Can You Make It Rich Playing NFT Games?

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This month I'm going all in with NFT gaming to see if not only I can make a living playing blockchain games but if I can make a 6 figure salery. Crazy? Well we are going to see. I got a gaming laptop ready as well as the laptop that I blog with to maximise my workload. For this experiment I will count money from blogging about gaming on this site as well as the money I can make with the drops I earn in game or the in-game currency that I can earn and sell. Since I'm not a streamer that revenue will not be added to the list. The goal is to see if I can make most of my money from playing the game itself and to see if grinding it out can really put make you a good living.

Ethereum and Enjin will be my starting points now that the side chain is out for these networks.

I started doing some research and will start with axis infinity and lost relics. These are two games that I always wanted to try but was worried about the eth fees and the money you could make from them. I also have gods unchained and the six dragons on my list. I'll dive deep into them and see how much money can be made in a day and then move on to another one if the potential is not there.

I also want to check out new and upcoming games so I will be checking out the news daily to see if something is under the radar that can explode.

When it comes to money I want to see if $200-300 is really possible. it might sound crazy to be able to 100,000 a year gaming but this is a new world so you never know.

It was also be hard to gauge this long term as crypto fluctuates really wildly but I'll take my average per week and try to use that as a measuring stick.

All my posts from here on out will be about the games I find and how much I'm earning so please follow if that is something you are into.

Wish me luck!

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Well I've made 10$ into $30k+ in Splinterlands. (Well, I have depoed some hive I got from posting)

Started may 2018 (actually a bit earlier than that)

yeah the get in early can be huge but now I'm looking at what is starting and what is big. Anything you play on eth?

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Nope I am only around Hive Blockchain.
I don't like any sort of transaction fees

Yeah I hear you on the fees that is what put me off for awhile but I know some games got side chains with no fees so I'm going to start there.

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I also like Hive because it's simple and easy to learn.
I am not a programmer or a crypto guy, so I require some simpler stuff :D

Crazy returns😵

Good luck!
How much so you think you will have to invest to be able to make that much money?
I will follow your posts closely as blockchain gaming has been on my mind for a few days.

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No idea yet. I'm going to start as small as possible and focus on the playing side more than the investing side. So far I found that you can breed Axies or you can buy them and have other players play for you (you split the profit). So if you put in a few grand or more you could probably see $100 in returns easily. I'll see how the playing goes first and then start putting in money if there is a great return on a game I like playing anyways.

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I don't know if I can ever earn a living from gaming but play and earn sounds fun.

I give a few minutes everyday to optimize dCity, buy and sell some crops on dCrops, and started playing a few battles on SL.

Hopefully, in a few years if they survive, the tokens of these games will be worth a lot😄

Anyway, it will be interesting to see you play and analyze different games and then compare them. Maybe I will learn a few strategies from you🙂

That is always the risk, will the games be around in a few years. The good thing is since they are on a blockchain the community can keep them going.

Hopefully I learn some good strategies and can share them with you all.

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Nice challenge! I think it is difficult to earn that much, but you may be lucky. Who knows, crypto always surprises me. You could try splinterlands, it is growing very fast and it is very entertaining. For how long are you going to do this challenge and how many hours are you going to spend per day?

Good Luck and will follow your lead as I have no idea about the gaming world at all.



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