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The foolish are like ripples on water, For whatsoever they do is quickly effaced; But the righteous are like carvings upon stone, For their smallest act is durable.

- Horace -

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If you're looking for something to write about over the weekend take a look below for the options and if you feel like doing a post use my community, WEEKEND EXPERIENCES. Please ensure you follow the guidelines below.

Follow the guidelines for entry

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☑️ Use #weekend-engagement as the first tag so I can find your entry
☑️ Post in the WEEKEND EXPERIENCES community (no cross-posting)
☑️ Use photos you took where possible (it shows character and personality)
☑️ Follow all the community rules - Post in ENGLISH only (not multi-language)
☑️ Entries close at 06:30 UTC Monday 28 November (Link to UTC converter)

Select something from below to write about

➡️ There's Hive to win this week - bring your best effort! ⬅️

Don't write lengthy summaries of my questions to use up the word count - just write your post in answer to the question you choose to respond to.

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The what would you do weekend

You have to choose one item below (that you don't already know how to do) from the list below and begin to learn it this weekend. Explain your choice in at least 350 words. Do not write a fictional story, explain it from your point of view and thoughts.

  • Navigating with map and compass
  • Sailing a small sailing boat
  • Shooting a rifle, handgun or bow
  • Driving a rally car at speed
  • Knitting and sewing clothing
  • Growing fresh produce for consumption
  • Providing first aid

Weekend perception change

If you could see things from someone else's perception for this weekend, who would you choose and why. How do you think that experience may change you moving forward? Answer in at least 400 words and from your point of view, not a fictional story.

Weekend law breaker

When, if ever, is it ok to break the law and would you personally do so? Explain your answer in at least 400 words. No fictional stories in response.

Weekend hot spot

Showcase your favourite weekend hot spot. It could be a coffee shop, café, burger-joint, bar, pub, bakery or any place where food and drinks are served. Explain why you like it in at least 400 words. Any photos you use in this post must be ones you personally took and must be of the actual place you're writing about.

Be creative - Show personality - Be interesting

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Curation may happen, but only on quality original content that meets the concept guidelines above, and the community rules. This is a chance to showcase yourself to the entire community and to find and build new relationships.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind

Any image(s) in this post are my own and are not for your use


Factual weekend questioning the inner-thinking, line up is interesting in communicating what one would actually do in different circumstances.

@tipu curate

We'll see what people make of it huh?

Finding true North vs North! 😇

This weekend topics are like gonna wake up to Reality out of fiction.

That's Good. I found it very interesting! Looking forward to see what's coming from hivers.

Happy weekend to you sir!

Happy weekend to you also.

Great and diverse themes of this experience Galen, I have already made my choice in the best style for this weekend engagement.

I'll look out for it over the weekend. Happy weekend.

Another interesting concept.
I wish we could break the law. Of course, we can. But expect the consequences..

There's always consequences, the trick is to know if the reward trumps the risk I guess.

Hello po, im newbie here sir. I joined only this week im only 13 years old and im interested to post in your community this is my first time here. I choose The what would you do weekend question because one of the topic is my lesson! I will explain more in my article that I am going to write!..sorry if my English is not perfect thank you po..God bless🙏😇

Hi there, make sure you follow all the guidelines for eligibility ok? If you have any questions let me know. You don't need to rush your entry, you have all weekend.

It's always engaging, interesting, entertaining and highly educating here every weekend. Why shouldn't I want to be like the one I so much admire and for this weekend I break the law while diving from a Rolls Royce on 120km/h. I came in peace.
Happy weekend

Rolls Royce, I think you mean.

Yes. I have edited it thanks.

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Yet again, awesome topics! I want to answer about five of them but I'll whittle it down to just one :)

Five? Ye gods! You're a glutton for weekend-engagishment.

I've actually already written two, another three couldn't hurt right? Fab topics. Love them.

Only two? #WTBF

Shooting with a rifle, pistol or bow and sailing on a small sailboat

These are the activities that suit me

I don't know how to sail a boat, seems like fun.

A lot to think about when choosing, however I was struck by the theme of what another person perceives, here is my input:


Best regards and happy weekend.

Thanks, have a good weekend.

A big hello to everyone in the community.
Here is my participation for Week 129:


Happy weekend mate. Have a good on.

A great one you have put together for people to enjoy... Please why am I getting a downvote from you please what have I done wrong for that please.. I will like to know to amend from that please 😭

Have you ever asked someone who upvoted you why they did so?

No, I haven't. And why please??

I would like to know why you asked this, probably I can improve on what ever it is that is causing the downvote

Greetings, joining this community. I look forward to familiarizing myself with the rules and participating 👋😃🎉

Excellent. The guidelines are simple.

Keep in mind the #weekend-engagement concept is a weekend thing run separately from the community itself. It is designed to create more activity on the weekends and has a start and end time each week.

You can post into the community any day of the week though, as long as the content is weekend-focused. There is a community posting guide. https://peakd.com/hive-168869/@galenkp/the-weekend-community-a-posting-guide

Thank you very much for your reply and help, I will read and familiarize myself, grateful.

I like people who show gratitude; it shows good character.

Thank you, thank you 😁

Greetings hivers, especially those who enjoy sharing weekend experiences. Wow diversity of choices, in proposal for weekend engagement. Ideas are popping up and fluttering in my mind, need to sort and decide. See you soon. May your weekend be welcoming and revitalizing.

I hope you have a great weekend also. 😊

Thank you very much for your good wishes 👋😊

"Weekend hot spot..."

I think this is the one for me. This upside down world (country) has just taken my fave bistro away from me.

So I will mourn it's passing with a W.E. post.

That's a bummer, not that you're doing a post, that the place is gone. I think a final homage to it is a good idea.

Very good options for this weekend. No fiction, that's great.


Good day! Yehey, here's my entry ... this is my first time joining this weekend engagement here in this community. God bless everyone.

sono molti i temi e anche molto importanti, ancora non ho deciso nulla, bel post comunque!!

I try to keep the topics interesting and whilst they don't appeal to everyone, there's usually something a person can choose to write about.

I almost forgot about this one but I found a topic for tomorrow so I hope it's not late to join in .
It's just great to read one from one's perspective and not a fiction..

I saw it.

Hello, thank you very much for your attention. Appreciated your notification 👋😃

Cordial greetings to all, the weekend is almost over. I wish you a successful and productive happy week.
Here is my participation for this meeting:

Thanks, I'll go and take a look.

Too bad I'm late to read this. I have experienced breaking the law before that I wanted to share, but I'm already running out of time. Ehe!

Anyways,I will join next time 😅

There's always this Friday. New topics.