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Recently we have had proof after proof that the communities and DAPPs are the true heroes of HIVE Blockchain. What base layer should be doing is enabling these DAPPs to perform at their best. I saw @aggroed suggest cutting down author rewards to reduce inflation. This is an unwise move. One of the biggest strengths of all STEEM forks is we can distribute new tokens to masses i a way that is far superior to tipping or airdrops. If we can create enough engagement among the DAPPs, the demand will easily come.

Inflation was set to gradually reduce over 20 years (IIRC) and that should not be messed with. There are millions of dollars worth crypto staked based on the assumption that this inflation schedule will continue as promised. We cannot act like some central bank or government.

What is @dbuzz

The above video comes from a collaboration with https://marketsquare.io When there are partnerships being made outside of our social media bubble, we can't remain ignorant about the massively powerful DAPPs we already have here.

I was thinking the same, why Dbuzz is not getting promotion as such. I mean I really have not seem some one making some nice post that "why they should use Dbuzz" - @phython

I said I will make a post and this is that post. I will get into few reasons why @dbuzz is such an amazing addition to bring in masses.

Take The Obvious Out of The Way

  • We all know that anything on blockchain is uncensored as it can realistically be
  • People are getting paid for posting

Anything that has to be mentioned about these two topics have already been said and preached across the internet and even in real life face to face communications.

@dbuzz is Gateway Blogging

Take the userbase of any social media. Most of them are not content creators there. They just like, comment and subscribe. Making long form original content takes time and effort. If the content require research, things become even more difficult.

Even in the case they create content, they are very unlikely to get a large amount of attention. Thus they have to rely on commenting for the most part to create engagement. @dbuzz can transform this experience into something much better.

When talking to new users, one thing I have realized more and more is that it is extremely easy to get them to post something on https://next.d.buzz after they have installed Keychain on their browser.

Statistics From 27 Days Ago

At the time of writing the is is how far various front ends had climbed in Alexa Ranking:

  • DBuzz - 1.12 Million
  • Ecency - 614K
  • LeoFinance - 471K
  • Peakd - 8.68K
  • HIVE Blog - 3.31K

Current Statistics

We are seeing more visitors coming from Pakistan. If we can get users from Pakistan, we can easily focus on India and Bangladesh as they have many similarities when it comes to audience demographics. The drop in page views, time on website and increased bounce rate could be a result of increased visitors.

Polls + Emoji + Video Upload

These are the three main ingredients missing form @dbuzz to become a complete competitor to Twitter. @threespeak intergration could work well. Still I don't see many video content creators on @dbuzz and you can always embed videos instead.

Polls would be the coolest addition IMHO. Emoji has been best implemented in @ecency Markdown already works making @dbuzz far more stylized and sophisticated than plain old Twitter feeds. I don't see people regularly use them in their Buzzes. Buttons to format the texts will give the hint to the newcomers that their Buzzes could be made to look so much better looking.

Make A Buzz On https://next.d.buzz

Try to make one good Buzz everyday. It will help DAPP rankings and that will lead to more organic growth as people star paying attention. Much of the social media DAPPs have very little userbase. These are the Social DAPP Rankings from https://www.dapp.com

I couldn't find @dbuzz on https://dappradar.com I found some other interesting thing. @splinterlands is silently working on their ad campaigns:

You can contact @chrisrice @jacuzzi @nathansenn for more information as they are the ones really involved with the project. If you could take anything from this article, remember to send newbies to https://next.d.buzz where it is easy for them to get started and feel welcomed and make one solid Buzz to help with the DAPP statistics.

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Completely agree. D.Buzz is the type of app this blockchain needs to bring in the masses. A lot of the "content creators" on Hive just don't seem to get it. We need way more content consumers than creators. And more short form content that people are likely to engage with. Once there is a big enough audience, creating long form content will be more worth the effort.

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If you look at any social media or blog, you are going to see that vast majority of the users are content consumers. Most of them rarely ever post or simply stop at voting, commenting and sharing.

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Thank you for this post. I am noticing that many people I follow are starting to use this application. Indeed, even the data you have shown in this post says that users are increasing. Do you know if there is a DBUZZ application for iOS mobile phones?

Not yet, but we are setting the groundwork for building Mobile apps for @dbuzz starting this month 😊👍

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Thanks for reply.... I’m waiting for iOS application

Thanks for the Feedback too, and the Product Request @stefano.massari.

  • We will work as fast as possible 😎👍

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Thanks for writing this excellent article about @dbuzz, @vimukthi, and I'm happy to see we moved up so many Alexa Rankings!! 😎✌️🎉

I will also fix out listings with other Dapp websites, https://stateofthedapps.com is the site with our latest data 👍

  • P.S. I think it's better to introduce @dbuzz to newbies as https://d.buzz, since it's shorter, more memorable and is the most stable version ✔️

I think it's better to introduce @dbuzz to newbies as https://d.buzz, since it's shorter, more memorable and is the most stable version ✔️

Good idea. I'm just very excited to see the newest features as soon as possible. So far I haven't had any stability issues on https://next.d.buzz

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Ah okay, yeah, I think @jacuzzi uses https://next.dbuzz too :)

P.S. I also want to make sure we are also highlighting our Premium Domain, so that potential new users don't think we are on a subdomain of something else.

I discovered d.buzz and for me is super natural as a - 800 (real and active) followers - very active user of Twitter
And yes, I can't wait to use emojis, haha! Definitely a perfect addition to the HIVE suit that is slowly taking control of my tabs in the web browser, haha

Daily Active User count is about 1/3 of the Monthly Active users. Thant means most people are using @dbuzz very regularly. This is a very good sign that the project is doing something extremely right.

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Look like @Dbuzz id added on Dappradar but it shows only 3 users that is certainly wrong.

Appreciate you effort and I showered my LEO love on your post.

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Thank you for the support. I checked few minutes ago while replying to @chrisrice and those numbers still had not changed. https://www.stateofthedapps.com/rankings on the other hand has @dbuzz at #27 @leofinance at #20 @ecency at #18 and has @splinterlands at #2 beaten only by Tether.

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@vimukthi, you make me smile.

  • Disclaimer, I do work with D.Buzz as their content author, so take whatever I say with a grain of salt...

I found your article very interesting especially when it came to the rankings. I try to track some of those things every day but it gets difficult, they way you laid it out was nice!


We do have a large marketing effort that is currently being built. It is quite exciting, and we have release small parts of the vision for it in posts but not the whole vision yet.... its slated to kick it off sometime in quarter one of this new year. We have an internal goal to on board 1000 new members.

The last piece of the puzzle we are sorting out currently working on is automatic delegation to those who sign up through us with hive on board. This way new hive users can have the power they need to start interacting with the blockchain right away!

I really do like your suggestions though for the Polls + Emoji + Video Upload. We have talked about the video upload potential already, and I can't see how it would be too hard to integrate Emoji support (*I will ping the developers on this)... the polls.. I am not too sure about that... but all great ideas.

On a personal level I just like to express that the people who work on D.Buzz, are driven with a desire for community and support freedom of speech, it's actually quite inspirational for me to work with these guys and gals see their dedication.

Thank you for your ongoing support! :D

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