WOO Championship Belt Unveiling

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The Unveiling of the Real-Life WOO Championship Belt with Sonny Onoo!

We are thrilled to announce a momentous occasion in the history of Wrestling Organization Online (WOO) – the reveal of our real-life WOO Championship Belt, presented by none other than the legendary Sonny Onoo! This landmark event marks a significant milestone for WOO and the Hive community, symbolizing the unity and strength of our wrestling family.

A Masterpiece of Craftsmanship

The WOO Championship Belt is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship. Designed and created by skilled artisans, every detail of the belt has been meticulously thought out and executed with precision. The belt features high-quality materials and intricate designs that reflect the valor and achievement it represents. The WOO Championship belt was crafted by the same artists who have created some of the most memorable belts in all of wrestling history. This is not just a belt; it's a work of art that champions will wear with pride.


Celebrating Our Sponsors

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors (@dcrops @leofinance @splinterlands and @thunkgaria via @simplegame), whose unwavering support has made this dream a reality. Their collaboration in this venture underscores their commitment to the wrestling community and their significant role in bringing the WOO Championship Belt to life. These partnerships are a cornerstone of our success and vital to our shared vision for the future of #WOO and #Hive.


A Big Deal for WOO and Hive

The introduction of the WOO Championship Belt is a monumental event for both WOO and the Hive community. It symbolizes our growth, unity, and the bright future that lies ahead. This belt is a beacon of our aspirations and the thrilling experiences we aim to deliver to wrestling fans worldwide.


We are also incredibly excited to showcase the Hive Community Championship belt with an announcement like this following in the next few days. Stay tuned and stay hyped!!!

On Display at WrestleCon and Beyond

Be sure to catch the WOO Championship Belt on display at WrestleCon and all our events throughout the year. This includes an exciting, yet-to-be-announced live event that promises to be a highlight for WOO and wrestling fans. The belt not only represents the pinnacle of achievement within WOO but also serves as a traveling trophy that brings our community together, no matter where we are in the world.


A Special Call to Action for the Hive Community

As we celebrate this incredible milestone, we turn to you, our dedicated Hive community, with a special request. The WOO team is passionate about contributing to the Hive ecosystem, and to do so more effectively, we need your support. We kindly ask for your vote for our witness, wrestorgonline. Your vote is crucial in helping us secure a position where we can make significant contributions and ensure the growth and success of our community.

Voting is easy and only takes a moment. Please follow this link to cast your vote: Vote for WOO as Hive Witness

Your support means the world to us, and together, we can continue to build something truly special for the wrestling and Hive communities. Let's make history together!

Stay tuned for more updates, and get ready to be part of this historic journey with WOO and the Hive community. The best is yet to come!


Did you know we've recently launched our witness for @wrestorgonline, if you like what we're creating please consider supporting us by voting here.

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Definitely looks awesome!
Looking forward to the belt attending its first live events!

Absolutely beautiful.

I hope it's ready to be defended anywhere, anytime, with any rules.


Nunca he visto de cerca ningún cinturón de boxeo o de algun arte marcial y con ver esta foto en verdad que me resulta fascinante, tendré que buscar más información sobre esto y por cierto como cuanto pesa el cinturón?

Just under 7 kilograms

Poco menos de 7 kilogramos

Ok gracias por aumentar mis conocimientos.


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A-one, a-two, a one-two-three-four!

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That looks legit!

WOOOO. Sonny change your batteries on fire alarm :)


Excelente trabajo 🤩👏

Now that's NICE. It's so shiny!


it was amazing


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That is AWESOME!!! The hype is real! WOO!!! :-)

the belt looks amazing, great work @wrestorgonline

How great what can be achieved and accomplished in the union of our blockchain, success and good vibes for this new start and belt winner!!!!

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Woah! What a beauty!

This is fantastic! Can't wait to hear the next announcement, even though I have a suspicion about what it might be. :D


You must be killin' it out here!
@willendorfia just slapped you with 5.000 PIMP, @wrestorgonline.
You earned 5.000 PIMP for the strong hand.
They're getting a workout and slapped 2/2 possible people today.


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Great move!