$40 Worth $100 TBREEZE Distributed

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Hello @everyone We are excited to announce that 100 $TBREEZE tokens have been transferred to all the followers of @tipmeacoffee at other social media platforms like hive.


As we announced a contest for following @tipmeacoffee at hive and everyone who will complete the task will receive 100 $BREEZE tokens worth of $40, so here is a list of those who completed their tasks:


Details Sheet


We asked users to submit their bsc addresses to receive their rewards and those who submitted have finally received their rewards.

Check Here:


All the users who submitted their bsc addresses after completing the tasks have received their $40 worth of 100 $TBREEZE tokens. Check everyone and confirm if you have received or if you have been missed and let us know about this.

Add $TBREEZE to your wallet

In order to see your rewards in your wallet you have to add $TBREEZE token in your wallet using the BSC network.

Contract Address: 0x35f58e6573531657E056bBb6c53e81C95E64013F

So add and check your rewards. Boom Boom Tmac 🔥🥳🎈 Tmac is strong.

Guys tell your friends and family and join TipMeACoffee

A new contest is coming soon guys we are going to announce that shortly in a few hours, so stay tuned

Useful Links

Breeze Foundation | Tip Me A Coffee | Tmac.finance | Breeze Explorer | Submit Proposals | Forum | Help Desk

Social Media Handles

Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Medium


All the pictures are the authority of the @tipmeacoffee otherwise stated

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Thank you so much 💗💗

You are welcome we are starting a new giveaway 🥳 stay tuned and join our discord and telegram as well to be updated from the latest news.

Ok. Let's do it.😊

Thank you

You are welcome ☺️ we are starting a new soon 🔜

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I don't use Binance and since that is the only way to receive this, can we gift it to someone else participating? Can you please split my portion between @monica-ene and @bearmol? Or if one of them doesn't use Binance either, send it all to the one that does?
I haven't trusted Binance since they went along with Justin trying to hostile takeover Steem, so I'd love to just give away my share please!
If that works - happy solstice, friends! :)

You have to give your bsc address from your trustwallet or metamask not from binance

Alright, can you give my share to them anyway? Thanks.

Sorry we can't

Okay. This was all confusing from the beginning. I had to google what BSC was since you didn't answer me the previous two posts. It said Binance Smart Chain, so it's still Binance related. I don't know how that wallet could accept your different token. I don't use any of those services.
I had originally thought since you were doing an airdrop on Hive it would be a token accessible on Hive-Engine.
Your Discord wanted a phone number. Telegram is the home of scammers. Binance sided with the hostile takeover.
I really wish you had been more clear and explained literally anything. Please take my name off your tags, thanks.

It's not our problem dear.

You not tagging me anymore. That is what I asked you.

Honey,, please use Trust wallet for BSC,, download it on playstore if you use android

Wow, am just learning about binance having hand in that steemit hostile take over...
Thanks for the offer.
Please is there a way I can't chat you up on discord I just want to ask a question regarding this their airdrop or so.
Monica-ene#6220 discord

I just sent you a friend request there. I'm not on Discord very often!

Thank you.
I dropped a message

I received 100 $TBREEZE tokens. Thank you so much.

You are welcome ☺️ stay tuned as we are starting a new one.

I received 100 $TBREEZE tokens.
Thank you!

You are welcome ☺️ stay tuned as we are starting a new one as well join our discord or telegram to be updated from the latest news and updates.

They arrived! Thanks so much, very excited to see the project develop.
Reblogged so more folks can get excited too!

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You are welcome ☺️ stay tuned as we are starting a new one and join our discord or Telegram as well to be updated from the latest news and updates.

I didn't see anything in my BSC wallet, have submitted more than 4 times.


I didn't see it in my wallet, how will I add Tbreeze to my wallet

First please read the post first

How can we access this team?

Join our discord and telegram

Please share the link

In the post all the links have been given

I have seen it on the BSC scan

Please go through this post and at the end useful links and social media handles have been given.

I received 100 $TBREEZE tokens.
Thank you.

You are welcome ☺️ stay tuned as we are going to start new one join our discord or telegram to be updated from the latest news and updates

Thanks you.


I gifted $PIZZA slices here:
@nyinyiwin(1/5) tipped @tipmeacoffee (x1)

Please vote for pizza.witness!

I have not received anything yet.

Have you added TBREEZE to your wallet? If you haven't added yet then please read the post and copy the contract address and import TBREEZE in your wallet then you will be able to see

You should give us guidelines on how to add TBREEZE to our wallet.

Read post dear