A Small Community Meeting over Food... <3

In my previous posts, I have shared updates on our gardening as well as our plan of having a common garden for the community. Last Sunday, my mama and I invited our community president over and told her of our plan.

In the past, we have a small chapel or meeting place in that small area. It's more of a place for the kids in our community to gather and help each other with their modules back when the pandemic didn't allow them to have face to face classes.

That place was then destroyed by the super typhoon and since classes are back to normal, that piece of land has remained empty. It's this one below.

This was where our "purok" or small meeting place used to stand. And this is also the place where we plan to make a common garden for our small community. It's just beside our house.

Our community president agreed on the idea and later in the afternoon of the same day, we had a small meeting at home together with some of the residents who will help as well as some kids.

It was still quite hot that time, but it was already almost four in the afternoon. We discussed plans on how to improve our small community particularly regarding the common garden.

The attendees are those who are directly involved with the plan, but once we finalize everything, the other members would be easy to approach for help... especially with regards maintaining the common garden.

Most residents in our community have their small garden and some also started planting vegetables in pots just like what we were doing, so it wouldn't be a hassle to also make use of the empty space for a common garden.

We also talked about the recent news about our place which was quite crazy and concerning... it's about the presence of some "manananggal" --- a supernatural creature often introduced in Filipino folk stories. Some kids claimed to have seen one a few nights ago, but we don't know whether to believe it or not. It's being talked about in some TV shows here in the Philippines recently. The place of the incident is around 8-10 minutes away on foot from where we are and it happened recently, so it was also an obvious topic. lol

It wasn't a formal meeting. It was more of a light chat regarding our community's changes over food. We shared some boiled banana cardava and sweet potatoes.

We usually dip the banana and sweet potatoes in this fermented fish. We just add some Philippine lime or calamansi to it.

One of our neighbors also brought this spicy version of the fermented fish and it was perfect for the banana. haha

We went to the area when the sun wasn't so bright anymore to check it. Some kind of plant started growing everywhere. When I used Google Lens to search this plant. it's a kind of herbal plant called Asiatic Pennywort. I didn't know anything about it until now, but it's quite interesting and they're actually everywhere in our small community.

Anyway, we'd have to plough some parts of this area for our vegetables to grow. As I'm writing this blog today, my mama sent me a message saying that some community members already started getting the place ready for our garden. It started raining, though... so they had to stop midway for now. :)

It's just great to live in a small community where people are ready to help each other. I hope we'd be able to produce a lot of vegetables for everyone and continue to make our community a much better place. :) There are a lot of kids in our community, so I'm sure they'd be excited and eager to help as well. They're naturally very curious and fun! ^^

Anyway, thanks for checking out this post. See you next time!!!!


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