Numbers and colors of my life, for Weekend-Engagement topics: Week 191

As I used to add candles to my birthday cake many years ago, I began to realize that in life, you are either lucky or you are unlucky.

A lucky number, a charm, a 4-leaf clover, lottery... Is just a medium through which a lucky person represents what he has been given in life...


When I was a high school student, the arrangement of surnames in the school diary:
12 Zivalje...
13 Zivoji...
14 Jankov...
secured for me a respectable 13th place.

My friends teased me at first, that I got a unhappy number, but, as it turns out, all four years of my high school education, that number 13, was my lucky number.
Although I didn't need it, because I was a good student, but sometimes it meant, when the professors called us to answer in front of the blackboard...
Never, in all 4 years, did any of them call number 13.
They called me by my last name, but never by my number.
And that's why this number remained in my interesting memory.
I don't have any favorite numbers, so I could define this number as a favorite... 13


When @Gelnkp set the #weekendengagement topic on Friday, 2/2, I immediately knew which date of the year was my least favorite.
That 2.02.
Why i don't like "2"?
That day in February my father passed away 🥲

It's not nice when you're second, in sports, at work, in love... You lost first place.
When I was in the army, when we did something wrong, they knew how to command "Leave", "Again" or just "two".

That's why I can safely say that number two is my least favorite number.
And let the "Unhappy" number 13 be my favorite 🙂


And as for my favorite color?

When I was younger, while it was very important to me that every pattern on my wardrobe was color-coordinated, I loved dark shades the most.
Not black (although I also like the color black, I don't consider it a bad color, even black cats are my favorite🙂)

or dark grey, but dark navy blue and dark purple.
Those wardrobe colors look good on me, because I have a light hair...
And besides the wardrobe, I also like those colors in my environment, for example in my bedroom.


I still remember today...
The summer of 1994.
For 100 German marks at the time, I bought a pair of Levi's Strauss jeans.
The model was 524 color Dark blue.
How well that model fit me (which is not surprising, because I weighed 20 kg less than today 😂)...
And that color... My favorite...
I wore those jeans until they fell apart. I washed them when I got home and dried them on the radiator or with an iron, just so I could put them on again in the morning... The dark blue color remained stable and fit me well as long as I wore them...

I searched later for that model and that color, but to no avail.
And even if I had found them, they probably would not have been my favorites as they were then, when I was a young man.


And so, as a conclusion of this topic, a beautiful 13 on a dark nave blue background.

Thank you for stopping by my post and I hope you enjoyed the story I shared with you


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