A Lot Of Time And Energy Was Spent Creating This Title

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Heard about this one yet? They even put a hashtag in front of it, #EternalBlockchain they're calling it. I know!! Thing even has its own #hashtag. @edprivat started it. He peer pressured me on WhatsApp about a month ago, "what do you think of...." something something else in a French accent. I went along with it, 'I think you're onto something.'

Truth is Ed's starving for attention and wants to see how many content producers he can manipulate to mentioning his name in public.

And that ladies and gentlemen is typically how these start—lines, sentences, punctuation. I call what you've consumed until now an introduction. I don't always need a whole paragraph or two to introduce content. They can be done in none or ten or a thousand, there's really no minimum or maximum but you seem confused already and we just started so forget I said that.

Nobody wants a confused audience in the first scene look! The easiest way to avoid distraction is by being straight forward and direct or neither and instead completely tap dance around subject matter until the curtain entrancingly draws open and the show begins.

#EternalBlockchain. Welcome. The objective with this one is reflect on past content. Compare something you posted way back when you first got here to content you post today.


I had no idea where I was going. Hardly knew how I got where I was. Where I've been is still a memory, where I'm going eludes me regularly.

I was holding steem—knew that much. I acquired a couple hundred back in 2016 when I had a slightly better than vague idea what cryptocurrency was. One thing led to another and, about a year later, I dug a little deeper and discovered a wallet platform interweb social media blogging thing called steemit. I've caught more shit about steemit not censoring that word than downvotes. Not really. I'm not ashamed of my past, without it I wouldn't be here.

Before this I did MySpace. This and that are the extent of my blogging experience. I never posted any words on there, just used it to follow my favorite artists and stay updated with tour dates. I still don't know how to get to the face one or instawhatever it's called. This is the extent of my virtual existence. 4 years yesterday actually.


Hashtag Candles. 18 September, 2017. Four years ago I first tried my hand at this, that's a long time. I don't know a whole lot of people who've punched the same time clock that long. I know more relationships that failed before four years than succeeded. Being stranded on an island four years would either be a learning cUrve or a miserable experience like a four year maximum security prison sentence. Covid's only half way to four right now and it already feels like forever. #LongTime.


That was my first cover image. I thought waves on the shirt was a slam dunk. I thought wrong. That was the first time I drew anything since Mr. Thayne's 9th grade art class. It's called dude in glasses puking out whatever he can think of. I pedaled down to Mr. Lee's corner store on 2nd Street in Long Beach for colored pencils that day. I sharpened them with a kitchen knife.

I wrote a freestyle poem—no idea what I was doing (this link shows the cover image). That was the first time I attached an emoji. 🥶 I didn't know what a hyperlink was that day. My very first release earned one vote valued at zero dollars and zero cents. It's since received six sympathy votes by mentioning it similarly to what I'm doing now.

Quite a bit's changed since then. I released 409 pieces of original content between now and that freestyle poem, this is 410. I just deleted a bunch of me me me statistics but you're welcome to stop by hivebuzz and see what I see.

I pay a lot of attention to aesthetics now. Html codes like text alignment or image alignment, ᖴᗩᑎᑕY TE᙭T, page breaks, etc. are second nature now like editing for hours and hours with no end in sight until it's live.

It's what I do. Pura isn't here anymore, that's another one. That means I'm no longer responsible for her blockchain persona while being myself so wasting time doing stupid shit like censoring motherfucking curse words is history like world travel.

With freedom comes responsibly. People lean on me now, go figure. I went from never done this before to virtual strangers with enough confidence in me I'm asked anything from attaching a you know what to proof reading their content. That's crazy. DanDays proof reading content is insane and something I'll never get used to like running a tattoo machine. Yeah I can draw and yeah I have a steady hand and yeah you can trust me but no I don't trust myself with your flesh like that.

I've learned quite a bit about this platform the past four years and social media in general. I've learned enough techy things to identify the difference between a bug and a coding error which is so opposite my nature nobody back home would believe it. I've met some really cool people here as well as some not so cool people. I've crossed paths with plenty of assholes too—real world issues.

I learned about witnesses, who they are, what they do and the value of my vote which is nothing like politics so I take it seriously.

I learned there's a lot more people who feel emotionally attached to that unfollow button than those who don't. I've been muted by an entire community before just because I unfollowed one author. People are a lot quicker to react irrationally in a virtual space than they would in reality.

I've grown increasingly comfortable talking about myself between now and then, too, in case you haven't noticed. One more thing I can't shake and then I'm out.


So I pissed in the sink. That was a joke. Not the sign, that's a real sign, I didn't really piss in the sink.

The more I'm myself and let loose and say whatever I think the more I'm accepted like Bitcoin. The less I bla who cares about public yata something and don't try to be someone I'm not, the more audience encouragement. Go figure. I've enjoyed familiarizing myself with the joint, I don't plan on vacating.

Speaking of permanent fixtures, @GalenKP @TarazKP how'bout it gentlemen? Here's the official link but basically just tell us about your progression and nominate two gangsters to tell us about theirs.



Where have you been @dandays and how have I been missing your posts? All the old Silvers (& many new young ones) been keeping me away from my feed!
Happy 4th Hive Bday young man!
I enjoyed @edprivat's challenge, guess what, my 1st blog beat yours in earnings, it made all of 0.023😅
I love your well thought out title, you & your wicked sense of humour!

 2 months ago  

Well if it isn't my favorite South African Air B&B host. Good morning Lizelle. 💖 Thanks for keeping an eye on me.

The curse words you read were a figment of your imagination

Curating does that, especially with larger communities. Back in the day when I'd curate for Artzone I'd lose about 2 days in my feed. Nowadays with communities, it's a 7-day gig.

2 cents. Yeah well you've always doubled me!

Not sure if you saw this yet. She's brand new, I first spotted her when she wrote of her grandfathers pub just a few months ago.

 2 months ago  

More cowbell!

Now that Shizz right there is my kinda comment..!
More cowbell


I Gave it a...

"Sympathy Vote"



 2 months ago  

Whoever don't like'em don't like girls. And whoever don't like girls, well, you know what that means.


Your talking about cats right.. LoL

"Whoever don't like'em don't like girls. And whoever don't like girls, well, you know what that means."

Young Girl


20 Years Later



 2 months ago  

Cat people are crazy just throwing food around the house like that.

I have been checking in almost every day waiting for this
And it was worth the wait
I laughed and at other times just grinned like a monkey (still grinning, and why not - great way to start a Monday.

And that cover image ... says it all :D

 2 months ago  

That was such a nice comment, thank you. 💖

(emoji - nailed it!)

Happy Monday. I'm glad you liked this one. Sometimes these things are heavy on the serious side, wish they didn't have to be. I'd rather just entertain you and make you laugh and stuff like what'd the chickpea say to humus on date night?

I falafel. =D

And now my Monday is complete
I'm off to bed now ;p

Nice curve.

That’s quite the drawing. I like that. Why aren’t you doing more drawings?

for colored pencils that day. I sharpened them with a kitchen knife.

The only way to sharpen pencils is with a knife, any knife. All artists inherently know this.

editing for hours and hours with no end in sight until it's live.

I f e e e e e e e e e l your PAIN. Btw, don’t say the words “page break” to me anymore. I’ve traumatized myself with them, effective today.

Love that sign photo at the end, it's priceless and a good shot, kind of like the perfect aim.

 2 months ago (edited) 

Oh you caUgHt that did you?

I like my HB's and 2's and 3's pointy sharp with my little sharpener. Otherwise sure, I prefer a razor knife. That day all I had was a steak knife and there was about a 25 year gap between drawings.

It puts me to sleep. I really have to mentally prepared myself. Just talking about it makes me yawn.

Deal, I won't say anything about it or them or the one.

I should've said pooped huh? 'So I pooped in the sink' is funnier.

Thank you @nineclaws.


I caught the curve, such a nice little touch to convey that with one word.
A sharp exacto knife works very nicely. You do know why you use a knife not a pencil sharpener, right?
Drawing isn't your thing. Probably why I was surprised to see your drawing.
I get the feeling that you're taking the visual route to add to my trauma. Have at it. Give it your best @dandays tennis ball machine gone crazy approach.Why did you forget "center", btw?
Pooped is far funnier. I could add to that but I think you have enough fecal matter on your hands.
💖 𝓨𝓸𝓾'𝓻𝓮 𝔀𝓮𝓵𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓮 @𝓭𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓪𝔂𝓼 💖

 2 months ago  

Yeah I suck at drawing. I really have no business talking about pencils.

You know, it now makes me sad seeing that and that you no longer draw. You've got quite a talent there, durn it. says nothing more about pencils, drawing, sharpening, etc

 2 months ago  

Then you probably don't care to know I did that one in Costa Rica on a wobbly ass picnic bench. I won't tell you how I could only work in the daytime cuz the light in the kitchen was dim and cast shadows.



Durn, like durn it, darn it, like WOW!

Stop yawning, I need to see more drawings.

 2 months ago  

Will this video load for you? It won't load on my end, it's a mandala I filmed.

Pura's secret husband is Yelawolf so I drew him once while her mother was in town. They took off down to the aquarium and boardwalk, etc. I had about three hours.

This eyeball put me on the map, appropriately titled. I didn't get any love before that eye.

I can hardly keep them open (eyes). Here's one of the first ones I did, it's my hand which is completely asleep now.

Happy 4 years to you! Wow that is quite the drawing.

What a pretty cool concept of a challenge.

It’s been a journey for sure. It’s nice looking back on where/how you first started compared to where you stand now.

I haven’t read your material for 4 years since we just discovered each other’s Hive existence but from what I have seen and read it’s no surprise why people look forward to hearing from you. You have a way of pulling people in for the ride and it’s an enjoyable experience hearing you express yourself and share your thoughts with us :)

I hope you continue having a blast here with all the lovely Hive folks ~

 2 months ago  

I don't go around handing these out to just anyone you know.. Well of course you don't. Now you do. If I could receive a comment this pleasurable first thing in the morning every morning, I'd never require an alarm clock.


Good morning Crosheille. Sometimes "thank you" won't suffice even if I type it BIG.

In case I haven't told you lately, I'm glad we crossed paths and I'm totally fudging my way through this right now cuz you took my breath away.... that was such a nice comment.

Oh wow!! Yay!! I'm delighted to get this from you. That’s really such a nice gesture and a cool badge (not sure if you call it that lol) to give away, thank you! I’m glad my comment meant that much and was received well by you. ☺️

Likewise for sure. 😉

I'm sat outside a 7/11 reading this and decided to shout '@edprivet' in public. Not even one of the street dogs reacted to inane scream. That all changed however when, red-faced, I muttered "@dandays told me to do it."

The biggest, dirty soi dog looked up and gave me a knowing glance before going back to eating the 3-day old rice someone had left him.

Im working on conclusions.

Have a great week :-)

I'm sat outside a 7/11 reading this and decided to shout '@edprivet' in public

Is it why I had a bowel movement? Did you misspell my name again? 😁

The biggest, dirty soi dog looked up and gave me a knowing glance before going back to eating the 3-day old rice someone had left him.


LOL....German at school was never my strong point :-( Sorry!!

 2 months ago  

Edd Privey. Did it work again? Did you shit yourself?

Im wearing a diaper now 😁

 2 months ago  

Spanish rice for sure, 3 days is nothing. None of that sticky rice, it's hardly good three hours.

I'm unsatisfied with my improv response right now sir, I think your comment was funnier. Get it?

Wassup man? I appreciate the comment, thank you. I laughed out loud at the visual but mis spelel'ing @edprivat if I'm being honest is funny like yellow rice.

Hey @dandays I started having a de ja vu moment when I started reading this because it reminded me of a post by nonameslefttouse a while back.

Lol "how to insert a hyperlink in Word in 2016" dude I can remember having to try doing this in WordPerfect 5.1. Oh my, am I giving away my age? hahahah

I enjoyed this, it was fun. Have a great day.


 2 months ago  

This is second time I've been compared to that lousy, can't draw or entertain Canadian whateverhisnameis and cut!
:time out:
I can no longer continue this charade Andy!! I'm a big fan of his, thank you more than THIS. I really appreciate that. 💖
:time in:

Funny, I searched everywhere looking for a gif or image or whatever that said "hyperlink" and that was the only one. Apparently nobody's had an issue since 2016 er.. uh.. I mean since Word 5.1. 🤫

I need to give up on emoji's. =0

Well it was a really cool post and I thoroughly enjoyed it and I enjoy a lot of Nonameslefttouse posts as well, you both have a great sense of humour.

Lol really funny that there is only one Gif/image example of hyperlink, and it still WORKS 100% - made to last.

Hope you have a wonderful day bud, I enjoy your posts as do many others. Congrats on sticking it out for this long and staying loyal to the chain :)

 2 months ago  

Hey! You almost made me miss this. You're gonna have to leave me alone now, it's just temporary. I have some catching up to do.

Lol - ok I'm gone. 'til next time bud 😉


 2 months ago  

@ecency 👊🏼

Thanks bud :)

 2 months ago  

I remember word perfect! Lol

Hey @cmplxty

Lol it was not particularly perfect lol, but it worked at the time :) I had a good chuckle thinking back on what computers looked like back then. We've come a long way

 2 months ago  

So you're not describing how well you knew "word" and "word perfect" is actually a thing?

 2 months ago  

I took typing class in middle school on the old school typing screens that would print on those old ass sheets of paper you had to tear. In high school we used word perfect and I actually wrote on them quite a bit, only reason I remember the name lol.

In middle school we had computer class and we would just wait until the teacher walked away and would play Oregon trail, that game was the shit!

 2 months ago  

All I remember is dirt bikes, weed, and girls and not necessarily in that order.

The title drew me in 😆 but this was an interesting read

 2 months ago  

That title's nothing compared to how much time I got on this sentence. I'm exhausted.

Wassup man? I'm glad you enjoyed this one. Thank you.

I am great.
Thank you I enjoyed it.

for you

 2 months ago  

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Heeeey Ol'Fart!! ¡Happy Birthday! :)

The truth is that you are beginning to sound & look too old, brotha.

Let me check my closet to see if I can find a pair of my pink hello kitty dressing gowns that I am not wearing anymore and send these to you to try to rejuvenate you a bit. LoL

 2 months ago  

I feel rejuvenated already. Thanks man! Are you always this good?

That video was dope! Thank you. That was filmed at the LA Coliseum, it's right in the middle of South Central Los Angeles. I've been there I don't know how many times for parties, concerts, motocross, football, you name it. I've NEVER as in never ever ever to this day seen that place as packed as the night I saw Eminem. That shit was crazy. Helicopters overhead filming the show, still the only time I've seen helicopters at a concert.

Thanks for keeping an eye on me. 👊🏼

I've NEVER as in never ever ever to this day seen that place as packed as the night I saw Eminem.

Ah! but I guess that was just because you were still too young as to have been there on August 20, 1972. Let me show you what that crowd looked like at that time through a video I made almost seven years ago. Do you reckon the place looks a bit more packed as the night you saw Eminem there?

Are you always this good?

Well, aside of my generous offer to send you a pair of my pink hello kitty dressing gowns for free to rejuvenate you through a trip across memory lane. Now just take a look at this video above one more time and you tell me how good I can continue to be. Hahahaha

Cheers!! :)

 2 months ago  

Dude that gave me chills.

And again, just now again when I said dude that gave me chills.

I wouldn't bet on which show packed more people cuz I've never seen as many people at a show as i did that night at Eminem but dang I wish I could've been there in '72.

Thanks for the history. 👍🏿

I would've been about -4 that year.

Is there a chance that you are confusing cause and effect? I mean, you're becoming yourself because you've already been accepted, thanks to the way who you were when you pretended. Maybe if you hadn't pretended at the beginning, you wouldn't have reached the point of extremum, in which they began to appreciate you for who you are?

Gosh... I think we should call Christopher Nolan to sort out this shit that I wrote...

 2 months ago  

Ok cool then it's not just me. I wasn't sure if you were speaking in code and I'm too old to understand which is embarrassing and something I'd never admit in public so it must not be code so I went back just now and read it again and let me tell you... 2nd time's a charm!

Thank you. I appreciate that. No need to bother Chris.

What a ride!!! My early posts were quite simple... and I remember earning something like 1 cent! Then it was a party when my earnings doubled to... 2 cents!! Ahahahahaha! 🤣

 2 months ago  

Remember those days? When I got double digit votes I was big time—10! Then it turned to 'teens, three more and it's in the teens.'

And you've been there pretty much the whole time @trincowski. Thank you.

A post by tha man himself, is as hype as a NFT these days 😁

Truth is Ed's starving for attention and wants to see how many content producers he can manipulate to mentioning his name in public.

In general, if it's not about me, it's not worth it haha. Every time someone say my name (even outside the blockchain), I get some XP for my character, it's a cool trick Voldemort told me.

It's what I do. Pura isn't here anymore, that's another one. That means I'm no longer responsible for her blockchain persona while being myself so wasting time doing stupid shit like censoring motherfucking curse words is history like world travel.

Same for @lionmom, I speak on her behalf. The other day she said "The fuck you writing a chicken article for 4 hours", and just left 😄 the room. I don't have a good reason for writing about it for such a long time, and just going on an editing loop, you feel me?

I've grown increasingly comfortable talking about myself between now and then, too, in case you haven't noticed.

Thanks for playing the game, it was quality @dandays at its best!

I couldn't fucking stop laughing at that hahaha.

 2 months ago  

The funniest part was the four hour chicken story! I'm still laughing.

You sure know how to make a guy feel good and now that I said that I realize what it sounds like and I'm not gonna change it cuz I know you know what I mean.

I'm not kidding, thank you.

Good idea with this one sir. I see @meesterboom just stopped by. I know his fans (me) would enjoy an old to now timeline of Boom.

You sure know how to make a guy feel good and now that I said that I realize what it sounds like and I'm not gonna change it cuz I know you know what I mean.

Oh shit!

Ink me! Ink me, I'm a witness!!!

 2 months ago  

What awe ya chap? Blutty off'yer knot yea!

Frighteningly I almost understand the above! ;O)

 2 months ago  

My bad, I left out the banjo.

Ber n'neer neer ba da b'nAaaanng! On that note, I think I'll stick to emoji's. 🎼. 🪕

Ah that's better, I can talk emojis!!

 2 months ago  

Oh nice! A familiar 😁 on the dumbcunts 🚢.

We are all being dumbcunted!! Lol

Ah that's better, I can talk emojis!!

Hahaha and now after that attempt of the birthday boy to try ink a witness with such a funky song by Marvin Gaye. I guess it is also in order throw in here more dumbcunts to Funkysize a bit more and inspire to an old Scottish chap so he can try to do something similar in his new garden deck for family & friends. :D

Actually found this interesting. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

 2 months ago  

Thanks I'm glad you did, plenty more where that came from and thanks for finding me.. Welcome to Hive, what do you think of third day?

I really look forward to seeing more of your contents. Thanks for the welcome, really enjoying my adventure at the moment too. The platform is really cool and composed, I love it.

 2 months ago  

That's nice to hear, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. Patience. Consistency and wing the rest. You're gonna love it.

I like to recommend this weekend engagement community to new people. The dude running it announces new topics on Fridays and then the rest of the weekend is a good way to get to know people. You'll usually find me there too, don't be a stranger.

Enjoy yourself. More importantly, be yourself.

I'd definitely check it out, thanks a lot.

What's My Motivation again.??"




I posted a sympathy vote... Lmao

Is that real. A sympathy vote..? I have never voted one of those. WTF even is that.??

We really are train wrecks...

And it turns out train wrecks are pretty cool. Cuz people can not look away once we start Wrekin' I reckon...

Look!!! 👀.

Here comes another one now...


 2 months ago  

Look the reason it took me so long to respond to this is cuz I kept waiting for the little fat bastard to get out the window.

A sympathy vote is a vote where you would've never done such a thing had I not led you to the joint by hand all snotty nose whiny like look!

You know Trainwreck is a strain yeah? It's a Kush actually, D and A's fave. When you say that I'm not sure if I should be confused or excited like 'is that a compliment or what??' or should I just go smoke and opt for the latter.

Cha ch-ch-ch cha ch-ch cha ch-ch Chooooo Chooooo!!!!


 2 months ago  

Awesome stuff man! I’m trying to figure out which post of mine will be the lemon in the bunch. I don’t think I published my first official post on the chain for a few weeks after starting. I was a comment whore more than anything for a while so that was fun.

It’s great to grow and see others grow on here! The learning curve is still pretty big but for one reason or another a bunch of people are enjoying it and sticking around! I’m rounding halfway to my fourth year myself.

 2 months ago  

There's a nice size group of quality content providers here. Entertainers, rabbit holers, it's not a bad place. Even 34 hundred pounds of grapes.

Wassup man? Agreed, seeing all you get more and more comfortable is fun to be part of. Jump in, #EternalBlockchain. Just do what we always do. Talk about ourselves.

4 years, times sure flies! it would be great to go back then...but with today's knowledge 😅...Never used a emoji before all this as well, and now I tell my son to write in emojis to limits his mistakes.

I think the english expression is "don't beat around the bush" (hopefully it is cause it sounds terrible 😅 if it is not), that is what is makes me think of. (...I always wanted to use that expression at least once in my life...there it is!)

 2 months ago  

Excellent use of that expression. Here's another one: Home is in the intellectual capacity to be happy. <- I learned that from a "homeless" guy named Mark.

That went by pretty quickly didn't it? The years, 4 of them. Who'da thunk eh? Thanks for keeping an eye on me the whole time, here's to the fifth.

:tattooed knuckles emoji:

Cheers on that 🍻

Intellectual write up.

Very crazy pictures you got here.😷😂

Posted via proofofbrain.io

 2 months ago  

My man, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you.

Now hurry up and pass that back, you're suckin on it.

You're welcome, Man.

Hahaha😂 Sure, Imma pass that back.

🍃🚬Here's yours.😎

Posted via proofofbrain.io

Nice one as usual, if I can only figure out that fancy text, Maybe just maybe... Pretty damn sweet hanging out here for 4 years, I look forward to 4 more, like a re election but less fuckery.

Vote @dandays 2021

 2 months ago  

Eh wassup Rubido? Thanks man I appreciate that. I'm still learning how to type, rilly, I'm not making that up. And you've supported whatever hell I'm doing since you got here, please accept this thank you as a.. or wait!! I have a better idea.

𝑑ₒ𝑛'𝑡 𝑠ₐ𝑦 ᵢ 𝑛ₑᵥₑᵣ 𝑔ₐᵥₑ 𝑦ₒᵤ ₐ𝑛𝑦𝑡ⲏᵢ𝑛𝑔

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