Beautiful Snow

She was so small when I met her, just six weeks old and so fragile and delicate; I took one look at her and fell in love. She was a gift, the best I've ever received, and was presented to me with a purple bow around her neck, my favourite colour, and as she was placed gently into my hands I felt my heart open to her, a connection I knew would last forever.

I called her Bella Neve, beautiful snow in Italian, but she became known as Neve, Bella, Bel and Sleepy over the years. She was, without a doubt, one of the most important parts of my life.


I took this image of an image taken of me and Bella Neve

Over the years life has brought me many difficult and many amazingly wonderful times and so much in between those extremes as well; Bella Neve was with me to share them, console me, listen to me, keep me company when my partner was away working, snuggle into my lap and make me feel complete when part of me was missing and to make me laugh with happiness and pleasure - she was, in no uncertain terms, one of the best parts of my life and I couldn't imagine my life without her in it.

Twelve years later my heart broke when she was so very tragically and suddenly taken from us. I've known loss in my life, pets and people, but losing Bella Neve was something I was not prepared for and it shattered me, broke me into a million pieces that have never come back together and never will. I am brought to tears even now, some years later, when I think of the situation and how much I miss her.

The photo you see above was taken only moments after I was handed Bella Neve and I can't describe my feeling at that moment other than to say something rippled through my body and soul, a need to care for and love that little kitten, and from that moment she returned that love a thousand times over.

I'll never truly be apart from her, I take her everywhere I go in my heart and each morning and night I look at this photo beside my bed and feel grateful to have had Bella Neve in my life; I am forever changed because of her, and forever grateful for the amazing person who brought her to me...we both miss her more than could be imagined.

Becca 💗


We develop a unique attachment whenever we come across them....I never had cat as per (except a wild one) but mynhome houses close to 30 odd pigeons ....The more I try to fly them away the more they stick to my they kind of family though male a lot of mess with their shits...but unable to find a solution to get rid of them

I'm not sure why humans and animals as pets get along so well but there's an attraction and the relationships that form, the bonds, are meaningful.

Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate it and I hope you're having a lovely weekend.

Becca 🌷

I understand you. And no, those pieces don't go back together. But we look back with joy and remember all that they were able to fill us with, with their tenderness and their innocence. And even if tears well up, we carry forever in our hearts their love, they made us better.

Lots of light for Bella Neve!

I think it's important to remember the good moments we've spent with them although the strong emotions we feel when we lose them often rises to the fore. I remember Bella Neve with love and happiness mostly, although it still hurts that she was taken in such a tragic set of circumstances.

Becca 🌷

Pets are a wonderful. When they are very close to you, they can tell when something is wrong. They are always there for us and want nothing in return other than our company. They give a lot of unconditional love, and are perfect companions. It is very sad that they have shorter lives than us, and knowing that their eventual death will bring so much pain and heartache.

There's often a very strong bond between pet and human owner and with cats being so attuned to human emotion it's a special connection, probably why cats were revered by the ancient Egyptians I suppose.

Losing them is terrible, however we go through it over and over just for the benefits that come from having them in our lives.

Becca 🌷

I know what that feeling is like, before I had the two kittens I have now, who are 11 years old at the moment, I had others, each special in their own way.
I know how it feels when they go... I held the paw of one of them when he took his last breath.
You know, he suffered a lot, but I didn't have the courage to take him to be put down, I couldn't.... but I told him... you have to leave me, I'll be fine. He looked me in the eyes and left. That connection is incredible and now it happens to me with the two I have. Catalina is my queen, she is right next to me now that I am writing to you, she is my protector, my little black panther and Tony is more like to go for a walk.

I love them and I understand the love you had for her.

Hugs Becca.❤️

Having the love of a pet is a beautiful and lovely thing, as is pouring one's own love into a pet. I love cats as they have so much character and a certain power that I feel deep inside me. I have loved all of my cats, including my current one who brings me so much joy and happiness it's difficult to actually comprehend or explain.

Losing them is terrible and losing Bella Neve in the way we did destroyed me and I've never quite recovered.

Becca 🌷

The way she was taken away from you was very ugly... and it's harder to make that duel.

I understand the connection, it has happened to me and it happens to me, especially with Catalina, who is more fearful but she looks at me and knows everything about me, everything.

It is a very painful feeling when anyone or anything get away get emotionally attached to anythjng

Yes it is, and my connection with cats is very strong, they just need to talk, although I think they do it in their own way.❤️

I gotta say this post is by far the most moving I have read as of late. And @galenkp has posted a few that gave me this same sort of response. The lump in the throat. The huffing of panicked breathing fighting back the fearfulness of these emotions.

As I have told my virtual brother from another. And will tell you now. I see this, what you and he and so many others have gone thru. I see it in my future. The loss of Sammi Jo terrifies me.

The moment I fell in love with Samantha Jo

Pets become so much a part of our lives, differently than other human beings do, and losing them can be so very tragic. we bring them into our lives knowing we will probably outlive them and that the pain of losing them will be overwhelming but would we choose to avoid it by not having them? I wouldn't because the fact we've shared our lives with them is something special.

I find it difficult to relate to people who say they don't like cats, pets in general, and would and could never be with a man who said so. I think you understand that, and what having these little creatures in our lives truly means.

Thank you for responding to my post, it's lovely to hear from you.

Becca 🌷

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It feels very sad when what we love goes away or disappears. but here I still don't understand the words your cat was taken. Does that mean your cat died or your cat was taken by a bad person or thief?

My cat died.

Becca 🌷

Yay! 🤗
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