Cosmos & Thorchain (RUNE) Primers

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If you've learned 1 thing from the launch of PolyCUB, I hope you have learned the importance of becoming familiar with the Polygon Blockchain, wallets, how transactions work and learning how to get funds bridged over.

With that said, it's no secret there are plans to create new forms of $CUB on the various Blockchain Protocols.

There's been some speculation as to what chain will be next. Will it be:

Avalanche $AVACUB
Polkadot $POLKACUB
Solana $SOLCUB
Cardano $CARDCUB

I am guessing that Cosmos / Thorchain will be a priority. Regardless of what is next, if you intend to participate in future Claimdrops with $CUB your best plan of action is to educate yourself on the mechanics and intricacies of each Blockchain.

Take it a step further and set your wallets up now and learn how to get your chain specific wallet funded. And once you get some funds into your wallet go ahead and participate in some staking or some LP Pools to start farming the native tokens so you can grow your bags once the next CUB gets launched.

Here's 2 great videos that ironically just came out in the last 2 days. This will give you a walkthrough on the chains and how they are related.



The wrong time to learn all of this is at the time of launch. Be early, be prepared and self educate!

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