In Thru the Outdoors

Our story opens to Bon Jovi's music "Blaze of Glory" playing in the background...

"I wake up in the morning and I raise my weary head, I got an old coat for a pillow and the earth was last nights bed."

Not quite how I just woke up this morning. But if I were born 100 years sooner when I feel like I should have been spiritually. This song would be my life story or close to it. Most mornings at home I feel this way. It is 3:30 in the morning. A pot of coffee is brewing (photo #2) with the weather channel on the big screen. As usual sleep was little and a struggle to achieve. My mind seldom slows as I am now in my thirty first year of living the real life video game I call...


When I am not at home. Life out on the road is seldom where I want to be. Most mornings are a rude awakening. That is if I can even get to sleep.

So an old coat for a pillow, and the earth as last nights bed sometimes seems like a better option.

Indoors vs Outdoors

After choosing My Own Prison a career path that seems more like a jail sentence to me than a job. My desire to be outdoors. Alone and away from The Huddled Masses and all the garbage they bring with them is a strong desire.

Ok maybe alone is a bit much. I would probably have a few companions with me as you can see by this photo that I just took. (photo #1)

photo #1

photo #2

Four in the Morning

The time at the tone music video is 4 am. The music in my head that never stops playing. I think maybe that is also a result of the many years of self degredation and sleep deprevation that comes along with surviving the long days/nights on the road.

I am restless now at 4:30 am as I do not sit still this long unless I am posting here in my fave community the #weekend-engagement

It is time to wrap this post up and get Outdoors to the projects that have seemed never ending but now have an end in site. The two largest are The D̷E̷E̷K̷ deck with a boardwalk to a floating gazebo project (photo #3) and the seemingly never ending property cleanup. (photo #4)

photo #3

photo #4


I want to thank You. The reader for being my Hive Therapists. Dr. @galenkp in particular as He does house calls after hours 😉

My circle of friends has become so small it is now more like the period at the end of this sentence (.)
It is nice to know that there are a few people here in the Hive that really do care about this old trucker and his travelin' cat.

Thanks as Always for reading and...

Keep on KrazzyTrukkin'



Hey, how funny about Dr. Galenkp 😅 especially because it is very real, just reading the post of Weekend-Engagement I realized that writing about the weekends, based on the questions he proposes are a therapeutic action and for analysis, practically today I go to the wedding of a friend inspired by the themes of the community 😬

I loved the way you carried your story, from the peace that home offers to the outdoors. I understand perfectly when you say you have few friends, I praise a lot those I have, but the most intimate are very few, many times I have thought that the most faithful friends are those beautiful cats that accompany us at home, and I see that it happens to you the same way 😻

I know you will have a good day, because I see that you start them well, even if they are tedious for us we always come back to the peace of our home, where we can relax, do what we want and be with who we want. I wish you the best, loved reading your post bro! ✌️

Thanks for the kind and spot on words. You certainly are correct. Home is always where I want to be. Inside or out. As long as it is home. I am happy. 👍😉👍

Everytime I sit down on the couch, (My easy chair is always taken by a cat, mainly Larry) a couple of cats jump on my lap. More would come but only have room for two.

They are a comfort for an old retired guy. Also immersing yourself in nature.

Your all white cat on your left side is a beauty. Looks like my Mama cat.

Things could be worse, we could be living under a dictatorship with censored speech and a eugenic program going full speed ahead, with a third world war in the wings. Like you I was born to late, but it is what it is and we must make the most of what we got. Cheers for now //

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My, my, my... But you're living the best of both worlds indoors and outdoors. You live basically outdoors for what is worth. Great company, btw. And also, you have some really cool toy! 😂

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