A "Grilled Food" Kind of Sunday!!! :) Happy Sinulog!!!

It was "SINULOG" festival last Sunday and as most locals would do, we stayed at home. Well, some people would actually go to the event place and enjoy the parade and all the other activities, but my family and I don't really like really crowded places.

Before the pandemic, my parents and I usually only join the solemn procession the day before the festival. However, it was cancelled the past years and was just done again this year.

This was taken last 2018 when we were on our way to join the solemn procession that year.

It would be nice to join the procession again someday, but for now, we'd go to church after the festival when everything calms down.

So last Sunday, instead of going to the venue, we just played Sinulog songs at home while grilling some food for us to share. I unfortunately couldn't take pictures while we were doing so because it was kind of busy and we were also enjoying at the same time. Though actually, I also did a live video on TikTok that time (follow me on TikTok). I could take a couple screenshots of us preparing... but it's not very clear.

So, I'll show you the grilled food we shared that day, instead. <3

This is called "Ginanggang na Saging". It's banana saba that we grilled then add some margarine and sugar. I used to have this a lot when we still lived in the countryside because some food stalls sell this either in the market or on the street. :)

I don't know what kind of fish this is, but my parents enjoyed it. I can no longer eat fish, so I can only admire it. hahaha

Grilled pork. Mama marinated it earlier that morning, but the taste was really good. It was a little sweet and was very juicy.

Despite not being able to join the festivities in the city, we were able to enjoy having this meal together. We actually had wine that time as well, so it was quite a celebration. :)

In the end, it was a Sinulog well spent. <3


Kalami sa sinugbang isda. Makagutom! Haha... Plus lemomsito pa gyud
Anyway enjoy grilking with fam

Hahaha... mangaon ta!!!! :D

Salamat... ^^

Walay sapayan. 😁