A Cautious Librarian on Preserving Information

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Western Civilization survived because in the midst of barbaric chaos, monks copied and hid irreplaceable manuscripts. We can learn from them, and must.

Considering ways to preserve information/history:

  1. I will treasure my physical books more than ever. Consider enhanced protection for any that are irreplaceable.
  2. I am going to download my most conservative/libertarian books onto devices rather than letting them just float in Jeff Bezos' cloud where he could decide to unilaterally unpublish them, perhaps.
  3. I am going to look for any ebooks I really love in physical form. Already my practice, but more important now than ever.

Special Note for Homeschool Parents:

Prioritize teaching your children legible handwriting. Also have them commit to memory Scripture, poetry, famous speeches, and other things we need to keep alive. Read Fahrenheit 415 by Ray Bradbury and recall how rebels became living books by each memorizing a particular book so the ideas would survive.

Alternatives to Amazon:




I will treasure my physical books more than ever. Consider enhanced protection for any that are irreplaceable.

I remember the Harry Potter books I borrowed from a coworker before. The books were really in the worst condition. The covers were barely hanging in there. The corners of the pages were either folded, creased, or destroyed. It hurts to even look at it. And so before I read the book, I went ahead and restored it. My coworker was just so happy when she saw her newly restored Harry Potter book and she let me borrow all her HP books. I was just happy to give the books a much needed makeover.

Book repair is a valuable skill. Glad you were able to preserve them/restore them.

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hello Fiberfrau, there's hive book club if you want to talk in depth about preserving books. You are also welcome to write reviews about the book you've read or share your reading plan. I implied you read libertarian and conservative books. I wonder, have you read The Road to Serfdom? it's currently on my january reading list but I'd like to know if it's any good as I have been recommended to read that book quite often.

I have not read the entire book, but I know of Hayek and have read essays/articles of his. I am a fan of Austrian economics, Patrick Henry, Tom Wolfe, Ayn Rand, St. Paul, the Bard, Mark Twain, Tolkien.........any of the good stuff.

I am starting to delve into Austrian economics these days hence why I pick up Hayek. I have read a lot of Ayn Rand essays and she is one of my inspiration.

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