AIRDROP - $40 For Everyone by TipMeACoffee

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Hello everyone!


A thrilling news for all of you that you can get $40 for following the @tipmeacoffee so let's have a look that how can you get your $40.

How To Join

It is very simple to accumulate your $40 by following this procedure:

  • Follow @tipmeacoffee the official account of TipMeACoffee
  • Reblog this post
  • Upvote this post
  • Invite your 3 friends

How to claim?

You will be rewarded for following the above tasks in the form of $BREEZE tokens which is the governance token of the breeze dao. Every participant will be awarded with the 100 $BREEZE tokens.

In order to claim the reward, join our discord server and submit your details there.

So guys hurry up and join this wonderful initiative and perform the simple tasks and get your $40 worth $BREEZE tokens. It is very simple to claim your 100 $BREEZE tokens.

Useful Links

Breeze Foundation | Tip Me A Coffee | | Breeze Explorer | Submit Proposals | Forum | Help Desk

Social Media Handles

Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Medium


All the pictures are the authority of the @tipmeacoffee

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Just a question @tipmeacoffee BREEZE token is listed in which exchange, and how do you know that 100 tokens of BREEZE = $40? Just curious to know.

Or is it a token under development that will follow the as usual process of token listing in exchange after the projects kicks off?

It's listing price is $0.4

Well, begging people for upvotes to join, isn't really sensible.
Can be seen as Reward Pool Rape.

Just going to balance it out a bit

I don't jump thru hoops for airdrops. Nice try.

I am not giving anyone my phone, but your Discord won't work unless I do so. That's not OK. I followed all the other instructions. You need to say so if giving a phone number is mandatory or I would not have bothered.

Wait, they need your phone number before you can make an account?? Oo

When I tried to join the Discord, it said "you need to verify with your phone before you can post in this server"
And you need to post in their Discord server in order to get the reward
So it seems like a sidelong way to data mine to me

Ah, I have gotten that before aswell. Not sure if its discord or just a feature they provide or whatever.

But I get it. I would give out my phone nr aswell xD

Don't be worried you can submit your details at the telegram channel.

I don't have telegram

Wünsche dir viel Erfolg!

No clicky🛑

~~~ embed:1595094330079055872 twitter metadata:MTM0OTMxNDM0NzE4OTg4Mjg4MHx8aHR0cHM6Ly90d2l0dGVyLmNvbS8xMzQ5MzE0MzQ3MTg5ODgyODgwL3N0YXR1cy8xNTk1MDk0MzMwMDc5MDU1ODcyfA== ~~~

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @no-advice, @jdike, @steemadi ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

You haven't followed, follow to confirm your entry.

finished and my greetings from Indonesia, I hope you and the whole team who work are always healthy there.

yes,I will soon follow it.

Hi, gilt dieses Post heute auch noch?
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He tells her about his job.

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Inviting my 3 friends @burlarj @bhattg and @sayee

Thanks @phoenixwren

Thanks for the mention dear


Come here and join in

Thank you so much for the invite

You are welcome

Done. FOLLOWED, Upvoted, Reblogged … @shadflyfilms @bitphoto @mborg

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Reblogged ✔
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Thanks 😊 will check it out 🤗

Mari bergabung untuk mendapatkan angin sore yang menyejukkan 😋😋

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Thanks bro.

@mercysugar @dimmablogs @mojtee07
I'm inviting you all to partake.

Hey friends @naythan , @myanmarkoko and @uthantzin

Join my referral link below to win $TMAC and $BREEZE

Hello my friends, come join here, @tipmeacoffee. Hope you get $40. @uyapapua, @muntaharaceh, @veri-ardhian.

Thanks for sharing ka @devyswan1 but I'm not a team of coffee connoisseurs. Wkwk


I gifted $PIZZA slices here:
@uthantzin(2/10) tipped @tipmeacoffee (x1)

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,I had done about all needs.
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But I'm clean now.

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Cool! Thanks

Thanks @milaan. Thanks for keeping to ur words as well.

@queenstarr @th4488

Have fun guys... ✌️

Me see free me go clicky clicky. 🙃

No clicky clicky🛑✋

@queenstarr @th4488
They want more data in their discord. Fuck this scam. Downvoting.
Sorry, for the mentions. 🙃
Shoud have looked before but too tired to check and someone tagged me too. 😁


No worries, appreciate the heads up. I left server and undo-reblog when verification got sketchy.

Wow! Thanks pravesh bro. And tipMeACoffee.

You are welcome, bro. 💙

@bhattg @bos @meta007 you are invited to check how to get $40.

Really bro?

That tip me a coffee site looks nice!
Check this out!

Thank you so much for the mention, I will check it out 🤗

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