"Leofinance.io" and "Sportstalksocial.com" experiencing Traffic Pumps in the last 24 hours

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Besides simpleanalytics tool available form tracking the traffic on Leofinance dapps, I regularly refresh the Hivedapps tab on my PC to see how the decentralized applications built on Hive blockchain are faring. I am pretty aware that the growth of communities on Hive are related to the level of the engagement by members. Although it seems that not all DApps of Hive are listed on Hivedapps.com created by @therealwolf. I wish that all leaders of Hive community who have created nitrous websites should have theirs listed on Hivedapps to help check their user traffic on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Besides user stats, other statistics like number of transactions, volume of HIVE, volume of HBBD and volumes of rewards generated by the DApps are also featured. For me, it should be a one-stop spot that a new user could get to know about the decentralized applications on HIVE. Integrating it to the https://hive.io page would also be a good idea. I consiously share information as this to guide my invitees to know the resources and tools that would make their Hive experience enjoyable.

While looking-up Hivedapps.com few minutes ago, it was thrilling to see the user stats of the communities I invest in their tokens growing. Specifically, "Leofinance.io" showed +6.8% increase in user traffic while "Sportstalksocial.com" showed 150% shoot. This pumps would be linked to some top level "updates" shared in those communities in the last few days. Such information are necessary on frequent basis to strengthen investors and members trust in the community growth.

I personally watch-out for such updates to know whether or not to invest/divest. The truth is that information is the life-wire of every market. Much more important is the cryptocurrency markets which are not backed by physical products. People buy/sell digital assets in response to their predictions of market moves which are primarily based on information.

Just assume seeing a tweet from Donald Trump that he is buying Bitcoin, then we'll see an insane pump in BTC price over $50k. Such information would be considered an endorsement. Every cryptocurrency community should be aware of the power of information and utilize them in keeping a healthy market line for their assets.

LEO and SPORTS tokens are on top of my Hive token investment priorities because of the potentials of the tokens and their strategic position in the cryptosphere. I am vry concerned with their growth as per numbers and price. I am hopeful that a time comes so when daily user stats for both dapps wpould reach 100+.

We win in numbers.

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