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Habits change into character.

- Pūblius Ovidius Nāsō (Ovid) -

Over the last ninety weeks I've engaged in the habit of posting a topic, or set of topics for people in the community to get engaged with. This week the (WE90) Weekend-Engagement POSTING TOPICS is about habits and, considering I don't usually make a habit of responding to my own posting topics, I thought I would this week.

ONE: Name and explain some of your personality quirks, strange habits or oddities
  • I don't like hot food touching cold food on my plate. This began as a practical thing so the cold food (salads) wouldn't get warmed up by the hot. Oddly, I'm ok with hot and cold touching in a burger or wrap and desserts, like hot apple pie and ice cream. I'm weird.

  • I wear a surgical glove when filling my vehicle with diesel. This started because diesel fuel sticks to everything including the bowser nozzle and if it gets on my hand it gets on everything I touch, and it stinks. I have a pile of gloves in the console of my vehicles and use one every time. I get a few strange looks but I administer a death stare smile and nod back because I don't give a fuck what people think.

  • I chew ice cream; it just feels right. This habit only happens when I'm eating ice cream from a spoon, if licking it from a cone, then I lick not chew. (Ok, I chew a little bit.)

  • When I really concentrate on something my tongue pokes out a little to one side of my mouth. This is a family thing. My grandfather did it as do others in my family like my niece and nephew. Don't ask me why this happens, some things are unexplainable.

Two: Acquire a habit overnight - Which habit and why?
  • I'd like to acquire the habit of waking up earlier, taking an hour-long walk and enjoying a healthy bacon and eggs on toast breakfast every morning before work. It would mean getting out of bed at 05:00, something I did for many years back in my past (and hated), however it was a magnificent thing as I managed to get so much done! The problem is that I don't go to sleep until about 23:30 or so and a few days of only five hours of sleep would probably result in someone getting murdered on my nerves very quickly, so I sleep in until 06:30 to save lives save relationships.
Three: What habit of someone else's have I observed and like or don't like?
  • In the topic announcement post linked above I said I don't like loud eaters. You know, when people chew like cows and all sorts of noise results? I can't stand it. Also, I hate seeing someone eat with their mouth open. I have no desire to see someone's half masticated food still rolling around in their gaping maw.

  • I hate it when I'm on the phone the person I'm talking to gets an incoming call and puts me on hold to answer it. Hang on, aren't I important enough to make you want to leave the other call? I fucken hang up.

  • I like people showing courtesy and respect to others. I saw this only today when a young girl, maybe twenty, held the door for an older lady and waited whilst she placed her coffee order despite being in the line for a few minutes before the older lady arrived. Courtesy, respect and kindness are excellent, and attractive, habits to display.

Four: Cast a spell and bestow a habit upon someone else.
  • The person I would cast this spell upon is my former business partner who decided all of my company's money (my money) would look better in his own bank account. The result was I lost my company and about a million dollars and it put me back twenty five years financially. I'm going to bestow three habits on this person.

  • Excessive and compulsive bum crack itching. I mean, like ass itching all the time, digging right in there like the guy is fucken mining for ass-gold.

  • Excessive and compulsive nose picking. I'm talking about index finger all the way to the second knuckle, even if there's no boogers to pick.

  • Excessive and compulsive ball scratching. I don't mean the standard shift that men simply have to do (trust me girls, it's essential). I mean going deep, like mining for bitcoin, or should I say ballcoin, deep.

  • Further to these three habits I'm going to magic up a time frame and combine all three habits into the one moment, consecutively. So, every five minutes, for the rest of his life, he's going to mine for ass-gold, second-finger-knuckle-it up his schnoz for boogers, then immediately dig for ballcoin as he scratches at his groin with abandon.

  • My reason for this is so that no one takes him seriously ever again. No one falls for his lies, egotistical, hubris-loaded, corrupt and greedy nature. I'd say a person that does those three thigs above every five minutes of the day would be someone others would avoid.

Five: Removed a habit
  • I used to be the kid who did stupid things which usually resulted in pain and humiliation. Often my coconuts took the brunt of it. Someone would say, I bet you can't do that, or would challenge me in some way and I'd be like, fuck you, stand back and watch. Fortunately I managed to get rid of the habit although, that, never quit, never shy away from difficult things ethos stayed with me and later in life served me well. I'm proud of my ability to apply persistence, consistency and effort to difficult things. But...back as a kid I was just dumb.

  • Here's some links to posts I've done about some stupid things I did:

Fire Boy, Ugly Tree, Roller Skate, Pegasus Bike, Ball Sports and The Pool

So, there you have it, responses to my own topic prompts for the (WE90) Weekend-Engagement POSTING TOPICS. Follow the link to the topics post and guidelines if you would like to enter.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind


Temperature segregating food on a plate makes sense, because some of the cold food will go weird (wilt etc) if it warms up too much. Not worry about it in mixed food like a burger is also fine because they're designed to work together. So not weird at all ;P

The concentrating tongue thing is cute XD and definitely much friendlier than the death glare I apparently give things when I'm really concentrating.

I'd not want to experience your death glare...well, maybe just once as I like to know stuff...but then, nah, feel free to glare in other directions. And yep, the concentration-tongue...I've been told it's cute, but also picked on it as well...I don't care though, it's not like I can stop doing it.

May your ex partner spend his life wrist deep in every orifice he owns, now that's something I can get behind. We got any sorcerer's on here that accept ballcoin?

Lol...I'm hoping to find a Harry Potter wand and to making this spell happen! And yeah, ballcoin...Look out bitcoin it's comin' at ya!

That's one hell of a spell you wish to cast on a person.
I'm sorry about your company, I pray better things come your way. Amen.

Yeah, and that spell is me being kind. 😁

I laugh about it now, but at the time it was quite terrible and it has fundamentally changed my life. I learned many things though, and am a better person so it's all good.

This is good to hear. I'm very glad this single experience didn't change you in a bad way. I know people who would have chosen the path of unkindness because after all, someone else treated them badly.
Well done!

know people who would have chosen the path of unkindness

It was my intention. I was going to do something very terrible...Fortunately I decided against it.

well, guess this is one of my short list blogs when on to check out when possible but this is a goooood post and you sir made a wise choice imho as I had something very similar happen and in spite of the usual b.s. that makes you want to both facepalm and eyeroll I wind up just going high when others go low... being nice doesn't cost a thing.
I seriously feel you on some of this but I don't do the Harry Potter stuff and won't HOWEVER if I got a superpower to do something it would be for people to just be nicer to others and not creepy.
It's sooooo effing easy to stay off the straight and narrow but there's a nice and easier way to be and having learned (repeatedly unfortunately), the whole "Don't be a twatwaffle method is doing me well." @didiee right up there gets the whole hurt people hurt people but yeah mang, sometimes it's best just to allow others a prayer slot in my prayer list because life is short and I have f*cking long Covid on top of whatever other inflammation crap and chronic other crap is going on at any given point.
axey and also am learning to let that shit go (now only to get a bidet and flush 3 times to waste water, joking) sorry for the rant, it happens much like aforementioned sh1t!

I don't do the prayer thing, I prefer direct thoughts then action as I find better results. Oh, and on the people being nice to each other comment. It seems humans find it difficult to do that mostly. I wonder why.

I sorta just yell at the cosmos is a better way to say it or just listen to Binaural Beats and pretend am in some Shangri-La and oh yeah on the humans being nice thing which is why I shoved it there because some people sell out for a freaking buck but ce la vie.
It's like people wondering if things are rigged or something, yeah like a ton of banking and GASP...dpos at times perhaps? Anyhow, joined up on this community and have some of my own but stopped posting posts over half a year ago. Kinda think some of them are funny af but then forget that fun and humor or a sharp little insight isn't exactly loved, lulz but also :( okay shutting up now but the estrogens have me pissy the last couple days (can't imagine why) Bless my husband, he's getting to deal with me eating way too much chocolate lately and also kimchi at times because that makes sense!

It's a maniacal laugh though (I'm almost sure) not a funny haa haa laugh.

Maniacal laughs can be ok.

I also hate cold food touching hot food! I usually build a little Berlin wall to protect the cold food from getting touched haha. Chewing ice cream is a bit weird though, also my fillings would jump out of my mouth if I attempted that...

The say the Berlin wall came down but...it's alive and well on our plates!

Once one discovers the sheer enjoyment of ice cream chewing, one will never look back. But yes...there are hazards, like tooth fillings.

Is this an ongoing contest?

The #weekend-engagement posting topics launch every Friday and run over the weekend. So far it has run for ninety weeks and I have no intention of stopping it.

Hello, I couldn't resist commenting and I might join this super interesting topic. I can totally relate to chewing ice cream. I find melted ice cream gross, so I gobble it all up as fast as I could then brain freeze. That's the first time I hear of hot and cold food segregation but that's a cool quirk.

Sorry to hear about what happened with your former business partner. I couldn't help chuckling at the casted spells. May he eat loudly as well.

Oh damn it...I forgot to add loud-eating to that triumvirate of spells! 😀

It was a bad time for me...Lost everything but hey, I didn't die. I very nearly did something bad to him but I counted to ten...(well, more than that) and decided against it. I'm glad. It was a situation that helped shape me though and now...It only haunts me sometimes.

You've still got time to enter the WE90 thing but if you don't WE91 is out on Friday...I just wrote it. New topics...Some good ones I think.

Us, ice cream chewers need to stick together you know.

An experience with a trusted partner like that leaves a bad taste. That's great you took the high road.

Haha, I'm actually guilty of loud eating, but my mouth is closed always haha. It's a pet peeve of my husband's and I was able to change that habit by putting in effort and paying more attention when eating. Sometimes when unguarded it just pops up like an accent one tries to bury lol. Oh yes, ice cream chewers unite!

I'll try as long as there's power, the lights here are starting to flicker. So will hit the reply button now before that happens. 😁

Ice cream chewers unite...Loud eaters, stay as far away as possible! 🤣

All the best for the week ahead.

🤣😂😂 Wish you the same

You learn something new every day. Sometimes you learn many new things.

I think that guy deserves all of this and can we maybe add a few more? Being covered in glue and then rolled in beach sand, he'll never get rid of that and will keep pushing more into his crack, nose and balls - that can't be fun 😈

Lol at the pokey out tongue, lol I used to do this when working with very very small things like threading sewing needles.

Awesome post to read as usual Galen. Have a great Sunday

Sand-rolled...Damn it, I need to add that one in!

Ah yeah, the pokey tongue thing...It's not all bad, I mean, there's a time and place I guess. I copped a bit of shit over it though. I used to do it as I was setting up for a long range shot...I received many comments and much ribbing over it, mostly at inappropriate times. When taking the shot the tongue would retract though, and the send would (mostly) be flawless.

Thanks for reading. Have a good Sunday too. (Mine is over actually, off to bed soon...Bloody Monday's come too fast.)

Me right now, as I take 5 for Hive...


I am Only working 8 hours this Sunday. Or is it Monday already? Fuuuuuuuk meeeeee...

I miss week 9 WE...


Those were simple times. And I am a...

"Simple Man"


Simple man...Just needs hotdogs.

Let us give an ICE COLD MICH-ULTRA the equal time it deserves bro.!

I am so very happy you shared these with us and I feel I know you a bit better now....which is always a good thing in my book. I know you always hear "know thy enemy" but I have a fascination of wanting to know everything about my friends and those I admire.

I usually avoid hot (temperature-wise) food. I think it developed from needing to eat extremely quickly for whatever the reason throughout my life and warm or cold food can be eaten much faster than hot...lolol

Really, really great post and thanks again for sharing.

Lol...Warm food touching cold food still gets separated on my plate. 😂

I'm bonkers. I own it though.

Tha ks for having a read, it was fun to write this, I should respond to my own topics more often.

It's nice to read about the person and it's a shame what happened to you with that ex-partner, hopefully one day he will receive all the bad energies.

He may, or may not. I guess for me, I learned some things about myself and that's the only positive that came from it.

Hahahaha reading this makes me feel like I've known a bit more about you sir. I always enjoy reading from you.

I think I am the opposite... I lick from the bowl and then chew on the stick or cone for ice cream hahahaha.

I'm terrible with sleeping early. I don't sleep until 2am - 3am sometimes and then wake up around 8am or so... I still don't sleep in the afternoon or take nap. I think I have to do better.

How can I forget... You are one handsome man sir hahaha.

We're all just a bunch of nutbags and knuckleheads, in my case both. It's our little quirks and habits that make us unique I guess. Thanks for your comment and kind words.

Uniqueness...that's it... I agree to the title 🤣🤣😂🤣🤣 knuckleheads. We are indeed unique in our ways.

Stay knuckly. ✅


Wow, you have got a whole lot here @galenkp I did not even know we could answer all although I would just stick to just one for the meantime.

I used to be the kid who did stupid things which usually resulted in pain and humiliation. Often my coconuts took the brunt of it. Someone would say, I bet you can't do that, or would challenge me in some way and I'd be like, fuck you, stand back and watch. Fortunately I managed to get rid of the habit although, that, never quit, never shy away from difficult things ethos stayed with me and later in life served me well. I'm proud of my ability to apply persistence, consistency and effort to difficult things. But...back as a kid I was just dumb.

I very much could relate to this, then we just want to prove and show what we thought we were made of when nothing really was there to show of in the real sense.🤣

Kids do stupid things, I was no different. It happens to adults too.

Its understandable 😁😁

Oh my God. Your former partner ripped you off. Some people can sell their soul just for money. This is wickedness. Made me remember my late dad's former partner too. The funding they were expecting before my dad died, the money finally came and he told us he had to use the money to offset debts... I am talking about funding of about $200,000. He said he was owing my dad around $1,000 and that was what he gave us that day we visited the office because he knew we must have heard the funding came in. Some humans are terrible sir. I would add 3 more spell to the 3 you want to cast on your former partner 😹

Greed, ego and hubris are some of the most prevalent of human traits unfortunately. Most don't have the ability to control them.

It's really sad and disappointing but we have no control over how others would act. Greed consumes the one who allows it like you have said sir, most don't have the ability to control it.

I too hate loud eaters or shall I say cow eaters :)
Oh wait a minute...

And oh my God!😂 If this is how you treat your enemies? Then, remind me never to make you mad😂

So, every five minutes, for the rest of his life, he's going to mine for ass-gold, second-finger-knuckle-it up his schnoz for boogers, then immediately dig for ballcoin as he scratches at his groin with abandon

Goddamn! I can't stop laughing 😂
I'm sorry about your company and es partner though, hopefully good old karma catches up with him very soon (:

Also, a former habit you say huh?... So does this mean if I say:

Hey Galen! I bet you can't write a 1500 word essay about the importance of underwear

that you'd be comfortable with backing off or saying no?...

Common G-dog, you know you want to :)

I don't need much of a prompt to write 1500 words, although am trying to cut down to 1450 so won't take up the challenge.

I can respect that.

 2 years ago (edited) 

That 50 words make all the difference. 🤣

My son didn't like food touching each other when he was younger. When he got to be about 6, he graduated to not liking hot and cold touch. I had six brothers and two sisters... I ate it however it came. Not that we were uncivilized, just not too picky.

Even though your ex deserves it, I have to feel a little sorry for him!

Strange habit? Even If I am the last one to check the doors when coming in the house, I will recheck the door to make sure they are locked before I go to bed... You can do it, but I have to know it is done. Otherwise, I cannot sleep. OCD much? eyeroll

Eating with the mouth open is just revolting. I just cannot look.

Hi, Galen!

You feel sorry for my ex-business partner? I think, should you know the story, you would not.

We all have habits and some of them bad...Eating with one's moth open is pretty heinous though.

Anyway, I hope you've been well and continue in that way.

Even though your ex deserves it, I have to feel a little sorry for him!

I didn't mean, "poor man" but rather sorry that he is so stupid.

Well, he was smart in fact, stealing so much money from me, and my own company, wasn't something a stupid person could do. I've moved on, and the thoughts of murdering him have dissipated somewhat.