Underrewarded Leo Authors - Part 1

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This is a continuation post from yesterday. Instead of posting a big list, I decided to break it in a few parts to make it easier to digest. Here's a reminder if you have no idea what I am talking about:

 As we speak, I am compiling a list of LEO authors that in my opinion bring value to the LEO ecosystem either in the form of exceptional content or bringing lots of traffic (e.g. from twitter and reddit) that imo are under rewarded at the moment.
I will post the list in a few days and also share it with other whales privately that I have already talked with, so hopefully your earnings will pump.  If you want to beg for votes but you are to proud to beg (as you should be) then this is your time to shine. 

Wanna be featured in this series? Then write good content. Or bring tons of traffic to leofinance.  Or both :) 

Let's begin with part 1!

1) BeehiveTrader

@beehiveTrader is by far my favorite leo author when it comes to bringing value to Leofinance. For starters, he posts only once or twice a week instead of shitposting everyday like me, lol. His posts are big and he is consistently one of the top twitter referrers to Leofinance. Some will say his rewards are okayish. I will disagree, Definitely under-rewarded when considering what he brings. Quality and direct traffic that is.

2) ForexBroker

@forexbrokr content stands out in leofinance due to its niche. The posts are okayish, could be bigger but he brings plenty of traffic from twitter and other places. Take for example his quello experiment which if I understand correctly he plans to expand on the popular Quora platform. I would love to see him getting more rewards for his outreach efforts :)

3) Katerinaramm

Disclaimer, @Katerinaramm is greek like me so I may be biased. Very good posts, with a "girly" touch. Also she shares her posts on twitter and reddit and only posts 2-3 times a week. She has also brought to leo at least 4-5 more greeks that post here and then. I think she is worth a bit more support. 

4) GeekGirl

Another girl! @geekgirl posts some top-notch stuff (at least by hive's standards) and shares her posts on twitter. Definitely worth a look.

5) Ash

@ash's posts are generally very small but interesting and educative. Furthermore, I have seen him (her?) sharing them on multiple reddit subs, resulting in lots of traffic and some nice backlinks to leofinance. I have even used some of them for my posts! 

6) Josediccus

@josediccus is a relatively new leo author that usually posts generic finance stuff. Some are related to his country economy and how stuff works there and these are by far my favorite.  I would love to see more people making similar posts and I would suggest you to throw him a leo vote when you see his posts. Definetely under-rewared content.

7) Enforcer48

Again, I may be biased because we are hive "buddies" but he posts all kinds of nice stuff, like his silver purchaces or crypto endeavours. He also is a holder and we definitely need more of his kind on hive/leo.

Ok, That's it for today! Check their posts, and give them some support if you like what you see! See you in the next part in a couple of days :)

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Great generous thing from you to list these great authors! Totally agree with you that they are under-rewarded! Not only on LeoFinance but on Hive in general!

Thanks for sharing!

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Not generous at all. I am a large stakeholder, the more good authors we get, the richer I will be. Ha!

heheheh... good point! :P

Actually, that is in everyone's interest... The better is the whole community, people will see the value and join us...

Well done, got a few new names into my radar

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More to come!

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LEO authors are On the rise

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And it's good you are finally one of them 🤪

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I'm not a Author. I'm an Entrepreneur

My actions speaks for itself :)

Thanks for the mention, for me I love @geekgirl by far one of the best I've seen, her posts are concise and straight to the point, quite knowledge and it's even influenced me a whole lot.
Thanks for the supports yourself so so far. I'm almost in 3k Leo power I'm staking as well. Your support has been immense

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I quite agree with you as well on @forexbrokr, stands out and very educative about crypto

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Cheers for the shoutout, trumpman.

I know my forex analysis is very niche and can sometimes go straight over people's heads. I'm still working out how to do it, but I'd like to use the blog as a base for some sort of forex education group I'll eventually launch which should get some more outsiders in as readers.

I'd like to also recommend @beehiveTrader. Long form trading education content that doesn't get repurposed and posted anywhere else. Exactly what we need here on LeoFinance.

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Thanks a lot for the shoutout!
Much appreciated :)

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I would also like to see more good content creators on LeoFinance, since I am interested in trading, fundamental & Technical analysis, etc.

Tha authors you mentioned in your post are really great content creators and I follow most of them.

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Guau thanks for the info we need to learn a Lot about it, and the info is the most unvaluable power in this days.

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Thanks again for doing this... and that's a really nice list of contributors; I really like that they each have an "individual" flair going — pretty much anyone can post a bunch of charts.


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One of the founding concepts of Steemit and now HIve is that you encourage the behavior you want to see by incentivizing it for both parties and perhaps you are embracing that here by rewardiung quality, which should also rerward you by increased value to the token. Good idea, I am late to vote on your post, but still support it anyway and resteem this post.

I was just looking for adjusting my LEO autovotes, thanks for the suggestions :D

Great job!
You are a good scouter!

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Great list and nice to see an approach for promoting authors from the community. While I am pretty active on the community, I am still to develop my writing, analytical and financial knowledge in order to attract more people interested of my topics.

Until than I am willing to share every piece of knowledge of getting around HIVE and second layer tokens through gaming, staking, miners or others alike.

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Update for regular authors

Thanks a lot for the mention!! :)
Means a lot.

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thanks a lot for the mention.

I will market leo a lot more once the beta is live, and they enabled the referral program :)

Sweet deal mate, now I have more solid LEObabes to curate.

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