The Being Lazy And Snacking: A Weekend Adventure!

Well Hello There Weekend Adventurers!

Weekends Are For Adventures!

Now as much as I would like to say that this was a very adventurefull weekend I simply can not!

Well the whole idea of a weekend is an adventure on its own right? Since we don't normally do what we do during the week, well not all of us and most likely only a handfull of people have that luxury!

Speaking of that I had to work this weekend that passed, not like crazy but we had some stuff to sort out at work. I have a feeling that I might need to work this Saturday as well. Although I can not complain at all since I do benefit on the pay!

After the work day during the weekend I of-course went straight to "The Betty's" to get some relaxation and a back massage! But most of all I bought us some snacks (Okay so I didn't go straight to The Betty! Laughs!) so that we can sit outside and enjoy the cool breeze under the trees with a book!

Now what can be better than that? To top it off "Kuro" also joined us! But in all honesty I think he only wanted a piece of that delicious "Biltong" I had in the plate!

Also I thought I bought some fancy blue cheese and it turned out to be just normal cheese, well normal fancy cheese. 🤣 The price was attractive, it was on a almost 50% sale! Can you believe that stuff!


I Took Shiroku's Pride And Joy!

Well I didn't really have a choice! I had to snip his balls!

See in all honesty I didn't mind it but since we live on a farm and when a male cat wants to get out there they want to get out there am I right? Now I feared that he might not have comeback home since the enjoyment might be too good!

Besides that my parents and my sister has a lot of female cats that aren't fixed(Snipped) yet and well I don't want to have to take care of a 20 kitten litter! That would not work for me at all!

I don't think he even noticed that something is gone! Laughs well we tried getting some cool pictures of him during the weekend but he was too interested in what we were holding! Probably he thought he was getting something to eat!


Oh Wait I Spotted Something Else!


A Little Bit Of What We Call Photography!

Not the best photography you'll find out there but damn do I love a landscape photo and even more so when it pops out exactly as I wanted it!

I have to admit, with the editing tool that I have and simply just tweaking the details a little bit, well it makes the detail pop and I am crazy about that!

I took these on the farm late on Sunday afternoon and what caught my attention was the sun rays making these perfectly straight lines. You can only see one in the photo very clearly but there were so many of them! It's something I've seen quite a lot before but not quite like this! This was different or it felt different!


I think perhaps why it stood out so beautifully for me is because I haven't seen this in a couple of years and over the last couple of years I've paid more attention to detail so only seeing it now kind of baffles me!

It was beyond beautifull!

Well as I said it wasn't exactly the most adventurefull weekend I've ever had but it was amazing none the less! Could have been a little more if I went swimming but things didn't pan out for me!


Dated 05/12/2023

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Thats a great fucking book you got yourself there ;)

Wave Media

Well, it's actually the Betty reading that one😅 but I might jump in after her🤔


Ohh haha, okay :D
To be fair, I haven't started reading that one yet, I am going through this book first :D

Wave Media

Lels, yeah the Betty has all three of them or four not sure how many. But if its a good read Id have to jump in on that!

I have 2 of his books, I don't have the "will" thing.
Its a pretty good read so far ^^

I also don't have the Will one. He published "love is not enough" in 2020... Also don't have that one. I saw Everything is fucked at the airport a few months back. See I buy random books like this when I'm at the airport because no one is there to stop me.... But this was a great buy. I would recommend it to a bunch of people. This guy really gets inside your head and you strat to see "oo, I'm not the centre of the universe".

Yeah Im more caught on the fiction readings 🤣 like Game of Thrones...lord of the rings...stuff like that, although I did buy a few books that should be educational last night...

The 33 strategies of war
The art of war
The power of habbit.

So I'm hoping on those to be a good read

Best book if read in a long time!! I'm half way on the second one now. It's also up there with the first one. It got me thinking about life and what I wanted out of it.