Can the blockchain withstand Joe Biden? ...(sorry Joe)

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Now this might sound like a very silly question - on the surface, because mostly - it is.
But that doesn't matter (this is in the 'funny' community, right?)


So when I say 'withstand', I'm referring to the sheer amount of material that Joe Biden's blocks will be taking up.
There's not enough hours in the day to report everything - and we're only on day fucking three!

I mean, the senile old dude is three days in, and his fuckup's/teacherous/dementia ridden actions, has caused me personally to write over 123,000 words, in trying to describe just how monumentally fucked up they really are. (although this does include several thousand words that involve taking the piss out of people that supported him, and who wish for a Chinese takeover of their country...It's quite bizarre really...)


I mean, anyone that understands the complexities of 'copy and pasting' to use a Hive account, demonstrates enough wherewithal to understand that Biden's boss's want nothing more than a one world, technocratic, government - and serfdom/slavery the rest of us (once the eugenics program is completed).
Ergo, by supporting him, is supporting that.
There ain't much wiggle room here - except for (maybe), a retarded amoeba who's not fully understanding all that.
That argument doesn't hold much water though - not for those who have digits, and are able to log into hive.
So no, actually, there is no wriggle room at all not if you think about it.

I suppose it's similar to calling Trump a dictator in the election wars.
So little IQ, and so much shouting.
Even I never lowered myself to enter into such low IQ conversations.
I mean - Not many dictators (according my relatively large knowledge base of historical events) , have voluntarily withdrawn military operations from a country, nor have they chosen not to start any new conflicts.
Also - They've never let media decide for them what - or who - they can say...I can't bring to mind any dictator in history that allows open dissent without crushing the voices...Funny that.

Yeah, Trump isn't like any dictator in fact - not one that I can think of - not in all of the history that I know about..
But, lets not try to have facts stand in the way of low IQ 'reasoning' - it doesn't work that way.

I digress...

The question still remains...

With the block chain have enough room on it to cover all the gaffs, and technocratic events, that are unfolding at breakneck speed?

We're now two full days into the administration - and we now have grown men, who are now legally sanctioned, to compete against women in professional sports.

social justice  Copy  Copy 2.jpg

We also have grown men who can now legally go into public restrooms with small female children.
(Plus it's looking like men can be detained in 'women only' prisons - at the request of any male identifying as female...What could possibly go wrong? lmao..)

We also have fresh military pushes moving into Syria once again.
Several dead Syrian families - including young children - do not seem to like this new strategy so far.


Has anyone told him he’s got 4 years to screw up the country??

He doesn’t have to do it all in the first week!

On the upside, there are things you can look forward to, (in addition to authentic Peking Duck on every street corner).
The lefties will now be able enjoy higher oil prices - which is great for electric car use - if they didn't use fossil fuels to generate the electricity.

And lets not forget the much higher food prices that comes with the fuel increases - Fast food, especially.
(which is the food of choice for many lazy lefties, apparently).


PLUS , higher unemployment will ensure extra poverty and misery for all - delivered in a way that only self loathing lefties seem to enjoy.

And lets not forget many more wars - in the Middle East, and pretty much anywhere else, come to think of it.

There's nothing like multiple wars and the deaths of brown people in their thousands, that a war hating, pacifist lefty, loves more.

The higher taxes needed to fund the destruction of other people's countries (for those much needed bullets and missiles) will be willingly handed over by the conformist lefty - to their lords and masters.

The billionaire shareholders invested in the military industrial complex, are thanking all the lefties ,, for their efforts to help put Beijing Biden in the White house. (You've all served their interests so very well).


I would say be careful what you wished for - but it's a little bit late for that, isn't it?

I wonder if there's business opportunity opening up, for a website?

..." We'll drink all your tears - for only $30 a month.


PLUS !!!!!!!!!!!

...for only an extra $5 - we'll tell you that were doing it because it's environmentally friendly !!!."

Nope, there's just NO WAY there's gonna be enough room on the blockchain to withstand all the Biden hilariousness....


Good by America as it looks like Biden will destroy you☹️

....but it'll be in an all inclusive, and loving way, don't ya know?...

O of course.

Has anyone told him he’s got 4 years to screw up the country??

4 Years? Not if kamala has anything to say about it.

lol - yeah, I recon 4 weeks is probably more accurate...maybe he knows it to, so he's getting busy!