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It takes more than just a good looking body. You've got to have the heart and soul to go with it.

- Epictetus -


Today marks the end of something, not just the working week, but the end of a situation that has taken a good deal of time to play out - Looking back, I'd not change anything about it as I've learned some things, changed who I am for the better and know that moving forward will be easier better an opportunity to improve upon myself and my life even further...but sure, it's the end of the working week too, and that means it's topics time.

If you'd like to get involved with the #weekend-engagement topics as hosted in the WEEKEND EXPERIENCES community then read below, and I hope you all have a great weekend.

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  • Have you ever spent a weekend in bed, at home or in hospital, through illness or health issues or have you had to care for someone who has? Explain what happened. Remember to use your own photos.

  • Weekend zombie apocalypse: Who would you like on your team and why? (This can be anyone alive today or from history.) Remember to use your own photos.

  • Are you organised or unstructured on the weekends? Tell us which, explain and give examples. Remember to use your own photos.


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woah zombie apocalypse seems like a fun one.

It could be, it'll be up to those who decide to tackle that topic. If no one does...maybe I'll do it myself.

Have a good weekend.

im sure there will be some people. there was a phase where zombie / survival type of end of the world shows were really popular

Thank you I will have a great weekend will be a volunteer at a charity event. will probably write about that and tie it in with the structure . just wondering if it can be a mix of both cuz sometimes im spontaneous but if theres things happening well i cant really be unorganized right i gotta show up on time and stuff

As long as the post aligns strongly with the topics and follows the guidelines the author can be as creative as they like.

I see glad you're flexible with this haha . thanks~

Opened ended for all the enjoy thanks G!

@tipu curate

Easy topics this week.

Have a great weekend Joan. 🤗

Loadshedding our next couple of levels up again, won't see as many SAffers around with this ridiculous band of cadres ruling our land.....

That's disconcerting I'm sure. It's such a shame there's a bunch of incompetent, selfish, criminals running the country...it could be so great over there, only...they don't let it preferring to feather their own nests I suppose.

"No Comment" when it comes to what is happening here, still so tribal it's rediculous all vying to steal more from the citizens, no shame! Don't worry the Chinese will rule, then they will cry for the old colonial...

I agree with you, the reckoning will come...for many countries...and then the old ways won't look so bad after all.

Moral standing with discipline go a long way, no excuse about what/where you from that is a hoax most times.

I'm looking forward to your update, and it's finally here! TGIF! 👏

However, reading your earlier statement made it seem like there might be some situation going on with you. But I'm sure that no matter what situation you're facing, you know how to handle it.🤗

It's all good...just life doing what life does. I hope you're well and that you have a good weekend.

I'm good. It's just that this Friday was a bit slow for me, probably because it rained all day.

I couldn't even go to the Friday night market because of the rain.

How's the weather over there? Has the winter season started?

Winter? Australia is coming into summer not winter. It'll be very hot until April 2024 now, although today was only 25 degrees.

Oh really? My bad. Haha. 🤭

I thought that when Christmas is near, all the countries with a winter season will be in winter. I forgot that the earth is round and rotating.

🤪 I didn't know what got into me today.

Australia is in the southern hemisphere which means the seasons are reversed from those experienced in the northern hemisphere.

Yes, that's right. That's something I didn't even consider. 🤭

If I spend a zombie weekend .... I'll need someone who shoots guns haha or someone who has a bunker. The first option has happened to me several years ago. I'll think about which one I choose.... very interesting topics Galen, thanks!

Good luck with your choice and have a good weekend.

Still thinking... but it will be very good.

Have a great weekend!!!

I hope that the approaching end will be positive and if not, as you say, it is a source of learning.

We are here for you... LoL

Making lemonade out of lemmons? I wish you everything of the best for the days to come. What's in store for the weekend? are you the planner type!? Or the chilled out type?

I'm both really, I like to plan out some things, gives me something to look forward to and, of course, some things need planning to occur. I also don't plan things and make it up as I go. I guess it all depends on my mood, the weather, the activities I'd like to do, other commitments and so on.

Today I have no plans, but woke up and decided I'd go for a hike. Tomorrow I have lawn mowing to do, some other chores, and may go to the movies and see Napoleon. Maybe. Things could change.

I can be very structured, there is a time and place for that, and very loose and unstructured also...there's a time and place for that too. Whatever I do though, I do with passion.

I hope you have a good weekend planned.

Sounds good. Life requires a fair amount of planning, but planning every details to the T is not be as well. So get what you are saying, this is not a black and white area, more of a grey area, for me as well.

Good weekend ahead. And how was Vegas last weekend?

I have absolutely nothing planned today. But I like, on sick so plan to do absolutely nothing. The boss is being quite sweet and giving me lots of cuddles to help me feel better.

Tomorrow I have a birthday thang, so that's about it. Maybe I will squeeze some work in on account of being not very productive yesterday.

Yeah, I like being flexible and spontaneous, it adds a little adventure I guess, but there's a time for a schedule, timetable, regimented behaviours as well and I don't just mean in business; I bring a degree of discipline to my professional and personal life and credit that for the success I've achieved (and about a million other things I did to achieve it.)

Vegas was good, some hiccups but that was to be expected and I think next year the kinks will be ironed out and it'll be a lot better. Overall there are no complains from me.

Too bad you're not feeling well but it's good you've got a cuddle bunny there to administer some alternative healing techniques and that they're working. I tried to hug myself like that once, was feeling sick, ended up having a back spasm so couldn't break out of the hug - I looked like I was in an invisible straight jacket for three fucken days.

Ok, that didn't happen...or did it?

Have a good time at that birthday thing, I hope there's some good tucker (food) and don't worry about the work, take a break.

Absolutely true when he says he wouldn't change anything that has happened to me. Even the negative things that have happened to me in life have been part of the growth process and have made me grow.

I find the topics very thought-provoking and I intend to participate and try to give my opinion on them.

Thank you for bringing suggestive topics that often allow us to participate in this community.
Happy weekend. Cheers and greetings.

I'm glad you like the topics, I look forward to your entry. Have a nice weekend.

Hi Galen three interesting proposals, from the 1st and 3rd I have a lot of fabric to cut ufff...

Great, I look forward to seeing the post. Have a great weekend.

Thank You so much, Galen.

It was interesting to see the opposition to it, 64% being higher than I would have thought in a culture that has typically seen it as acceptable.

It's not something that happens here thankfully, although there's been cases where particular restaurants have been caught out for it, and closed down.

The culture has changed to the point that kids are called puppies and puppies are called children. The birthrate is super low. The fact is couples live together and raise a canine. Children stores are replaced with puppy and pet supply stores. People have different feelings about dogs than they had 20 years ago. The dog is now a member of the family not just a main dish.

As for the 36%, some of them are advocates of free speech, but most just got used to the old ways and don't want to change. This Christmas they will rush to their favorite restaurants before the menus have to change in the new year. As for me, I don't think eating animals is a good expression of free speech. It's kind of like mink owners. It's not something to brag about.

I agree with Oren Lyons on this one:

I do not see a delegation for the four-footed. I see no seat for the eagles. We forget, and we consider ourselves superior. But we are, after all, a mere part of creation. And we must consider to understand where we are. And we stand somewhere between the mountain and the ant. Somewhere and only there as part and parcel of the creation.

The weekend is a day that we always look forward to, we never know what will happen at the weekend, sometimes the weekend makes us happy and sometimes the weekend makes us sad, from some of the exciting themes above, it looks like my weekend will be make a post with a sad theme because at the weekend I was in the hospital to accompany my father, see you in the contest post, brother

I'm sorry to hear that your weekend was spent at hospital, it might be good to write about it, to order those thoughts and feelings.

That's how it is, brother, sometimes in life there are a few obstacles that must be overcome gracefully. Thank you for your attention

I totally get that feeling of something ending and a fresh start.
And those #weekend-engagement topics? I'm totally up for it!
Are images designed on Canva accepted?

Your own images are the way to go, not stock ones. It's what you say that matters, not the image.

Oh! Okay 😁

Oh yeah
New topics arrived, everyone get ready 😅

Happy weekend!

Very nice

Ok, thanks.

Followed you 😊

Cool, it's always nice to have a new follower.

I had a frikkin' blast doing this one. I hope ya'll enjoy it as much as I did putting it together. 🤪😂😁

I'm sure I will.

I can pull the gifs if you wish?

Are they considered stock images.

Asking for a friend. LoL

Hmm, good question. I guess they're not really your own images, ones you took yourself like everyone else is asked to use. Maybe not quite stock images either but still...maybe a change is in order.

These are indeed great ideas for the weekend topic 181.
This is fun reading the blogs from the participants.

Thank you @galenkp.

I hope you have a good weekend planned and maybe reading some posts will be a good way to pass some time.

These are great topics to choose from and share your experiences. I have had to spend one of my weekends in an unexpected way.

No problem I hope you have a good weekend.

May every weekend be a weekend to enjoy. Cheers to all


Yay for enjoyable weekends, I hope you have a good one.

The topics you propose are very interesting. And so are the plans I have for the weekend and I intend to share them.

Whatever you do, I hope you have a nice weekend.

It would be nice to know that my mother will be 92 years old on Sunday.

She must have seen so many things and had so many experiences in life. I hope she has a nice day.

Well, you'll have to post this outside of Galenkp's topics, unless the team against the Zombie invasion includes Grandma. 🤣 I think she would actually be the leader, and we would be the team. Hahahaha... oh my god.

Grannie the zombie slayer.

Jjjjj I understand, excuse me

Been a while, here and I miss writing here.


That's my entry sir.

Have a great weekend.


Interesting topics, still I had a not so easy time making a selection.
Had some nice time writing. Here's my entry

Happy weekend!

I'm glad you enjoyed writing for the topic.

Yes I took care of my mother when she was sick for two weeks.

Hopefully that worked out for her.


The first topic grabbed my attention and here's my entry 🤗


Ok, thanks.

Hello @galenkp, off topic question, I noticed my membership here in the community has disappeared.

I removed all memberships.

Yes, I understood.

@galenkp! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @luchyl. (1/5)