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In the realm of dreams, where fantasies reside,
And reality's grasp is stretched far and wide,
There exists a dance, a delicate sway,
Between what is real and what the mind may portray.

Serfdom & Sorcery Phase A development continues. With over 1400 players registered across 14 servers, Serfdom & Sorcery is a game for all ages.

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Getting started was a good deal more addictive than I thought 🤣 I should thank them sometime for cutting back on the leveling up, otherwise I'd still be doing it for hours on end 😂

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You’re definitely stronger than I am. I didn’t slow things down until I got to level 200 lol

With the changes I couldn't afford that, lol... Instead I'm working towards staking, then I can use those plus my current stash. Hopefully monsters will be a little easier by then 😲 I almost feel like I got in too late!


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You've got a good plan. The monsters will definitely get nerfed at some point. When enough people are at a high enough level then changes will get made.

When enough people are at a high enough level then changes will get made.

Hopefully I'll get there first, because this has the potential to be something big :) ...


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My doctor said he could help me stop dreaming of cows playing football
I asked him to wait till after finals.

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