Hahahaha...The Sandman. It's a good thing I have seen the seriess, so I know why you think the "Dream Stalker" came up.

Exactly for that. Anyways, I know G-dog always has good topics. It's an interesting thinking exercise.

Get your head in the game. 😜 I look forward to your entry, you never disappoint.

Well, my entry is done. Scheduled for tomorrow. I'm on this 31-day content challenge with a lot of other Venezuelans and we are on day 12 today. But I've learnt to work ahead of time so I can keep up. I don't know of you'd like it but I went full geek on my answer 😂

Mr. Organised. 😎

Ha, ha, ha, ha. I was about time I started to organize some things. You know, tomorrow isn't promised. 😉😎

I do the same mate. I have posts written sometimes a week in advance, depending on what it is. I write three in a day sometimes and sit them in drafts. The next two weeks of #weekend-engagement topics are done and dusted, for example.

I see. Well, you're a busy man. Don't think there's any other way of doing it!