WE91: Without My Legs, What Would I Do?


If I had a choice between losing my arms or my legs, I'd choose to lose my legs in a heartbeat. Without my legs, I'll lose mobility - moving about would become significantly harder, but I believe that they'll become minor inconveniences in the long run. Without my arms, I simply can't think of what it'd be like - I'd lose my livelihood as a programmer, I wouldn't be able to use a phone, play the piano, or do 80% of the things that I do on a day-to-day basis. And of them all, I'd lose the ability to display affection with touch. It'd be such a drastic change.

Losing my Legs

Perhaps a car accident caused me to lose my legs. It won't be an easy pill to swallow, but I think it's less daunting than it actually seems. Humans adapt surprisingly quickly, and insurmountable inconveniences can quickly become just another daily routine. Although I'd most likely be depressed that I wouldn't be able to enjoy long walks and move freely, I think that I'd get over it after a while. After all, there's no use crying over spilled milk.

Using the money that I'd have received from an insurance payout, I'd first need to get a mobility device.


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Perhaps I'd pimp my ride a little. After all, I'm going to be with it for a long time and I wouldn't be caught dead driving my way through a mall with a mobility device that looks like crap. Nothing say you've made peace with your loss of legs like how pimped out your ride is. I might even become one of those guys who blast music from a portable speaker while moving around town!

Getting Exercise In!

One of the things that I'm sure to miss is the ability to move about freely and get in exercise. I love getting a good sweat in during a workout but many things will no longer be feasible after the loss of my legs. Nevertheless, athletes in the Paralympics do show that sports and exercise can be done even after the loss of limbs. Maybe I'll pick up swimming!


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I'm sure it won't be easy, but when my options are limited, I can't be choosy. I'd rather be doing something like dance, but honestly, the dance moves just aren't the same without two of the most important limbs.

Exploring the World Without Legs


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It won't be easy to explore the world without a pair of functional legs, but I think there are still plenty of other ways to do so. Cars, planes, trains, and buses will take me to wherever my heart desires. The world is becoming increasingly connected and I would be surprised if there are actually that many places that I can't visit and enjoy without my legs.

Taking a plane to Japan, enjoying its cuisine and beer with the rowdy buzz of the local Izakaya, taking in the various sights in each prefecture - these are all still things that I can do without my legs.


Even without a pair of legs, I think that I am still able to enjoy my life well. Sure, it will change many things in my day-to-day life and simple things will become difficult to do, but I believe that the quick adaptability of humans also means that the inconveniences will stop feeling like inconveniences after some time. I believe that I will still be able to live a fulfilling life by enjoying what I can to the fullest. It won't come easy, but I think it'll be worth it.

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What a positive way to approach this - pimp your ride? Totally cool. I think the tunes is a good idea as well. It seems like you would bounce back relatively quickly and go on to live a normal lifestyle but with cooler wheels than most I think 🙂.

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I'd like to think so! Gotta make peace with the cards you're dealt with in life after all. Thanks for stopping by! 😄