How do I Make More Money? - Video Blog (Spanish Subtitles)

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These are some great points that I've often thought to myself. I remember when I was younger and was grinding my way to more bitcoin, similar to when I first got on this chain. I was commenting, following and curating people for the first couple years with no stake of my own but slowly and surely started gaining trust, a reputation and history and people started trailing my votes making them worth more. Then delegations arrived and I was lucky enough for my work to be rewarded with them so I could curate more effectively and be rewarded better, but it was quite an investment of time and effort that could've also not worked out.

I didn't quit there and I kept building things but I also realize I'm now at this age where doing that whole grind again I wouldn't be able to, but if I were to land on Hive again 10 years younger today I would definitely spend most of my waking hour contributing to where I think my contributions are needed. Especially if I need the money and freedom that comes with it and time after time Hive has shown that those exceptional users get rewarded for their contributions more than your regular joes who may just post and comment a bit here and there.

So this begs the question why we aren't seeing more of these users, the history of our chain and battletestedness surely shows that it's not going anywhere. Market history shows that if you held for a certain amount of time you could've taking some good profit here and there, yet many don't even bother.

An internet connection and a device is all you need, it's crazy to me that we don't see more "tryhards" trying harder to build their activity and reputation here up from places where they really could use the earnings to improve their and their immediate families lives.

you, your game and this video inspired me a lot.

People don't know what they have until it is gone. That is when people will be forced to find battle test solutions like Hive

Like the teachings and advice of the author of the video, your words and the experiences you mention, constitute a guide from which I also draw. Thanks for sharing. Greetings my friend.

this is a great video .and thanks for this sharing........


Thank you for the Spanish subtitles. This video is a feast of motivation 💪

Your Mom's story brought tears to my eyes, sometimes we ended up putting money above everything else. But in the end, all that matters are our loved ones, the time we spend together, and the memories we create.

Keeping a form of balance between bonding with our families and our dreams is always the key to more happiness.

Wise words to internalize, v4v. You are very right when you say that there will always be excuses, we must learn to skip them. A lot to study and learn. Thank you.

Thank you for this inspirational video @theycallmedan, you've right, I'm with lot of anxiety because things are not going well with one of my bosses. I am weighing over 200 pounds, don't sleeping well. I need to make a change in my life.

Starts with the body, the mind follows

Thanks! I started today 💪

That is some good positive money ideas, but I've found that negative money ideas have a much larger impact on my savings accounts.

Instead of drinking 8usd cuppa crapachinos, having a netflix subscription, cable tv, cars with payments, 1000usd phones, etc, not spending what money you do have will go much farther than spending it all as fast as you get it.
Poor people have poor ways.

One day, after more than a year of no income, it occurred to me that I hadn't spent any money that day.
In fact, it had been several days.

This moment of clarity let me know that I was spending money just to spend money, a cup of soda here, a pack of cigarettes there, and I was always broke.
I haven't been broke since that day and while my savings account may get low, it has never hit zero, again.
So, not everybody is strong enough to be a go getter, but anybody can not spend their money on crap.

I kick myself for all the money I wasted while I was fully employed.
I could be retired in comfort if I had known then what I know now.

Not sure I understand negative money ideas?
I listened to a guy called Remi from "I will teach you how to be rich" and he talks about your "Rich Life".

He talks about spending money on what makes you happy and adds to your life.
If its thats 5$ Latte. Go for it.

Or if you really enjoy watching Netflix with your spouse, perfect, go for it.
And the remove stuff that does make you happy, I like this more Fluid approach for everybody :D

Money positive would be gathering, where money negative would be distributive.

Everybody has to make their own choices, what worked for me was to stop pissing away what little money I had on frivolities.
I'm sure not everybody is cut out to take that path, but some of us are.

IF somebody had pointed out to me that you can't stay rich by spending it all much earlier, I'd be retired, and travelling, now.
Too many people would be broke a year after winning a million dollars, and most would have little to show for it, imo.
I watched a lady get 42k usd from a settlement, 2 weeks later she was broke.
No house, no car, just gone.

With any luck we will crush the fed and go back to usd being 3/4 of an ounce of silver like the constitution says it will be.
Hoard your change, bills and digits will likely take a haircut.

Everybody has to make their own choices, what worked for me was to stop pissing away what little money I had on frivolities.

Isn't that the same I talk about? :D

I mean, I pay for Spotify. But thats the only streaming service I have or use, since it valueable for me. I don't have any extra expensives :D

The only thing I could cut down at this point would be food, xD

Skimping on food is probably a bad idea.
Everybody has entertainment expenses, it's a matter of not letting them get out of hand.
10% of income saved over a lifetime adds up to quite a stack.

I know. Thats why I don't cut down on food, but I could if I wanted to. But thats the only thing I have left to cut down :p

I do save more than 10% a month. I invest 10% alone monthly now :D

That's right my friend, I appreciate those words.

Many people go through life looking for "novelty", when in truth, things happen with patience and consistency.

God's timing is perfect.

Nice advice boss. I love your encouragement. Thanks for sharing this video. I really want to make money like you. I will love to come closer to you , will you show me the way?

I love your encouragement. Thank you for sharing this video. I really want to make money too like you. I also want to always be close and see your writing and videos

And I'm also still struggling to make money by writing and hunting for photos to display on this platform. Maybe there is a good way from you so that I can generate and add hive power to be able to support other people too

A lot of good advice and a lot of good things said at the end on how you can make more money. Thanks for a nice topic to talk about.

Wow you are amazing, and totally agree with you. It is gonna take some time things to settle things. Once it is settle things are smooth for us. Thanks for the video, great video as always Mr dan 🤗🙏🔥🎉

I love this new format, because this message is full of a lot of sincerity and some episodes that you have shared with us that have led you to be who you are. I do believe that money is a means and not the priority. But for that you must know your value to see what you can give to the world for that you need awareness and less survival, know where we are and what we have to take advantage of opportunities.
I recently shared a phrase that fits perfectly with your message: "The journey begins with the awareness of where you are and not with the desire of where you want to go". Let's keep adding value day by day. Thank you for inspiring the week.

watched it on X

Did you get a good deal on those nice gold chains?

Great inspirational speech,specially for those who sit with hopeless closing their fists. Without effort, without work hard everything is out of reach. Failure can be part of life but but we should never stop trying. The day may not be ours, the week may not be ours, the month may not be ours but the year will definitely be ours.
Truly appreciate valuable words..🙏🙏💐💐

Money, money, money... unfortunately our life focuses too often on this word... it is inevitable... good advices to concentrate, in an orderly manner, on it. Thank you

I've often thought about how to make more money too. It's really tough but worthy

I believe in the value for value too, we do not necessarily need to chase money, we should look for ways to make an impact where we find ourselves and in the end, it will always be a win-win for us. I enjoyed watching this and thank you for sharing.


Sadly, a lot of us have placed money above everything else. It is not our fault but because money is a necessity and we all need to have that money whether we like it or not. Imagine someone like me spending about 13hrs in a day just to work alone and not even for myself.
So many people have lost their families to work. Also, I feel bad for the story of your mum. I hope things get better and we all try to strike a balance between work and family
Money is truly needed but not priority

Those are really words of wisdom to learn from. Making money can come when you have passion from something you do without chasing money which are really strong words and I appreciate you sharing this information ideas.


Listened to this today on X! Love the response, live your passion, don’t worry bout the money man!

this is a great video! Hard work does pay off and it's awesome that you bought your mom a condo and got her a flight to move in. You're totally right about the passion and focusing on ourselves. That will get people to live a happy life doing what they love and being proud of their own personal growth. A lot of this I believe has to do with the mindset. There's always a fear of what if it can't happen / failure but to truly grow people have to break thru this and accept that it will not be the easiest road and there will be obstacles on the way. Just gotta keep fighting thru and have great people around us to push us and support

I'm in the same stage now; a pivotal stage. In the past 2 to 3 years, I've only worked, and I keep on working and learning.

I stopped participating in unnecessary hangouts, I spent WAY less than I made, and I put 80% of my time into creating different sources of income. Missing meals, sleepless nights, and ditching some of my favorite hobbies. It was the same dark and lonely room, with which I made my peace. I took that step simply because I didn't want my family to experience anything close to what they had experienced during COVID. And I've made a decent bit of progress, and I still am living a fairly frugal lifestyle. If my family's needs and wants are taken care of, only then do I think about myself and my well-being.

I've also been putting in a decent amount of time into Crypto. At least 4 to 6 hours a day. Whether it be blogging on Hive, trading, investing, or hunting for opportunities. I'm putting in the work, and I will keep on doing so. Hopefully, within the next 2 to 3 years, this will all pay off.

Very good video, I loved the idea of sharpening your own sword.
Money doesn't grow on trees, you just have to be brave, learn an art and save. I was able to buy my own apartment with hard work and effort.
#hive is wonderful, but first we must evolve.
Very motivating video
Greetings from Medellin.

We ourselves have the power to achieve what we want, money is not everything, it is true, but it is indispensable, to achieve those things, it is the reality, I understand your point, and I share it, we just have to know how to generate that money without getting lost on the way, excellent video, greetings.

Focusing on ourselves, that's the best advice. Thanks for sharing your story, it is very motivational, I also think we should do what we are passionate about and focus on just being good humble human beings.

Great vlog content! I shared it from the HiveToday X profile:

Wow this is just what I needed and it came at the nick of time.

Thanks for taking out time to share from your well of wisdom with us.

Over the years my main focus as been on making money and more money, chasing after the cash and at the end of the day, it still seems like I've done nothing.

I do agree that with you that truely what we chase after may tend to run away from us, so going forward I'll try as much as possible to use this as a roadmap to guide my path.

Giving more focus on giving out value rather than seeking after the reward, might take a while to arrive at the peak, but it's worth it, rather than beating around the bush seeking what's not.

Once again, thanks and have a wonderful day.

What a great video you just made my friend hive, I think it is excellent that you can bring this testimony to everyone, testimony and advice.

Something that you commented called my attention, was about body care through physical training, our body is a vehicle that we have to know how to take care of; it is incredible how everything is connected, In the experimental university of the arts in my country, there is an investigation about the way we see the body from the Latin American West, unlike the Eastern culture.

This research is called "the body as a territory of rebellion" here you can find information about it, here it is said that the brain and the mind are one, the body is not separated from the mind, so training and leading a healthy life will help a lot to have the ability to move perfectly in everything you propose. Since I am conscious of this, my objectives and goals are developing very well.

I am very grateful for this video, I have been practicing this for a long time, thanks to give others with my videos and help people with their projects is that they told me about Hive, they taught me and here I am, it is incredible but very true, Hive is part of the path of concentration and self-will, there is a lot of information that can help strengthen the will and perseverance. Thank you for this video, we continue to see each other on the path of harmony and success.


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Gracias por compartir ésto y gracias por los subtitulos en Español.

It is interesting I will not deny it....
I understand the idea and the basis of the philosophical thinking behind the words, maybe I'm just too bitter and hairy to empathize 100% with this thinking, or simply Nicolas Maduro has done too much havoc in my psyche xD (not to mention my Pocket).

Now, if it is true that the change is in us and each one of us has the capabilities to get what we want if we really put the interest in the things that bring value... maybe that's why this absurd teddy exists....

And why this comment? I don't know man! I just wanted to thank you for putting subtitles in Spanish! I think it's the first time I see you and I understand you, so at least I can say that it's the first time I "value your words".

As final words that may not even be read, hive is a great place to work, hive is a great place to build, although hive also needs some changes and hopefully as the community grows those changes will happen and allow the ultimate goal of the web 3 Make people value the value of word ownership. (how? I don't know xD I'm just fluffy who complains xD )

"You end up never making it because you're chasing it." Golden

I keep on chasing money by working so hard and thanks to this 3speak video by @theycallmedan that creating a value is most important than keep chasing money that it stress me a lot and burning my minds.I think I have to enjoy creating a value in the things that what I would do so that every value that I did will come back to me.

Thank you for such an important and motivating message that allows us to reflect not only on the material value, but also on the more human value such as family, friends and our own being as an individual and our value as a person that is incomparable 🙌🏻


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Wow sir, thanks for this inspiration video. This video is really going to helps me a lot and keep me motivated. Is good to always passion on whatever someone is doing.

You are right, boss. The misconception and belief people have about having and getting money is pushing after money instead of providing value. If I can provide a solution, then I can. I have made a name for myself and then the reward, to some extent, is money. This article has actually stirred up in my mind to go for the tech skill I would want to go for.

Boss, do you have an idea of one I can go for and where i can get one?

This new template and elements in this template of your content is very powerful. Keep up.

Unfortunate to know about your mother and the whole timing, that must have changed you into a whole new being. Peace to the soul.

Keep touching souls.

Our best space to promote, thank you for all that support to the participants. Needless to say, this old lady is allowed to see that you are very handsome, I think I will encourage myself to exercise more too. A big hug

Nuestro mejor espacio para impulsar, gracias por todo ese apoyo a los participantes. Esta demás decir si le esta permitido a esta viejita que estas muy guapo, creo que me voy animar a hacer mas ejercicio también. Un gran abrazo

I’ve always wanted to be financial free and I end up finding myself hustling so hard from when I was so little as I grew I began to see opportunities around me and I’ve kept on grabbing them like they all belong to me …
Now my eyes are open and thank you so much for this insight

There is no doubt about the veracity of your words when you tell us the mentality and attitude that must be assumed to achieve our objectives. Contributing value selflessly, enjoying the process and striving every day to improve our skills and the quality of our contribution to the communities are fundamental pillars that became clear to me since my recent entry into Hive, and that you have very inspiringly mentioned in your video. Thank you for sharing and giving us your experience, from which many lessons are learned. Greetings

Thank you for the opening message. You hit me most of your point of view.

Me encantó!!!

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Hi @theycallmedan I just wanted to touch base with you to ask for a witness vote, I am a new witness but a long time hiver and am here for the long term, I own my hardware, hosted here in Adelaide, I am working hard to hustle and add value to the community as we are a tight group of aussies down under. Thanks again for the motivating talk

Wow, inspiring stuff Dan... About 6 years ago I was at rock bottom, mentally too. I ended up getting a job at kraken that turned into a career and what feels like an insane amount of experience. Well here I am, now laid off by kraken, none of these other crypto companies are hiring me, and im wondering wtf to do with my life lol. I really resonate with the focusing on the passion. Stayed at kraken for so long cuz I was passionate about it. I can't just get a 9 to 5 again, there's gotta be an insane amount of passion involved. I needed to hear this today, appreciate you bro.

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