First Rant of 2024

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Hehehe, here comes the bass force and its the first time for the year. I literally have to link my account to ThreeSpeak so as to comment in a better place.

This, to me, is not actually more like a rant but an insight into what is already happening, what is likely to happen and more like philosophical and mind-nature prediction.

If you call this a rant, then I want to listen to it more often. Thanks for the eye-opener, boss. More is about to come, I guess.

Also, the video edit is cool. love it.

This is so inspirational @theycallmedan, I'm happy to work with people like you. And were lucky to have you here in Hive.

Had to ruin the number of the beast you had going here with an upvote.

but time to go beast mode! Awesome rant, majority won't learn until it affects them personally and we're seeing more and more being affected.


OMG, maybe you stopped a Demon summon ritual.

Namaste 🙏 Dan

Main problems in society and our online communication:

“Can’t make a research good enough to find the solution”

  • Gladly I managed to do mine back in 2018…( happyly Yoga for my well-being, and Hive as an online solution/tool for communities and desicion making in Society’s and governments in general)

“Adapting something new to human is scary…”

“Shadow bans about decentralized social medial on all other social media”

  • As youve said in one of the videos in twitter talking to my one viewer, out of so many potentials…

Time and effor is has to be for succes…

“ We have things for given, information as knowledge and facts, without ever being able to doubt the system and what they have shown us on CGI that people believed in as true…”

“ The good thing is we are here to create and observe the new generation of humans walking on earth”

  • That will be such a great experience, no matter the “bad looking” perspective of things manafesting on earth…


That was 100% relatable and easy to understand. Most of us online are victims of our own freedom. The message goes over most heads because everyone isn't here (in crypto/ web3) for the same reason. Most are in the "bag go up" camp and fully embrace everything the flawed system has to offer.

I came into crypto "late" because it was always presented as an opportunity to make money fast. Yes, I have bills and need food but it didn't sell the vision to me. Most of my content is about NFTs, which is silly to the OGs but I really believe it is a gateway to everything else.

With that said... people under heavy oppression, that have had boot come down will see the big picture much easier than "bag go up" guy. Someone that had their small business crushed by a "Google Slap" or "Zucking" will get it. But Offline I don't speak to many people that understand a single thing I am saying right now.

With that said... I know a lot of poker guys that get it. That is a great demographic to "preach to". Good stuff

So much sense in one video and the music gave it an action movie vibe, Dan your rant sounds more like wise sayings😃

I wish the world can become a better place for us all, stay blessed.

That's a good rant and definitely one that will be proven with the passage of time.
But when it comes to 3speak I'm a bit worried since at least 3 of my latest videos uploaded there which happened with a big break in between faced lots of troubles taking hours or days to be posted!
Yet a thing that didn't happen a while ago, so it's impossible not to worry about its future...

I never knew you rant, lol
This is my first time seeing your rant
It was fantastic and I love the music!

its indeed a rant, i wanna go watch it now

more rants please, need more hive based content to listen to.

It was just yesterday we had first rant of 2023! MSM the time flies!
But for real hitting play now!

We have different issues in life, varying depths of darkness. Though the lack of urgency is obvious, the most important thing is someone is advancing though he is crawling. Inspiring rant.

It was actually a rant worth hearing of actually. Never knew you rant also

Dan , why I cant log in 3speak with hive keychain? I dont understand why we need to use a web2 login into a web3 native dapp...
Not telling your fault lol, just genuinely expect that you can explain that or give me some hint

I myself have been following you for a long time, you are working hard on this project and we see that updates like this are very useful for people.

Thanks you


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Hello, I love video games, I'm starting with my mom on this platform, I'm just new to playing but I know I'll be learning, I'll be continuing and learning more every day, thank You

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Okay... Where do I sign up...???

It is easy for every one to belive into something in hindsight. Most of the time, someting with great potential may be right in front of our eyes, but we keep being skeptical or may not gather sufficient courage and conviction to follow the trail and get into it.

That is what exactly the case with Blockchain. When it comes to Hive Blockchain, in time, it will become a strong repository of decentralized data in a true a sense and for that matter a true Blockchain in true sense, it does not masquerade as a decentralized community, rather truly live up to the spirit of decentralized community.

That adaptation and mitigation into the future frontier is being opened up by Blockchain. Hive Blockchain is one of the strong and key contender when it comes to contemplating about a comprehensive decentralized social platform. In essence, it's more than socializing.

Thank you.

Lack of Urgency Amidst Growing Threats

Dan expresses frustration with the general lack of urgency he sees among people in addressing the serious problems facing society. He believes many are complacent, failing to recognize the gravity of the situation and the need for immediate action. Dan argues that people often only react when a crisis is directly impacting them, rather than proactively seeking solutions.

The Rise of False Prophets and Centralized Control

Dan is concerned about the growing influence of "false prophets" - individuals and groups who appear to champion freedom and solutions, but are actually promoting centralized control and ulterior motives. He sees these figures amassing large followings while offering superficial advice, distracting people from the real threats of increasing centralization and loss of digital sovereignty.

The Importance of Hive and Decentralized Solutions

Dan passionately advocates for the Hive blockchain as a critical technical solution that provides the foundation for a parallel, decentralized economy. He believes Hive's design, incentive structures, and community-driven nature make it a powerful tool for resisting centralization and preserving freedom of speech, value transfer, and digital dignity.

Overcoming Complacency and Taking Action

Dan urges listeners, regardless of their technical expertise, to actively engage with and understand the solutions available, such as Hive. He argues that complacency is unacceptable, and that everyone has a responsibility to educate themselves and contribute to building a more resilient, decentralized future. Dan emphasizes the need for a sense of urgency, drawing parallels to his experiences in the poker industry where funds were suddenly frozen, highlighting the importance of being proactive.

The Defining Moments Ahead

Dan believes society is approaching a critical juncture, where the actions taken in the next 20 years will have profound, generational consequences. He sees the current situation as a "rock bottom" moment that will either break or define people and communities, and calls for a renewed sense of purpose, resilience, and commitment to building alternative systems that cannot be easily controlled or seized.

Overall, this episode of TheyCallMeDan reflects Dan's deep concern for the state of the world and his passionate advocacy for decentralized solutions, particularly the Hive blockchain, as a means of preserving individual and collective freedoms in the face of growing centralization and authoritarianism.

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