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All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.

- T. E. Lawrence -

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If you're looking for something to write about over the weekend take a look below for the options and if you feel like doing a post use my community, WEEKEND EXPERIENCES . If you follow the rules below you'll be eligible for some possible rewards on Monday and might get called out as a top post of the week.

The concept guidelines to follow

▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️

  • The first tag must be #weekend-engagement
  • Post in WEEKEND EXPERIENCES community (no cross-posting)
  • Follow community rules - ENGLISH only (not bilingual)
  • Closes 08:30 UTC Monday 15th August (google UTC)

Note: If your post doesn't meet the criteria above it will not be eligible and no reminders will be issued - Read this post carefully and get it right.

Select something from below to write about

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❇️ The hidden camera

You can place a hidden camera, microphone and recording device in any room on the planet for twenty four hours, in the past, present or future, what room to do you place it in and why?

❇️ Finish the sentence (option one)

Below is the beginning of a sentence which you need to finish. Explain what the thing is and why you answered as you did.

  • "The one thing I will never regret in my life is..."

❇️ Dream stalker

What if you had the ability to enter other people's dreams and alter or influence them. Is there a person whose dreams would you enter, how would you influence it and why?

❇️ Finish the sentence (option two)

Below is the beginning of a sentence which you need to finish. Explain what the thing is and why you answered as you did.

  • "I don't understand people who..."

Be creative - Show effort - Be interesting

▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️

Curation may happen, but only on quality original content that meets the concept guidelines above and the community rules. This is a chance to showcase yourself to the entire community and to find and build new relationships. If you want to be curated, bring your best!

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind

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Oh my gosh! That's an interesting topics this week. I spotted what's mine to write this weekend. You always amazed us how flexible and range of the topic so that it would be different. Have a nice weekend sir!

I hope you enjoy choosing and writing on one of these prompts and all the best for the weekend.

I am looking forward to seeing what you would come up with. You are an amazing writer.

Here we go again! Weekends topics are here finally - sounds like interesting topics!

Good luck to all and Happy weekend!

Here we go again! I wonder the amazing things, maybe crazy too, that people will come up with.

Yea exactly, looking forward to see crazy stuff!

Wow. I've been lurking around this community since today. And now the topics are here. Tough topics to choose from I must say, but I'm definitely finishing one sentence here.

Quick question @galenkp how do you come up with such topics? Must be a difficult task for you.

I know right? I have been eager to see the topics for this week, and now they are here. They really are tough topics to pick from as they are all intresting ones.

I would like to finish a sentence, but I more interested in stalking someone's dream. I want to explore that concept. Sounds like the movie, Incepetion, and somehow like the new series, The Sandman.

I am also crurious to know how he comes up with such brilliant topics; topics that spur creativity.

Stalking? Nice idea trust me I've done that before because with the topics here you got to keep reading on interesting answers from people.
And how he comes up with topics are worth studying. If I could come up with topics like this then definitely I'm not going to run out of things to write here. ✌️

Really, you have written on dream stalking before? Well, it is finishing a sentence for you then.

Exactly the best thing with this community. There so many great topics that give very good ideas.

how do you come up with such topics? Must be a difficult task for you.

It's magic, and only other wizards can know my secrets.


Wizard Galenkp it is then

Some people say I look like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings...I'm more like Harry Potter though.


Would it be Galen the Gray? Galen the Green? 🤣

I'm a delectable mocha-colour so G-dog the Mocha.


Wizards. 😂
Mind if I join the coven.

Do you look like this?

I can probably get a makeover.

That'll work.

Topics to look forward to this weekend.
Gosh, I love this community.
I wish you all a weekend full of inspiration and creativity.

That makes two of us, and many others that have come to love this community too.

A great way to channel one's creativity alongside unwinding during the weekend.

Hey mate, happy weekend too, I look forward to seeing you around.

Another weekend engagement!! Yey! So exciting. I think I have to create a blog for this one coz I wanna answer something there. Hihi.

Best of luck to those who will join!! ❤️🥰

All the best for the weekend, I hope it is a good one.

I think many will join hihihi. Actually this is pretty interactive. Hihi

These topics are intere…
Oops! I probably should go for a “Finish the Sentence” option.

Hahahaha... I see what you did there.
Go for it!!

😆Ha ha!! Which topic would you choose?

I was thinking Dream Stalker, but now I am considering I do not understand the people...

I think that would be funnier.

Haha! Yes, that could be funnier. I got caught up over the weekend. Not sure I’ll get to make the post but I look out for some posts. 😃

There are sure going to be many funny posts this weekend. I am already seein some.
I do hope you get to make your post. Finish your sentence is an interesting one to join in too.

I am sure the

😂Haha! You’re right. I love the idea of finishing sentences. It can bring so many twist and turns to the

I was hoping to find your entry. But I guess you did not. I already did. I went for finish your sentence.

If I was entering it would be my choice also.

What can I say? Thank you, sir. Thank you... You didn't have to but really, thank you. I already know which one to answer and let me get right to it.

Let me guess. "I do not understand the people who..."

Either way, I am curious to see what you will come up with, @olawalium.

You absolutely guessed right 😂😂🤣😂🤣 wow.


There are many types of people where we are from, and we usually understand their motives for behaving or acting in some type of way.

So yeah, that was going to be my guess.

EDIT: There are many types of people where we are from, and we usually do not understand their motives for behaving or acting in some type of way.

🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂 that's impressive. I actually picked that on purpose based on what he posted earlier that day before he posted the contest.

😁Thank you... I hope you read the mistake I made in that comment and understand that I actually meant there. I have now editted it

Ohhh...I think I should go on to check out his other posts. I will like to get the full context.

Absolutely noted, my brother.

Please try and read it. He titled it Tethered.

Oh Oh, that one. I have acutally read it. If you go back and check the comments, you will find that he and I have acutally spoken at length on that subject.

He is quite and intelligent man, I must say.

I look forward to your entry.

Thank you, sir.

I thinknt G-dog is a fan of The Sandman and wanted to ride the wave if popularity with these topics. I totally love them. Gonna get my head into crafting something interesting. Good topics right here like every week!

Hahahaha...The Sandman. It's a good thing I have seen the seriess, so I know why you think the "Dream Stalker" came up.

Exactly for that. Anyways, I know G-dog always has good topics. It's an interesting thinking exercise.

Get your head in the game. 😜 I look forward to your entry, you never disappoint.

Well, my entry is done. Scheduled for tomorrow. I'm on this 31-day content challenge with a lot of other Venezuelans and we are on day 12 today. But I've learnt to work ahead of time so I can keep up. I don't know of you'd like it but I went full geek on my answer 😂

Mr. Organised. 😎

Ha, ha, ha, ha. I was about time I started to organize some things. You know, tomorrow isn't promised. 😉😎

I do the same mate. I have posts written sometimes a week in advance, depending on what it is. I write three in a day sometimes and sit them in drafts. The next two weeks of #weekend-engagement topics are done and dusted, for example.

I see. Well, you're a busy man. Don't think there's any other way of doing it!

Those are some interesting topics to write about. Yey, i might join in this one and this will be my first time to join.

OK, just make sure you follow the entry guidelines.

Go for it!

It will be your first time, but it will sure not be your last time, trust me. You will be amazed at the fun you will have will coming up with something, and as well reading other creative authors.

This is impressive! It's out of the box topics. I'll try to think of something and if I come out with something good, expect me to join

I'll look out for your entry.

Always out-of-the-box topics from G-dog.

I trust you to come up with something creative as the topics are really interesting ones, as always.
Let's do this!

Thanks! I'll try to do my best hoping it will has your admiration guys

Nice! I am tempted to pick two options from all these and write on them, is that allowed? Thank you very much Sir for these interesting topics

Hmmmm... I wonder if this is allowed. But they all seem contradictory to one another. Will merging two work? Well, who knows what could come out of it?

You can actually combine the option one and two of finish the sentence

Oh, wow.

Very nice!

You can combine two if you like.

Thank you Sir 😊

"The Hidden Camera" totally cracked me up upon sighting it. I immmediately thought of the crazy and funny things many of us do in certain places at certain times. This week's edition will sure be interesting.

However, I will not be going for that topic. I will cringe so much at what I will come up with. Instead, I will be going to "Dream Stalker". Have you seen the movie, Inception? I sure would want to influence someone through their dreams.

Let's go!

I'm hoping someone chooses the hidden camera one and makes me laugh with their entry.

But you're a dream stalker huh? Ok then, I will see what you come up with. Good luck. (Yes, I've seen Inception. A good movie.)

There are bound to be many things to laugh about on the "HIdden Camera" topic this weekend.

Ohh thanks for this, I gonna make my entry for this week 😊

Great, I hope you also have a good weekend.

I think I'll answer two questions this time.
When I read about the hidden camera a lot of ideas came to me, although I don't know if I can reproduce them in writing without it looking too hot.

The second question I liked is finishing the sentence, there I will get more serious with my answer.

Lol ok, although you can give the camera one a go and let the blockchain deal with the hotness you know. 🤣

Hmm...would have to be hotter than that I think.

In my journey with this experience [WE114] @galenkp

Hugs for you like every weekend.


Hello wonderful community!

Here I bring you my participation for WE-114, I hope it will be to everyone's liking.


Gif Ger Cara Verde.gif

Very good proposals to encourage the community to write, I am ready to start reading the creative proposals of my colleagues, here I present my entry:
Happy weekend!.

The topics are great , @galenkp thanks for this topics. Now is which to write on😃

Yay!!, time to get the pen on the paper, gazing through I finally found which to choose.😁😁

Greetings, everyone
Hope you had a productive week. Wish you all a restful weekend
My two cents to this Weekend-Engagement

Another weekend 🤝😁
Let’s do this!!

Lol, that gives me Inception ideas. Hahaha. Oh well. Hope I remember to submit an entry this time.

Happy day to all, some very interesting questions as always, here I leave my participation. Thank you.

If you should no longer put the link of the post in the comments please let me know @galenkp , thank you very much.


I don't mind people putting their entry link into the announcement post, but it isn't necessary as I check the community regularly.

😊 My question is because when I commented I could not see the other links due to internet load failures and I got scared thinking that they had changed the rules of the community. Thanks

It was good, yes.

The only thing...Your translator changes the gender...Your post says a lot of her and she instead of he and him.

Unfortunately there is no better translator, I only speak and write in Spanish 🤷🏻

It's no worries, the post still reads well.

This is the reason I don't like translators and rarely try to translate English to Spanish, or any other language. If the translation doesn't work out well it can make me look like an idiot, and only an idiot would think I'm an idiot.

In the case of Nona and Mascarita they are female cats, but Brandon was male.
Latinos always use Deepl translator, I've already seen them correct other users, but it's a bit complicated when you don't understand the language. It's frustrating, I hope you understand this 🤦🏻.

I always make allowances for the fact translators make a mess of things sometimes, I don't penalise people for it.

I know my English only rule annoys people (Spanish speakers only actually, as no one else has ever complained), and can make it a little difficult, but I'd rather see English with a few errors here and there than bilingual posting.

Rest assured that no one is penalised when the translator is at fault.

I have an idea for the hidden camera bit, I just hope I don’t get trailed for my entry 😆

Lol, be bold, the time for timidity has passed.

Lol okay and whatever happens, you and the community got me right?

Lol. Indeed, you know it.

Hi, what an interesting proposal, my friend @galenkp I would love to participate 🤗 In the post I make can I answer all the proposals you raise or should I just choose one and develop it?

You can only do one post entry and if you want to answer all writing suggestions you can, I would recommend against it though.

Perfect 👌 Got it 🤗 Thanks! @galenkp

Hello, I am new to this community and I saw it and I would like to participate in this great initiative.

I leave you my participation happy weekend it is my first publication here any correction please participate me 🙈.


Greetings community, a pleasure to share with you this weekend, my entry, I hope it is to your liking.

This commitment is a real challenge. I'll start writing something to participate right away. Greetings to all. 🤗

Great prompts... I just don't have any creative drive at the moment. Maybe just feeling a bit low.

Maybe just feeling a bit low.

Donuts and coffee, works every time.

Seriously though, I hope you're able to turn it around and feel better.

Yeah, i will do when I can figure out what the f is wrong with me. Tests etc next week x

Hmm ok, well all the best for that, I know the not knowing can make things feel worse. We'll connect a bit later and elsewhere once you know ok?

Wow, I really enjoyed doing this, I hope you can enjoy reading my post


And I was waiting to see what pictures you would ask for this week hahaha still, as always, good topics.

I became emotional while reading the questions as I remember life events and people on the past.

It's ok to be emotional, it helps bring us closer to those people and the moments we shared with them.

Oh my, those were some interested topics to write about.
I will try to use "Finish the sentence (option one)" to write something up.

Wow interesting topics I think I'll go with the second topic.

Thank you so much for the wise questions Sir. I was always interested with the engagement but it is my first time to join and try on the weekend-engagement content as follows.


Another great weekend topics..
Happy weekend and good luck to all participants.

At last the internet let me post the link to my publication, I hope to be on time @galenkp



Greetings to all on this beautiful night, here I will leave my entry to the wonderful initiative of @galenkp I hope you like it, kisses to all.

Posted mine an hour ago 😊 Thank you

Yes, I saw it...Although you didn't follow the guidelines and I'm no longer giving notice of that because I just don't have the time.

Is it about the first tag? The last time I put it at first my post wasn't posted on the community so I opted to put the name of the community as the first tag instead. I edited it just now..

When I'm looking for #weekend-engagement concept entries in the community, I only ever look for the tag which is why I ask that it's the first tag. I used to take the time to let people know if they had done it incorrectly, but I just don't have the time to do so and would rather spend my time doing other more enjoyable things. If people can't follow the three guidelines I set in the announcement post then it's on them.

Glad that I still made it to post my entry this afternoon hihih.🌝

Thanks @galenkp good idea, everyone more creative looking for the title. Greetings.