Weekend commitment. Week 15|| This is how my weekend started

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From very early on, I set out to work on what has been my business for months: the production of cleaning products!
After eating my breakfast, I went to what I call my little laboratory...the ideal place to prepare my products.
Measuring the chemicals takes up a lot of my time since I have to be precise in order to obtain a good product. After mixing all these chemicals I did what I enjoy the most which is measuring the pH of the product so I know that it is suitable to be used.

Working makes me very happy, I have always said that today's sacrifice is tomorrow's success.!

Does anyone else work on the weekend?

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I used to work on the weekends but now I reserve them for enjoyment, being with my wife and having fun. Today I did some jobs at home though, so I was kind of working I guess. Work without getting paid, although my wife made some nice sandwiches for lunch which was nice.

I like your saying too...Today's sacrifice is tomorrow's success.

Have a nice weekend. All the best.

After a day's work comes the reward! Happy weekend 😉

Yep, work hard play hard right? :)

That's right! In the end it's worth it.

Well. I hit it at least as hard on the weekend as I do all through the week.

Everyday is a holiday when you are retired :)

I had trouble buying supplies early in the Pandemic. Notably ethanol. So I went to my local market and bought a bottle of 'Everclear' brand Vodka. 190 proof or 95% grain alcohol.

It felt weird, buying that bottle. I haven't had a drink in 30 years, and I've only bought one other bottle in that time to cover a football bet (my buddy knew that the biggest anguish he could cause me was to have to go to the liquor store :)).

It was a big commitment having to buy that bottle to fulfill the bet😂

Yes it was. And my buddy has never let me forget it :)