My weekend sounds like a regular mom life weekend: Cooking and spending time with family (on a day trip in Hungary though)

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Hello everyone,

How was your weekend? 💓 If you'd like to share a glimpse about it, then hurry up! You have less than 10 hours to share your weekend story in the Weekend Experiences community.

This post right here is about how, where or what I did these last few days, over the weekend. Read down below if you'd like to know what I actually did yesterday and today.

Disclaimer: Don't expect being gone on the moon with a skyrocket! That didnt happen. At least not yet 🫠😅.

Now seriously, in short, I was mostly cooking on Saturday and today I was on a day trip with my family in Hungary, more precisely in Szeged town. We went to the Zoo and we took our kid to the Circus for the very first time.

Ohhhh....and Friday....I kind of forgetttt??? I guess thats because it wasnt nothing important, just chores around house. I did the clean up. Yup, now I remember! And hoped all day long to go to the cinema to see Killers of the Flower Moon. Sadly, that didnt happen though, it was too late for the movie and it lasts for 3.5 hrs.


Let's start with Saturday.

Another weekend writing sugestion was about cooking. Do you cook on weekends due to more time?

A big NO in my case.

Usually and lately this year, I've been cooking so so rarely on weekends, I can almost count it.
My almost 5 yrs old goes to my parents on the weekends and I have more time for me or to do my stuff, resolve things I need to put in order. Also, on weekends, I sleep more, me and husband go to cinema, shopping, dinners, small excursions etc.
I dont cook more on weekends because I have more time. I have time either way, no matter what day is, so for me I only cook when if neccesarry and in the mood.

But based on THIS specific weekend, you'd say I am probably talking sh&t.

On this specific Saturday, I cooked. Hard! You must believe me, as I didnt take photos to everything.

But here me up. I woke up on Saturday with pleasure to cook so I said why not? I have the time, energy and mood.

Here's what I cooked:

  1. Bone Broth
  2. Chicken soup stew
  3. Veggie salad
  4. Pumpkin Pie
  5. Tiramisu
  6. Curry Chicken and Rice
  7. A green salad with radishes and green onions on the side

I share some of the photos I took. They dont look that good, but took them in a hurry.

About Bone Broth, I make it sometimes (mostly in cold season) for collagen boosting. Real bone broth that has also bone marrow contains a lot of collagen. But u need to boil it for a few hours. I did mine for 7 hrs. I'll share more about the recipe in another post.

And about the tiramisu, is my favorite dessert. Its alway a pleasure to make it. Is relax for me to prepare it. Abd I love my homemade Tiramisu recipe. Its the dream. Only the idea of it Lifts me up!
This is what Tiramisu means: Lift me up.




And about today, Sunday, me and my family were on a day trip to Szeged, a beautiful city in Hungary.

We went to Zoo once again, here is a beautiful Zoo place, in the forest.
Anyways, Caleb was obsessed with Big Cats (Felines) this year. He was literalmente Obsessed! So I promised him I'll take it to the Zoo to see the.: Leopard, Tiger, Lion, Jaguar, Puma etc.

Btw, a few weekends ago, @galenkp came with this writing suggestion: write about what would you do this weekend? Or something like that. And this was my answer I thought I would write but I didnt have time to submit a post that time. I would go to Zoo with Caleb to keep my promise to him. Its alreafy a few months now since I promised him we'll go but with all the summer trips and weekends away, we didnt manage to go. But I really really wanted to keep my promise. So here it is. This weekend it happened.

We had a nice day outside walking around the Zoo.
Also my parents were with us, so it was a really buzy and fun day. A family day.

Here are a few pictures.








After the Zoo, we walked around the city center and had lunch.
Szeged is a beautiful clean city here in Hungary.
The streets has so many big trees and the side walks are really really clean!
The buildings are reconstructured.
The vibe of the city was cool!

And after walking around, we went to Circus. We saw it accidentally on the road so we said why not?
It was a first time for Caleb. We all had fun.
This day surely was a family day worth to mention and treasure it in my heart! 💗

Here are some more pictures.






P.S. To end this day right, I watched an episode of this mini series called: Chef's Table: Pizza. 🍕🍕

I had a little bit of Tiramisu (just a little because its too late now to serve it, it's 12 am), put a few puzzle pieces on the spot (I have just a few more until I'm done) and pet Locki.

Then I thought to share all the story here so I hope you'll enjoy it. It will serve me too as a memory of this weekend! Heh

Have a lovely week ahead!

Love, missdeli 💗




Nicely spent weekend. Zoos built in forests are awesome. The animals feel more like in their natural environment. I can even see a big brother of Loki Floki in one of those shots hehe :) I just hope the circus was the one without animals. Animal circuses are based on animal abuse and I would never ever support this kind of business...

Yes. Zoo in forest its something else. Animals look happy there, the environment looks much friendly.

This circus had 4 least thats all I saw. I felt a bit confused when saw them...I felt a bit sad and remembered a story I've read to my son about a pony that ran from circus and ended up on a farm.
They had to do a walk...nothing fancy. It wasnt a big deal but still...I didnt feel comfortable.

I see. Ponnies are still quite ok. I mean of course they would happier if they could roam and run freely on a ranch or somewhere but at least they are domesticated animals that have been living with humans for centuries. Tigers, lions, elephants, bears etc. that´s something else. Circuses that still have these animals, keep them in cages and force them to perform "funny" tricks for the audience are nothing but animal abusers in my book. And I´m pretty sure in yours too ;)

Yes. In the end, thats what I thought too. They're domestic animals and if the owners are taking care of them nicely, than I guess thats not that bad.
But my first reaction was to feel sorry for them.

I know what you mean with animal abuse. I'm even a bit confused about Zoo too. But its too large to dive in. I think that there are Zoo's around the world that are awesome and animals arrent suffering.

I visited once a Zoo here in Romania. I felt terrible because the Zoo was soo small and animals had small cages. There weren't trees or grass or nothing. No friendly or natural environment.
But this Zoo I visited here its so amazing. They have big big cages. Some animals werent to be seen, that big was their space.

Yeah, Zoos are different from circuses for sure. With Zoos, it´s important to evaluate them individually, just like you said. Some zoos are really great and their animals live relatively happy lives while others can be horrible. It´s important to do some research before visiting them and don´t support the bad ones.

I guess you're right though to be honest, sometimes whrn I went to the Zoo it wasnt planned. So it didnt cross my mind to research it. But good idea. I'll consider it next time.

Gosh, your photos are so beautiful, I love the red and yellow building so much! It looks very exclusive. You know, when I'm at the zoo, I'm usually most interested in the felines too. I don't know what kind of animal it was in your photo, but I thought it was a snow jaguar, and I'm just in love. I think your weekend went amazing 🩷

Thank you Darine!
A lot of buildings here in this town, but all around Hungary looks juat the way you said it.
Yes, it was a snow leopard. So so cute. I think all of us are thrilled to see some felines. I guess its a bit attravtive because they're wild animals and u dont see them in real life.

I hope you are all well, you your sisters and uour mom Olga. Wish u all the best! 💓

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Hii now I report back again, how are you doing so? <3 Then you have to but absolutely let me know when you fly with a rocket to the moon haha there I want to go;) I find the pictures really good, they make you hungry haha:)
Love greetings