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We all remember Eleanor, that famous vehicle that was a Shelby GT500 and that starred in the movie 60 Seconds but never existed.

At least not as one generally thinks: the 1967 GT500, a cult and collector's item. The car appears on the strip as a GT500, but it was never prepared or designed in this way.

The 1971 Ford Mustang Sportsroof was Eleanor?

Yes, Gone in 60 Seconds was a movie that featured a redesigned 1971 Ford Mustang Sportsroof. This car appeared with clear modifications to make the car look like a 1973. Yes, just before the generational changeover.


Differences between a Shelby GT500 and a Mustang Sportsroof

It used a longer hood and totally different rear racks. Obviously the version used in the original cassette mounted V8, but the power is not specified. This specimen was so successful that Shelby was invited to develop some units and put them up for sale.

Shelby Eleanor, the legendary car driven by Randall "Memphis" It was the car selected for the remake of the decisive film of the millennium.

This specimen was also the product of an aesthetic change from a different preparation. Basically, director Dominic Sena asked the Performance team and Chip Foose to develop a car.

And to achieve this, a Ford Mustang Fastback was used with parts commissioned from Shelby to make it look like the '67 GT500.

The good news is that to date it can be ordered from Unique Performance. Well, they are developing one or the other unit in versions called Shelby GT500E. Ranging from 325 horsepower to 575 hp

These examples are mounted on 1968 Ford Mustang and chassis with Fastback bodywork. And modified practically everything.

These are collectibles, but they are not original. Finally, 9 vehicles ordered from Unique Performance went to the film. Some of which were auctioned and others were destroyed during filming.


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Ford Mustang Shelbey GT500, excellent car, I have a '73 Ford Mustang MACH1 which I would like to restore, I hope to be able to do it.

How lucky, that I would like to have it myself, I assure you that I would have restored it, I love that car

Me too, but in the country where I live it is more difficult to make restorations because of the whole situation, but little by little.

When you have it fully restored please take a photo and share it with everyone in the community