Hive Fork 25 Curation Reward APR

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I have been monitoring curation rewards since Hard Fork 25 to get a feel for what thinks look like. My estimation prior to the fork was around 12% APR under present conditions.

After monitoring curation rewards and waiting for them to settle, it appears curation under Hard Fork 25 is roughly 11.5% - 11.7% if you never let your voting power hit 100% and you vote on the first day most of the time.

For most people this is a significant improvement without the need to curation snipe popular posts. For a handful of curators this is a reduction.

Under Hard Fork 25 you can also follow votes from curators you trust with no curation penalty and no need to delegate. There is no advantage to trail owners allowing all trail members to earn a fair share of curation rewards.

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There are different points of view about HF, one is from the investor who wants to see his investment grow by doing curation, for my part, I have always voted what I like even if I didn't earn curation rewards, so I really don't even know what my effectiveness is at the moment, I just try to vote what is useful for me and the people around me.

Agree with you!
UV100% :)

I am tempted to shift a stash into HBD Savings, but still don't quite trust it to sit at $1. Today it's a 0.96. If that trust could be made, and the word gets out.. it might become too popular.

the 5% fee will be a problem for large investors. I would never buy a large junk hive and convert it to HBD because of the fee.

I don't know why, the abuse potential is not that high as the potential gains for Hive. Special because it has a timer. Fee and Instant or timer. Both makes HBD useless again for larger amounts and useless as a stablecoin.

Stablecoin must always be on demand.

20M$ would be a shit ton of Hive burns.

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One can use the internal market to get around that surely? Would need to wait until the orders are filled though. I forgot about that 5%.

but it isn't on-demand.

1 Million is in Fiat not that much. Even 100 Million. It is impossible to buy nearly that much HBD.

So the coolest thing would be buy hive and convert it right? But 5%? lol that's a super retarded high and random fee IMO.

0,1%-0,3% would be "fair" but then no time penalty. Both make HBD useless again. Also make HBD a peg token on other chains is not possible with that fee.

If hive would moon, for example, I prefer tether/dai. Even as a hive user. No fee and an unlimited supply are available.

I don't want to be a crying bitch, but IMO HBD is the most useless stablecoin out.

And with HBD interest also at 10%, I hope this gives people some choices between how they want to earn versus feeling they have to “create content”, “curate”, etc.

Good to see. It might change slightly still as I am pretty sure there is still some lag from the voting issues before. But from now-ish on it should be pretty accurate perhaps. Can you have a look again next week?

Sure, been keeping an eye on it to get a rough idea what the changes mean.

Cheers. I estimated it would be about 15-20% better on average for manual voters, so it is interesting to see what it does. Also, what it does I regards to the early vote penalty not being returned to the pool now. On many posts, this was up to 20% of the curation too.

Seeing curation APR distribution around wide range of users would be truly enlightining. If it's more even, then it's all good for Hive.

I like the sound of that last part, and I hope to see it, but do it in a responsible way, people think that curation is a simple vote and look for plagiarism, when in fact it is a way to communicate with the content creator and help improve their publications with some tips. It's a pity that sometimes the trust is from friendship and not in a professional way, curators who do their job well, and this is what I mean about basing the curation on the content and not on the user, that is, if you don't like him, forget that, the value is to the content, the personal stuff take it out to the trash like every night and that's it.

I thought with this HF the whales wouldn't care about the rewards already given on some posts, it seems the $$ standard on votes is still handled the same. It's like there is an imaginary limit as there is no penalty on curation, if you think it deserves more do it. Votes were supposed to be more selective according to taste, but everything is still the same in that perspective, anyway, I don't know what to expect again in this HF, for now I just observe and offer myself as a curator to whoever needs it.

this is what I mean about basing the curation on the content and not on the user

I'd downvote some poems if I disagree with the rewards it's getting especially if these were just DeepL conjured poetry that the English equivalent got botched. But then there are better ways to use the DV mana than pure rewards disagreement, like downvoting actual plagiarized posts and spam.

The idea that people with stake should assume a role because they got stake is something that doesn't sit well with me. Granted their votes do influence how much rewards the author already gets, this is still a social blockchain and if anyone with stake decides to support another user despite the rewards on the post, that is their freedom if they want to be a community giver or just want to be tied to a social circle. The same freedom one can afford with little stake on their accounts, if I like someone I'd upvote them just cause and if they got content within my interest pumped out, even better.

Hive, the blockchain rewarding you for liking the first 5 things you see then going outside.

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it makes it fairer, before i need to follow the curation snipers to get 16%+ :) Now it is a no-brainer.

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My curation rewards are definitely up. I vote mostly manually on what I like rather than strategically. Happy enough if it's over 10%.