Decentralized Communities - Let's Talk About It

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Talking about the power of decentralized communities and how an investor might value them in the future. I also go into SPEAK for a bit.

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Great watch @theycallmedan. Sometime I feel I have a hard time getting myself around the idea of why my projects or community ideas are important. I look at what many are doing on here and ask why are they doing it that way and then getting to see the growth on projects development(leofinance especially with taking over hive price) is truly an inspiration too.

This whole platform allows many of us to find value in our skills if you are a developer, investor, or creator.

$LEO and $Speak is taking Hive to the next level

In the past, business was mostly decentralized. Until about 200 years ago, all companies were sole proprietorships. Corporations were invented as a mechanism to raise funds for the construction of railroads in America. And in order to sell this innovative concept, management controls were transferred from executives to investors. Initially, this consolidated capital and gave a powerful impetus to growth, but over time it centralized much of the financial resources and power.

Bitcoin is a way to check out of this system and is a valid alternative to fiat money.

The decentralization of money should lead to the decentralization of business and the return to proprietorships and personal sovereignty. We need to build tools for this.

It is fun to talk about these concepts. But the problem is much more mundane.

Without SMTs and automated trading tools (DeFi), communities on Hive have a limited future. This was supposed to be a powerful but productive HIVE sink. We are four years behind on this.

The DeFi concept was part of Steem's original white paper (Automatic Market Maker), instead multiple other blockchains launched DeFi tools and passed Hive in a big way. We need native decentralized tokens now.

The decentralization of money should lead to the decentralization of business and the return to proprietorships and personal sovereignty. We need to build tools for this.

Without a doubt. This is the exciting part of the future.

The DeFi concept was part of Steem's original white paper (Automatic Market Maker), instead multiple other blockchains launched DeFi tools and passed Hive in a big way. We need native decentralized tokens now.

Fortunately @dlux should have something out by February that will allow for this to take place.

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If HIVE is stored on a 2nd layer, it cannot be used for Resource Credits on the 1st layer. This means that users must have both HP and the token to be able to use the app. This is too complicated for new users.

If DeFi were implemented on the base layer with SMTs as per original design, this would allow apps and communities to work with just their token, because HIVE stored on the 1st layer can be accounted proportionally to their holdings of the app token for calculation of RCs.

Agree on the need for SMTs.

You've said it all, the society in itself is decentralised, but then the anatomy of the world and how it works, the cooperate entities, the systems of government and even how exchange, services, market and distribution is totally centralised to the highest level and that's why it's difficult to attack a true decentralised system, like you painted it, they'll have to have the money, the resources and the means, buying the token and skyrocketing the price in the process which is a lot of price to pay to influence the governance of a true decentralised system. I'll be looking forward to speak as you spoke more about analogies and how it might turn out to be.
By all means it's an astonishing vlog today Dan, merry Christmas to you.

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‚If you buy a bunch of shovels you‘re going to dig.‘ Legend

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When we have the opportunity to control what we do, say and think.

We do not hesitate for a moment to use it and make ourselves felt.

And it is when we understand the importance of this type of platform to publicize a feeling or expression of freedom.

Perhaps I do not understand much the commercial or technical part of all this but what I do understand and I hope to execute to the letter.

It is the opportunity to express what I think without fear of censorship. We have the power in our hands, we just have to use it correctly.

Greetings and Merry Christmas 😊✌️.

dear brother i have a lot of question this time from last few days about the word Decentralized, @theycallmedan, but i have fear that if i will speak, there will be big attack on my self, so i am weak, and i have no power in my words, so my power is that i want to fight for decentralized but how, in what way, every corner attract power, so when any one has power he/she can rule the world or any place with its own way, so i was thinking that decentralized give us freedom, if we are not theif, i was feeling that decentralized is place where i will feel that i am free bird, if i am not theft, so i have a lot of question, so i do not know how i describe my words, but i love you you have great vision, may i could not understand the words decentralized but i got point many month , i love decentralized but how, how , if any one has power he can rule the world in own way,, so i have fear

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‚If you buy a bunch of shovels you‘re going to dig.‘ Legend

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I don't think that fedbook was coopted.

Chances are we still have agents of chaos among us encouraging our failure at altering the paradigm.

People are still trying to understand Bitcoin.

Let’s not forget HIVE is less than year old and long term thinking is key

@theycallmedan, Decentralisation is very complexed and misunderstood Subject. Only collective effort can fulfill the dream of Decentralisation. Stay blessed.

great video, Appreciate it

The value of communities is very high, as long as they are properly worked.

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This was really helpful, explaining how Brocha can help with security helps us understand your though process a little better. I appreciate your view of how there can be a use case for many different tokens and that one platform can utilize many, but you might wanna take it one step at a time. 3 is plenty, if you think it works best, I trust you...but I think you'd probably benefit from starting out as simple as possible to get the rest of us ready for this future which I agree is coming, and which we will be at the front of.

You mentioned another token being rewarded along with Hive to content creators...I don't know if 4 tokens would be wise, I think it's too early to be doing that, but hell, you thought of some nice tokenomics that I couldn't come up with so I won't presume I understand better than you guys. Just from a casual users perspective...

I think video sharing websites like 3speak will ultimately replace YouTube. Any centralized website can be pressured by YouTube into censoring, but 3speak can not because it is decentralized.

Friend, I think you had a very happy December 24th with your family. Sincerely, I am always grateful to you for your positive evaluation of some of my publications. Dispense confidence. Hugs from Venezuela.

We already have decentralized projects in a way: open-source projects(and work already amazing, and there have been built powerful services and tools). IMO Hive and blockchain technology can improve it by providing tools for organizing ourselves better.

I see hive as a tool for developing open-source projects. Improving in the aspect of managing the money and redirecting the efforts.

We've just built the central channel for communication, now it's time to build those projects.

💡Aannd an idea has come... what about a system like github integrated in hive?

That's an excellent video and I agree with all u spoke. Each point made has something I wanna say in response as its so engaging, so mind-expanding.
Flat bag from xmas debauchery for the time being but i'm glad you made this recording and i'm comfy n happy listening to it.

there wasn't any lame dad jokes in it though. please put one in

Hi Dan,
I like the way you support and promote Decentralisation on blockchain but it seems like the definition of Decentralisation is quite complex for many.
In simple words what I understand that- Decentralisation means when No Big tech or any person is controlling the platform as per their choice and everyone should be given equal power and freedom to share what they want.
Please advise if I am right or anything needs to be added here.
Merry Christmas @theycallmedan

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Nhiều người vẫn đang ôm mộng về ETH, đồng tiền điện tử với giá xăng dầu cao ngất ngưỡng, là đúng hay sai khi đầu tư vào ETH, tôi nghĩ BTC vẫn ỗn định và lâu dài hơn.

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Quyền lực trong thời đại này chưa hẳn là tất cả đâu bạn, phi tập trung cũng chưa phải là không tập trung ở một phía cạnh nào đó. Nó làm cho thế giới chúng ta thay đổi trong một cái chóp mắt, vì thế không có gì là bất biến, crypto có thể thống lĩnh thế giới ở 100 năm nữa, và bạn đang sống trong giai đoạn này vì thế đừng lo lắng quá.

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Hey Dan,
Sorry to jump in a bit off-topic.
We are very grateful that you currently support the HiveBuzz proposal, but it will expire in a few days.
Do you mind to cast your vote for the proposal renewal we made for 2021 so we can continue with our work?
Thank you. Wish you a happy Xmas 🎅


More info why you see this.

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