#FinancialGoals2021 Initiative | Share your plan to grow in 2021 | HIVE and LEO Prizes

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Hey Hivers!

2020 was a crazy year; we had the Hive fork, this virus that is still a threat, and the US Federal Reserve printed a record amount of money. Many were caught off guard this past year and had financial problems.

I want to encourage Hive users to make a financial plan for 2021 and set up financial goals. Answer any of these questions:

  • Which is going to be your investment strategy for 2021?
  • Do you have any specific assets that you want to invest in?
  • Preferred Investment? Crypto, Real State, Commodities, Stocks?
  • Do you have a plan or a set of goals on how to use and grow your stake?

Also share your prediction for the price of Hive and LEO in 2021.


I sponsor this initiative with @LeoFinance. It is organized and promoted by @aliento and @hispapro with the collaboration of @tripode.

To participate:

  • Write a full post or make a video sharing your plans and financial goals for 2021.
  • Written posts must be posted from LeoFinance.io UI. Video posts can be uploaded to 3Speak.co and shared on the LeoFinance Community.
  • On your Hive post or video, include the tag #financialgoals2021 as one of the first four tags.
  • Comments and interactions are very important for this initiative and will be taken into account to be eligible for upvotes and prizes. Comments made from the LeoFinance UI will have greater priority.
  • On Twitter, put your HIVE links into a comment. Twitter is shadowbanning some Hive links and all 3speak links, but if you put in your comment section, Twitter won't be able to shadowban your tweet.
  • When making a video, upload a short clip of it to Twitter as a teaser, and put the link in a comment under the Tweet. Videos get a lot more views if uploaded directly to Twitter, and to see the rest, they will need to go to your 3speak profile.


The best posts will be eligible for a big vote from my account and also from @leo.voter; we have a combined Hive Power of over 4 million coins. LEO whales will also be on the lookout to vote for the best posts.

Beside the votes, there is a total prize pool of 1,000 HIVE and 500 LEO:

1st Place: 500 HIVE and 250 LEO.

2nd Place: 300 HIVE and 150 LEO.

3rd Place: 200 HIVE and 100 LEO.

The participation window for the initiative/contest will end 10 days after the publication of this post. Winners will be announced 7 to 10 days after its conclusion.

COMMUNITY LEADERS please translate this initiative into your language for your community, and we will get with you for your help in curation. For this initiative, @hispapro will post the #Spanish translation.

Have ideas for future initiatives similar to this one? Reach out to @eddiespino on Twitter, Telegram, or Discord (eddiespino#1698) to let him know your ideas, and he will relay them to me.

Follow @hiveangelists for future initiatives.

The cover image was designed by @tripode.

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Thank you for this initiative @theycallmedan.


I just want to say that I enjoyed writing the post, it got me motivated again to write a blog after period in which I completely lost my inspiration. Not that the situation seems very rosy now, but at least this initiative has got me blogging again. It is a pity that it didn't receive any appreciation by the initiator. I am not talking about a vote here, because that is of course completely free choice. But I would also appreciate a comment as a token of appreciation.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that I have participated in such an initiative ... and completely unnoticed in the many posts that come in response. What this has to do with is not entirely clear. It could be that this has to do with time zones like @thisismylife says above me here. But it is a pity that apparently a whole team is able to find and appreciate posts from only 1 time zone.

This demotivates me a little to climb into the pen again for a next initiative. And that's too bad because I really do appreciate the initiatives.

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I wrote a few but I'll make a better more detailed one here tomorrow and get entered. Thanks!!

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Hi I would like to participate in your challenge but I do not use twitter. Can I still participate or is making a post about the topic or is it a waste without twitter? I dislike their censorship rhetoric which is why I prefer Hive and am really not interested in participating on there.

Awesome. I will certainly be participating in this. Thanks!

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Hey Dan, I already wrote this post and shared my financial goals on Leo earlier today, here's a link to the post

Is it okay if I just edit my post and add the tags to my post?

Hello @belemo, @eddiespino here, I talked with Dan and yes, you can edit your post and the tag so it is taken into consideration. I actually saw your post and thought that is exactly what the initiative is all about.

Hey @eddiespino @eliento, here's a link to my updated post shared on Leofinance with the tags and everything


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Nice! I already mentioned this on Twitter from my account "aliento", it will be taken into consideration but if you can edit the tags and add #financialgoals2021 as one of the first four tags, that way we won't lose your posts in all the entries.

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Was going to make a post, but if we are being forced to use 1 specific front end, I M going to decline to avoid centralized thinking.

When you post on one you post on all, thats the beauty! Come on we wanna see your post!

I just stay away from the battle of the front ends topic, I guess its not really being loyal to Leo to use their front end but its just counterintuitive to decentralization to use this logic and I can't get over it lol

I think many of us swap between front ends to support what they are trying to do.. on board now users is one of those goals, or to encourage people to see what's on offer. I do prefer a choice though e.g. we'd love you to post from here for these reasons, but feel free to post from wherever you'd like.

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That, right there!

I post from hive on a lot of things; but I post from LeoFinance when it's crypto/financial stuff; from NaturalMedicine when it's mental health/wellness; from CreativeCoin when it relates to art, etc. I don't see it as centralization so much as doing my part to help sort/streamline content discovery across the entire Hive ecosystem.

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I agree! And we shouldn't feel overly loyal to any, and spread ourselves across to support the great communities on HIVE. It's the responsibility of us old timers who are ABLE to post on many different topics - screw 'finding your niche and sticking to it'. Of course, I'll TRY to post more under Nat Med as it's my baby, but I do really like to share the love. I hope this was worthy! Thanks for commenting.


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Perfect we started the year with a great step and nothing more interesting than this.

I'll take a few days to create something interesting and comprehensive to share with the community.

See you.

Greetings 😎✌️🚀.

I just found this after posting my goals. I edited and added the tag to my post. I hope it is valid.

Anyway here is the link to the post:

Thanks, happy new year.

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Awesome inititaive to kickstart the year Sensei! We got this, let's go!

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what an awesome initiative! i'll make my posts tomorrow! Happy new year everybody!

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That's a great initiative! Can't wait to read from everyone

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What a great way to start the year, this is @theycallmedan, I will be glad to participate in the contest.

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Hello friends. Happy new Year for all. Here is my entry for the initiative:


Congratulations @theycallmedan, great work. It`s a nice initiative. Happy an blessed New Year 2021. Cheers.

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I'm in, I really appreciate the power that community is able to make this new year with expectations.

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I am working on my list but first


May 2021 be a prosper year and a May we have an even bigger hive movement

This is really nice, I look forward to dropping mine one of these days. Really lovely initiative.

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I would write an article, but...  Two points:  I have a great deal to say and, disabled, it would take Me far too long to type it all up, and My plans entail getting free energy technology out in the open (I personally know it's in black projects) so We no longer have to account for Ours, which is what money does.  (Money systems will promote psychopaths to the top, They being the Ones who will not stop short of unEthical behavior to get and keep the power over Others money provides.  Best to remove it all and then We all can live as richly as We choose...)

I was thinking to do this for me but ignoring it, Now this competition has really given me a very strong motive to pen them down.

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Was thinking about how to present my list of goals! This is a good start of a few from the list! Thank you :)
Here's my post: https://leofinance.io/@elianaicgomes/zlqrzeuv

Happy New Year and let's make this year the best together :)

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Awesome contest and I will submit my participation soon

I was already thinking to make a detailed post about my goals. Thanks for a great contest.

This is so cool. It's either crypto or non-crypto related financial goals right? It's exciting and definitely serves as a motivation to have the year organized. Reblogged :D

Another exciting prompt here. I'll share my plans and experiences shortly. THis year, 2021 would be a big one for the LeoFinance community and the Hive blockchain at large. Many of the unexpected would happen and many who looked at Hive at a distance would wish they joined while we experienced the lows.

Thanks Dan for collaborating with LeoFinance for this shot.

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My Plan is save Lifes homeless
i dnt doing for LEOs its doing for Humanity

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I'll be watching this space.


Happy New 2021 !

More info why you see this.

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I was already thinking of creating a similar post so it's a win-win situation here! Thank you for creating this initiative and have a wonderful year ahead!

Here's my entry.

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Amazing initiative. I already wrote mine:


Best of luck to everyone and may we have an amazing 2021!🎉🎉🎉

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I find these kind of activities truly engaging for the general Leo public and it's such a positive incentive for people to expand on their personal journey and their commitment towards the future. Looking forward to writing my own! Anyways cheers and thank all involved for such an event!

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Great competition. Recently, there are a lot of such contests.

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Indeed it's good to form a financial strategy, I'm personally not ready to form a strategy, but I'm ready to share at least a glass of !WINE

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This is a good one. I believe having financial goals for the year will help you keep focus and strive towards achieving them.
It's an awesome initiative and a chance to make plans for ourselves.t thanks for this initiative

Damn. I posted all this information yesterday.. well all the blockchain related stuff.. I've never tracked what I make so really that's my plan for now. I saw s lot of other posts about that too.. great initiative.. but a day late. #StoryOfMyLife

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Great I am already preparing my Spanish/English publication

What an awesome initiative! So here is my entry and i also pledge to read/upvote/comment on as many posts as i can that will take part in!


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