How Elon Musk has contradicted himself

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Exhibit A

Exhibit B

So, Elon has purchased Twitter with the premise of advocating Free Speech and has defined it as "that which matches the law". One has to assume he means the Laws of the U.S.A.

So, if you read Exhibit B you'll see that although Spam Bots may be very annoying they are not against the law.

Exhibit C: a meme which has nothing at all to do with the post


I for one would be happy to see spam bots crippled, however Elon has already contradicted himself. He based his purchase of Twitter on promoting Free Speech and in the same breath is talking about eliminating Free Speech.

I am playing Devils Advocate here and by no means support Spam Bots but if we are to take Elon's words at face value he is off to a bad start if he is crusading for Free Speech by banning The Free Speech of Bots.

This may be splitting hairs however it points out the fact that the New Twitter will be tested to it's extreme limits.

In the end he will come to realize that Decentralization not Privatization is the way to maximize Freedom of Speech.

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I like the quote Decentralization not Privatization.

Although Trolls and Zealots are pretty annoying on Hive, but they are part of free speech.

Interesting clips from Elon.

I am cautiously waiting to see what he does with Twitter, with most of my attention being focused of evidence of real shadow banning and it’s removal, hoping this benefits Hive, Leo and Leofinance DeFi projects.

Here’s a hope and a prayer.

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I really hope Elon reveals the devious actions of the Twitter Team and shines a bright light on their double standards. I am even thinking of creating another Twitter Account if my current Account does not get unbanned under the new ownership.

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