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Long have we been working on this passion project, and we have many exciting things up for this quarter, as we get deeper into 2023. Of course you can just play the FPS game right now - and as you do can know we are working hard to get it connected to HIVE.


One thing we are working on, as we move forward into the next phase, is updating everything, especially and including the whitepaper. Its on the list of things to do.

But another important update needs to be made, regarding @psyberbank. As has been clear to anyone who was looking for quite awhile now, @psyberbank has had to sell a good portion of its LVL position over the last year just to stay afloat.

We are here, we continue, you are invited to come along or continue along with us voluntarily. There will only ever be 500M LVL.


Yes, in the past year the @psyberbank has had to sell off LVL, and currently holds just 84.2M LVL tokens. Its still the largest holder by far - and other accounts have taken advantage to charge up the richlist. The LVL market his been a lively one in the past.

In one sense this is unfortunate, but in another it is an opportunity. Play the game, and decide for yourself if you want to hold some LVL or one of our many assets. At this point, we can no longer be bound to hold as much LVL as we would want AND deliver the upcoming stages of our connection of the game to HIVE.

We had a choice, and we chose to keep working and deliver.

If you want to support us, one of the best things you can do is buy and hold LVL. We regularily drop crates and other NFTs on our wonderful LVL holders - who we each love dearly. This is not financial advice but a passionate promise among gamers folding out the best PsyberVerse we possibly can.

Are You Ready to Play?


If you're ready to play Psyber-X, all you need to do is go to our Discord to grab a free key for download.


If you're ready to play Psyber-Decks, all you need to do is visit the site once we announce it here. As soon as it is available, those who have purchased/earned a crate will be able to jump right on in. Soon, you'll be able to check out the NEW CRATE OPENING GRAPHICS!

Also, there are 3 passes that provide package deals for Psybercrates and specialized NFTs. They are the Bronze, Silver, and Gold passes. With the help of @psybersects, you can use $Hive to buy 2 of the 3 passes (Gold and Silver). See the details about using $HIVE HERE



The Bronze pass is 1.5 avax to mint. It comes with a Legendary weapon. There are a limited number of these passes, but this is a guaranteed way to get a Legendary NFT. @bobthebuilder2 bought one just for the weapon.


The Silver pass is 0.05 Eth and comes with 10 Psybercrates (During the current sale: $50 value), 2 Legendary Weapons (value depends on market), and 1 Character (value depends on market).


The Gold pass is 0.3 Eth and comes with 100 Psybercrates (During the current sale: $500 value), 1 Character, 3 Weapons, and recognition as a Founder.

Once purchased, notify us on Discord with your transaction number/link and we'll put you on a list so you can get your Psybercrates and other goodies. We look forward to playing with you! If you are not able to buy any of the passes, LVL is available on the Hive Engine and in both the LVL:Swap.Eth and LVL:Swap.Hive Liquidity Pools.

Find NFTs and Psybercrates at the Psyber-X Marketplace.

The price is temporarily reduced from $20 USD equiv to $5 USD equiv.

See details here.

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Bronze Pass


Psyber-Decks is a mini-game being developed to use Psyber-X NFTs. If you'd like to be able to play the game before anyone else, you simply need to buy 1 Psybercrates at for the Alpha testing access. Once we release Psyber-Decks, you'll be able to buy a Psybercrate here

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*There is nothing in this post that should be construed as financial advice. If you are looking for financial advice from a blog post, you're looking the wrong place. Talk to someone who has a fiduciary responsibility to look out for you if that's what you're looking for. Be responsible!


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Fantastic post King @psyberx, operahoser(8/15) is blown away by the dedication you put into writing this post. Your hard work and dedication is truly appreciated.

Your content is always top-notch and we are grateful for it. @operahoser is sending you 50.0 BUDS as a way to say thank you.

BTW! BUDS is the token of the hashkings ecosystem, you can use it to have discounts in all our games or stake it and earn rewards now!