WOO Crates Openable In 24 Hours!

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WOO Crates Will Be Openable Within 24 Hours!

The long-awaited event is finally here. Users will be able to open their common and legendary WOO crates to find out how lady luck has blessed them. Speaking of lady luck, maybe your lady luck is a Gold Belt Terri Runnels which can be found within these crates!


Crates Have Ton of Value Hidden Within

if you need a reminder of what's inside the various crates, then check out this post. But this isn't the time or place to recap what your crates can hold. This is to let you all know that your crates will be openable within 24 hours. There are still crates available on our official market with 277 Common WOO Crates and 84 Legendary for sale!


Grab your friends and guildmates and raise your crates high!

Show us your excitement about what's inside your WOO Crates by leaving a comment below with a screenshot of what your crate held and 1 lucky comment will win 1 Legendary WOO Crate! So, share the love with your friends and send them a crate to pop open. We know the holidays are over but that doesn't mean the spirit cannot extend throughout the year!


Join Our Discord For Up-To-Date Information

Please join our discord at https://discord.gg/woogame and check our announcements for the exact time WOO crates will be able to be opened. Plus, it's a great place to discuss everything #WOOGame, #hive, and #wrestling! Plus, if we know @bookerman he will probably be in the discord sharing the love and giving out some cool prizes.


Did you know we've recently launched our witness for @wrestorgonline, if you like what we're creating please consider supporting us by voting here.

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This will be epic!!!

I got only 1 woo crate, I think I need to pick a few more up.

This is a sign that 2024 will be the best year so far. I just can't wait to see what's inside my crates.

Great Job Wrestling Organization Online. This project is just awesome!


Thanks for this opportunity WOO! 420 crates getting the "reveal all" treatment !!!

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So hype for these being open openable, can't wait to see what is inside mine, hoping for at least 1 CAW and some Terri's!!!

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Still a lot to learn about what the things in the Common crates will do or how they will look or if we’ll be able to use or see them in beta or the final release.

We’ve seen interesting sales in the market lately, hopefully we’ll see some Terri’s hit the WOO Market under $10.

#woo #woogame

This will be Amazing