Can You Really Earn a Living on Hive? YES, You Can

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Reading this post four days ago left me with mixed feelings. I had literally kept the tab bearing the post opened till date. I couldn't reply but I read it through again and again. It was a sort of a question "Can You Really Earn a Living on Hive?" The reason I had the mixed feeling was that while the true answer from my end would be a "yes", many others who are just seeing Hive as a place to fun with may just laugh in contempt. I wouldn't lame them them , perhaps life is beautiful where they are.

I live in a country that over 70% of her population are living below USD daily, over 60% of university graduates are doing menial jobs and unemployment toll is on the rise on a daily basis. Nobody really cares, yet, many graduates are serving as thugs for political leaders for crumbs and some are paid meager sums to insult political opponents on social media. Moreover, some graduates are teaching in private schools and are earning $50 monthly. Besides, some have been without pay for the last 4 months due to covid-10 that have caused schools to close down.

Few weeks ago, I wrote a post with pain when I saw an advert for the N-power programme in Nigeria which promised 400,000 slots for unemployed graduates. Sadly, within 3 days of opening the portal for application, over 1 million had already applied. You know what? It's not every a permanent job and the monthly pay is just $75. It simply means that what @khaleelkazi earns on HIVE in one month would literally pay 7 Nigerians or pay a Nigerian for 7 months with a some amount remaining.

Thank you @khaleelkazi for musing this theme which is epic. It is crucial that we state clearly whether we are just socializing or one can draw some tangible value here on HIVE. Indeed, I see the answer to this question as a solid point to convince many out there that blogging on HIVE could be a better option than some private jobs.

I know of some close persons that their families were actually being fed by their earnings from HIVE from March to June, 2020 when there was lockdown in my state. I feel for them. This is one of the reasons I am building my stakes in Hive tokens to champion some support programmes that would help many to feel a tangible impact of cryptocurrency.

I wish posts as this could make a way to trend in search engines so many unemployed could readily spot out to join so they can make some meaningful earnings for their lives. I so wish I had long identified the potentials of HIVE and Hive tokens, by now, I would have had some more tangible upvote worth for undervalued posts.

Below are some main takeaways from Khal's post:

Earning money by doing what we love is something that all of us dream about. It's the golden dream of financial freedom and complete independence.

Oh and you should definitely be trying Hive. You probably won't retire on what you make here, but this is your best shot at doing something that you're already passionate about -- be it blogging, drawing, vlogging, project buidling, etc. -- and earning something for your efforts.

For everyone reading this post, I say "You can Really Earn a Living on Hive!" Just start your journey today. Read this post I published yesterday.

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This is such a difficult topic. On the one hand, yes, people are able to earn a living with Hive. Particularly in places where the cost of living is lower.

On the other hand, my interpretation on what @khalilkazi wrote was regarding the sense of entitlement and also a little bit about extracting value out of Hive that others are putting into Hive. For those families who are reliant on Hive for income, they would be better served to increase their stakes as much as possible to improve their earning potential. In this way, they would not need to cash out so much. A majority of their earnings could go towards building up their stakes.

Having a large stake in Hive is the best means of benefitting oneself and the community. With higher stakes, one has larger votes. A larger stake also means that less of the Hive is extracted as a percentage of earnings.

If everybody is earning and spending, earning and spending, it makes it challenging for Hive to grow.

Being able to earn a living with Hive is important. Also important is be able to grow one's stake to make sure Hive continues to survive. We need to promote the investor mindset.

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Quite a solid addition. Well understood and supported.

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Good one Boss, this topic of yours caught me.
The rate of unemployment is so alarming and its beats my imagination.
Many people wouldn't even want to walk out of poverty, some feel comfortable staying at their comfort zone.
I met some youth sometimes last week and told them about hive, and they felt reluctant, but these are people that are talented and in so much need of money yet they don't want to work.
Some depend on the salary the get for government which is a chicken money for some big men and women on the hive platform.

We really have to utilize this period of lockdown.
Since I have joined the hive platform I have not only earn money but also my horizon on so many things have been widen, I have become more creative and calculative than I thought, spending so much time on other social media platform with my data running and no profit at the end seems a waste of time.

To you out there still thinking on what to do, please join hive, you can surely earn a living here.

Thanks so much Boss for this great write up, like I said it caught me really good.

Awesome to read your feats with HIVE. Truth is that many will never want to try something new. Keep spreading the news, those who will, will.

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I have ponder over this issue for some time now, if after graduation I can settle for hive. I knew of someone who quit his job and settled for Steemit and I wondered how much he makes.

I believe people with high stake on hive can really make a living here but the low need take some years to actually be stable. Your description of the state of our country is actually true, and it makes hive more of an opportunity than the labour market

Thanks for the add. However, even when you cannot grow your Hive Power easily, you can grow with Hive engine tokens much easily.

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I have much hive-engine tokens but don't know how to use them. I will appreciate a guide

Awesome article!
i think working from home is simpler than it may seem. It can be summarised in 1 phrase:

  • By offering people educational articles, you can create an audience from which some might be interested in your solution.

You don't even have to complicate with sending products to people, because in some activities, people buy whatever they want from their own online store and you're rewarded for making the recomandation.
What's your opinion about working from home?