 7. those BIC lighters always somehow get lost in other people pockets

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So weird going in for a red one and coming out with a black one...

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Pink is a bitch-ass color though.

they are not thinking, pink lighters are trained to not get lost in other people pockets, or maybe pockets are pink lighter resistant.

I'm guessing that's around that's around $500 bucks. That's not even half a trending post on Steem.

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Someday I'll buy a lambo with a fart joke I wrote in 2017.

I always thought love is like a fart, if you have to force it, it is probably shit.

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That’s the funniest video ever.

Not if you have a bad case of diarrhea.


Lmfao 😂

Oh my! I love this kind of enumeration. Especially when I started getting interested in cryptocurrencies it was Bitcoin that cost less than $200. Too bad I couldn't predict the future. If I had known that Bitcoin would cost $60,000 I would have been on holiday on some tropical island long ago.

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Ah this math and imagination exercise can be a torment lol. It is still not too late, but yeah... It would have been a great thing to do

Now the question is where would you be if you bought $100 of Hive since it started.?. Please run those numbers

The two most toxic things when it comes to crypto investing is FOMO and hindsight. Its best just to stay away from those emotions to avoid making dumb decisions.

Very good post. The growth of cryptocurrencies is impressive. Many people, including me, did not make this type of investment before due to ignorance.

Wow I love the way you accumulated your calculation
I never knew BTC had so much value,just reading your article I had learnt a lot .

That would have been a good plan.

You would have affected the price buying with that amount of fiat in 2009.

Enjoy your 'POB manure' ...

(I know you already have plenty, but I didn't want to leave you out.)

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I started to work and live from what I generate on the web in 2013 I saw cryptocurrencies grow under my nose, as I had no investment power I saw many people become millionaires, I talked to many friends about the subject, even with my son Major, that they invested when the bitcoin was $ 240 dollars, and ether $ 2 dollars, at that moment they made fun of my innocence. When bitcoint hit $ 60,000, everyone called me, to regret not having heeded my recommendations. Excellent report @themarkymark
I take this opportunity to wish you a happy Easter

Here, some additional fun: https://storeoftime.com/ (on hive I wrote only the german version about it)

do you know how many times I did regret not having done it? I have always wanted to do so, but I felt I was short in money and my bills were increasing. Probably if I didn't have this particular situation I would have been in a different scenario now :)
Nice post by the way.

cheers buddy! Feel free to fertilise my fields with POB manure :) in the end any help is welcome in growing :D

Nice post.
This is almost the same way I introduce Bitcoin to newcomers every time they ask. From now on, I will try to keep crypto on my wallets...no matter what.
Have a nice day!

You could buy the entire market cap of HIVE and still have 196.5 million left over.

I thought something similar, when I have read the "What if you bought $100 worth of BTC every month since creation?"

The BIG Problem Is that all those Bitcoin would Still Be Tied Up with the Mt. GOX Debacle............ @themarkymark

Oh, please ... Don't remind me! It's just really regrettable! LOL

If I had a crystal ball that told the future or a time machine, either or, I'd be rich! Lol

Everyone would be rich by that.
The Back to the Future movie series with the Sports Almanac is a perfect example of what would happen in this case.

If we see it that way, yes. Bitcoin still did not reached mass adoption, but nowadays worth more even than gold. Interesting.

It seems ridiculous when you think about it. Would have been such an easy thing to do. Hindsight's 20/20 as they say!

I enjoyed reading this post and contemplating the ramifications. Getting in early and staying consistent definitely pays off!

That's the way I'm feeling about POB right now (created several weeks ago by @proofofbrainio). Some folks I interacted with early on referred to it as a shitcoin. I prefer to think of it as a manure coin (read the link if you need some context).

In any event, I took the opportunity to spread some serious 'POB manure' to a lot of Leo folks tonight (everyone who replied to the original post or otherwise participated in the conversation related thereto -- except the literal shit post, that is). Hope it makes some fertile seeds grow.

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Shit coin or not, if people have fun and are engaged that's important too. I have a lot of reservations about Hive Engine tribes and how they are managed, but I have one myself as I believe they have done a lot to keep people engaged and entertained on Hive.

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To quote the legendary comedian George Carlin:

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Have you noticed that their stuff is shit and your shit is stuff?

wow, another shit post written by Low Ability Mark. You just make me laugh.