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RE: A Lot Of Time And Energy Was Spent Creating This Title

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Hey @dandays I started having a de ja vu moment when I started reading this because it reminded me of a post by nonameslefttouse a while back.

Lol "how to insert a hyperlink in Word in 2016" dude I can remember having to try doing this in WordPerfect 5.1. Oh my, am I giving away my age? hahahah

I enjoyed this, it was fun. Have a great day.


 4 months ago  

This is second time I've been compared to that lousy, can't draw or entertain Canadian whateverhisnameis and cut!
:time out:
I can no longer continue this charade Andy!! I'm a big fan of his, thank you more than THIS. I really appreciate that. 💖
:time in:

Funny, I searched everywhere looking for a gif or image or whatever that said "hyperlink" and that was the only one. Apparently nobody's had an issue since 2016 er.. uh.. I mean since Word 5.1. 🤫

I need to give up on emoji's. =0

Well it was a really cool post and I thoroughly enjoyed it and I enjoy a lot of Nonameslefttouse posts as well, you both have a great sense of humour.

Lol really funny that there is only one Gif/image example of hyperlink, and it still WORKS 100% - made to last.

Hope you have a wonderful day bud, I enjoy your posts as do many others. Congrats on sticking it out for this long and staying loyal to the chain :)

 4 months ago  

Hey! You almost made me miss this. You're gonna have to leave me alone now, it's just temporary. I have some catching up to do.

Lol - ok I'm gone. 'til next time bud 😉


 4 months ago  

@ecency 👊🏼

Thanks bud :)

 4 months ago  

I remember word perfect! Lol

Hey @cmplxty

Lol it was not particularly perfect lol, but it worked at the time :) I had a good chuckle thinking back on what computers looked like back then. We've come a long way

 4 months ago  

So you're not describing how well you knew "word" and "word perfect" is actually a thing?

 4 months ago  

I took typing class in middle school on the old school typing screens that would print on those old ass sheets of paper you had to tear. In high school we used word perfect and I actually wrote on them quite a bit, only reason I remember the name lol.

In middle school we had computer class and we would just wait until the teacher walked away and would play Oregon trail, that game was the shit!

 4 months ago  

All I remember is dirt bikes, weed, and girls and not necessarily in that order.