My Weekend was Carnival - Enjoying the Music, Costumes and Comparsas!

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I love the times of the year where the city gets together to celebrate something, because, despite all the hand and difficulties people may be going through, you can see happiness in their faces. We are in the most colorful days of the year, that is, Carnival, a few days ago I made a post in Liketu about my visit to the HIVE Stand that was located in the historic center of the city of Cumana, the main focus of the carnivals. I told you a little about the traditions we have here, but all very briefly, but today I want to show you more in detail what have been the comparsas of the tourist carnivals in this weekend, since the other days of the week touch activities such as the beach.





Mainly the parades are held in a certain avenue of the city, this time it was from Gomez Rubio Avenue and Andres Eloy Blanco Avenue, ending in the historic castle, the oldest place in the city. The comparsas parade along a long route, showing their artistic creations, their costumes, their dances, their banners and others, normally the participants are representatives of foundations, businesses, schools, chosen queens or simply people who like this art and make individual costumes of fantasy.

There was also a lot of music, from musical bands and sambas that passed by with that characteristic sound, some with their dancers and others just cheering, this year there was very little car with sound which was strange to me. If we are going to talk about carnival it is complicated to show it in a photo, because in video it is much better, but I did not want to make a video as such because there were too many people to get comfortable, that's why I gathered all the good video clips I could take to show them in this video uploaded in Vimeo, I was going to upload it in my 3Speak channel but at the time of publishing this post, the page was totally down, I tried several hours but it was not fixed so the show had to continue and I used this alternative, so you can feel the vibe.





Then we went to the giant stage that was there, I located myself again near the Hive booth because it was a comfortable place, here we dedicated ourselves to listen to the music that was there, the entertainers and dj's that were doing their thing. Also in that area there was a lot of food, a beer and candy stand, the truth is a good time.



By the way, for this celebration I was doing an artistic makeup, which you will see soon in tutorial in my Blog, but I couldn't stop sharing it with you. Basically this was my weekend, this year I thought I wasn't going to go out much during these dates since I didn't have company, but the truth is that I was surprised since there are 3 days in a row of parties, starting on Saturday. It's pretty cool to enjoy this time since, I insist, it's too much fun to be in the house all day, better to be watching the show. I hope you loved to know how my weekend was, see you soon!

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Wow, this is really a joyful moment at your area, I can see the celebration everywhere.

What a beautiful makeup, and the comparsas this year look like they have been very beautiful

Yay! 🤗
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You really had a great weekend and that activities in the carnival is really fun. I noticed those people who walk and they were too long. Are they using some stick to make them so long.?

Que genial que disfrutaste estos carnavales en la ciudad, todo se ve muy lindo y alegre 💖 está hermoso tu maquillaje 😍 saludos