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We do not remember days, we remember moments.

- Cesare Pavese -


Happy weekend folks, no matter how bad you working week might have been here's your chance to take some rest, engage with life and fill your cup back up.

If you'd like to get involved with the #weekend-engagement topics as hosted in the WEEKEND EXPERIENCES community then read below, and I hope you all have a great weekend.

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  • What excites you about the future and what scares you about the future. Explain with examples. Remember to use your own photos.

  • Embarrassing work moments…have you had any? Explain them and how they worked out for you. Remember to use your own photos.

  • Would you move to another country for love, if that love began on the internet and you've not met the person before? Explain and discuss the challenges you might face. Remember to use your own photos.

  • At what age do you think sex education should begin for young people and why? Remember to use your own photos.


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Design and create your ideal life, tomorrow isn't promised - galenkp

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Beautiful sentence today... it left me thinking about those moments.

It has been a productive week, with achievements.

The topics are more than excellent! I like them several.... undecided hahaha but I think I know which one calls to me. There always seems to be one for me, a special one. Thank you!!!

Have a great weekend Galen!!!!

It's good you had a productive week, and I hope your weekend is...well, whatever you would like it to be. Enjoy.

I will!!!... I am still thinking about the issues, the second one happened to me some time ago....

Hello weekenders

Some head-racking topics here again. Would you like to travel our of your home country to another for the sake of love? Internet relationships are quite a thing but some have had it good.
Embarrassing moments at work, many times. Let's see if we can share our experiences.
Great topics as usual, @galenkp.

Common friends. Let's see what your views are.....

Thanks mate, there's a few topics that people could do something really cool with I think, I look forward to seeing what people do.

@galenkp, you always come up with interesting topic, I wonder where you always get this great topics ooo, wow, I will surely participate ooo,

They come from my brain, here's the process:

  • Let the hampsters from their cage and feed them breakfast
  • Put them onto the hampsters wheel in my head and get them running
  • Engage the gears, pulleys and cogs that makes my brain work
  • Start thinking up ideas
  • Write them down

It's been 202 weeks without missing one so far, pretty good and, the same hampsters too!

Ok, not really, I work then so hard they only last a month or so before escaping to find greener pastures and less physically taxing work. (I don't pay them much either )

I guess manually Filipinas can relate to the 3rd question haha.. but I won't dare to move without meeting the man first... real characters can be concealed online, lol..

Yeah, how a person presents online may be nothing at all like who they actually are; I'm sure many have been caught out.

Very interesting topics as usual @galenkp, I think I will roll with no. 3.

See you in a jiffy 😊

 last month (edited) 

I'm glad you like them, I look forward to seeing what you do with topic three.

Enjoy the weekend, nice topics to mull over once again!

Yep, that's the plan...enjoyable weekend. I hope you have one too! 😏

Crazy weather appears to have left our shores, now back onto warmer weather perhaps a weekend braai !LOLZ

How much memory does a comedian's computer have?
Lots of gigglebytes!

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@galenkp, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of joanstewart

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Good plan, it's always braai time right?

Moving our of one's country for the sake of love sounds interesting but the internet love and moving without meeting the person first is where the hitch is because it can be risky 😀

Yeah, internet love sounds like a rather dubious thing to get too hooked up on. Some do though.

Third topic is infact a reality ....

tell us the story o.o

Hahaha....nope....better to keep it down at the bottom

o.o why down at bottom :(

It has been for many I think...it'll be interesting to see what people come up with.

These are great topics. There are not just an essay to engage on, they open one's mind to learn and relearn. Those who are wise would use these lessons to their advantage.

Thanks for your comment, I hope a few others like them and place an entry in; I'm curious about what people will out together in response to the topics.

These are interesting topics to engage with for this weekend. Weldone @galenkp and kudos for the great work been done here.

My entry coming soon.

No worries, I hope you have a nice weekend ahead too.

Entry finally submitted

Nice topics. I will surely participate this week

That's nice to know, thank you.

Always welcome.

Very good proposals, it's hard to decide which one to do, I'd like to do them all but I can't be such a hoarder hahahahahahahah!

Thank you, I hope you manage to find one that stands out as a favourite.

Oooh, those should be some good ones. Fair chance there are a number of people here on Hive that met their significant other on the Internet. It seems to be quite common these days. My wife and I used to watch a reality show about couples meeting called 90 day fiance. The premise was pretty silly, but for some reason we kept watching :P

Yeah, I figured a few might relate to that one, could be entertaining huh?

For sure!

It has been a week with its ups and downs, but well we must continue, I hope you have a great weekend, my friend, sometimes I get lost, but I always come back haha, greetings. 😄

Ups and downs huh? I guess the bad moments make the good seem better and the good ones make the bad seem less impactful right?

Have a good weekend.

This working week has been up and down for me too.
I had business trip so I even reached 8000m by plane (up) and sea dhore (0 level). It was a very busy week for me, because when I returned from my trip, I had a lot of unfinished tasks waiting for me, and I'm so glad that the weekend is here.

That's the thing with business trips, they always bring more work; well, the weekend is here so hopefully you get to relax.

Although the future is uncertain, we will always have hints of what lies ahead great greetings @galenkp. Here is the theme chosen from your good suggestions:


Happy Weekend!

One thing that is certain about the future is that it will get here eventually, but then I guess when it does it's not the future, but the present.

Happy weekend.

Thanks! Great picture too, lots of happy people.

Wow! Great topics again, but I definitely have a story that I always remember about an embarrassing moment at work. Hahaha

Thank you, your entry was a good one!


I'm glad to be back posting at Weekend Experiences. Such interesting topics.


Welcome back.

Good evening my friend, I managed to post my post during the second time of de game: https://ecency.com/hive-168869/@josiva/fear-of-the-future

I almost lost it this week.

I hope your weekend was perfect, I wish you a great week.

Not a bad weekend for me really, I hope yours was ok too.

Boy, mine started wonderful, I did a big travel that had planned a long time ago, but unfortunately I returned sick. I'm getting better.

The thrill of the trip was so much that I got sick.

A shame you got sick, but at least you have good memories of your trip.

Happy weekend friends
I hope you are enjoying your weekend,
I love this week topic and I wished I could write in all the topics.

Thank you @galenkp for always giving us what to write about.


The weekend is over now but it was good while it lasted.

Interesting topics for this weekend. Bring it on friends

Bring it!

Will definitely bring it

Greetings my friend, happy weekend, the topics are interesting to write a little bit

Happy weekend, hopefully you have a good one.

Hello, I love all the topics given. But the future prompt stood out to me more, here's my entry: https://ecency.com/hive-168869/@sherah/into-the-unknown

Thank you, I saw your entry and liked it.

Thank you.

Here's my thoughts on the first topic.

I am so excited about the future because of that fact that "it is about to happen" which means you don't have the idea on what's about to happen, is it exciting right? And also, I believe it is fun and full of learning specially with new things. However, future also scares me the reason that because of its uncertainty, I will be clueless and unprepared to take on the challenges and hardship I will be facing along the way. One thing is that if I will succeed or not.

No worries, thanks for mentioning it.

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Hello, happy weekend everyone. This is my entry for the contest with the very fun theme above😊


Ok thanks for letting me know.

Happy weekend everyone. Kudos @galenkp for this week awesome topics. Finally, here is my entry:


No worries, thanks for letting me know and I hope you have a good weekend.

You are most welcomed.
Same here

I will be writing on number 1, hope I'm qualify for this contest?

If you follow the guidelines you'll qualify.

I have been looking at the screen for a while now, wondering which topic to go with and which should be ignored. They all look super interesting

Good luck with your choice should you be able to narrow it down.

Hello community, greetings to all, this is my participation in this week's dynamic. https://ecency.com/hive-168869/@miguelc88/a-look-into-the-past

hey guys, here is my sharing for the weekend. hope you guys have a great weekend!

Cheers, and I hope you're having a good weekend.

Great topics for this week! I participated for the first time for the 1st topic. My entry.

Thanks, good luck.

Cool, already seen and voted though.

Thanks 🙏👍 so much. It's really a great topics for the weekend

Thank you for supporting the concept. It's a shame not everyone can get a mention ever week (Mondays) but I really appreciate all of those who gets involved, yourself included.

Nice topics.... Welcome @galenkp for the wonderful jobs you've been doing.

I'm glad I participated in this challenge. Here is my entry

Thanks for participating.

The pleasure is mine @galenkp

This week it was a bit difficult for me to get in on time, I thought my computer had been damaged. But here I am with the beautiful suggestion that our @galenkp motivated us. Don't silence me.