My Saturdate with Xugz <3 <3 <3

After 10 long years, I'm finally able to meet my partner in crime when I was a university student. I call her Xugz... <3

Duofie after 10 years... haha xDD

Let me share a short story about our friendship first...

Xugz and I first met in our freshmen years in university. We were classmates, but we weren't very close back then. We each have our own circle of friends, though we greet each other and also had the chance to be groupmates at some point.

We grew closer when we were in our second year. The class was shuffled, so some of our friends were transferred to other classes and so on... but we remained classmates. Since then, we started hanging out together.

We were both into gaming and anime, so we frequently go to the Internet shop to play some games or watch some anime, etc. after lunch. There were even times when we decide to cut class or be late for our next class, but those were all failed attempts. It's either because the class was cancelled or our professor was late. haha

I remember that one time we decided to be around 30 minutes late for our next class. When we went out of the Internet shop, we saw one of our classmates and told us that the class was cancelled, so we hurriedly went back to play again. xD We're so lucky together, but if we're by ourselves, we're usually late. haha

Anyway, back to our Saturdate...

I invited her over for lunch, but since she couldn't remember where my place is (despite living in the same city), we decided to meet somewhere near. I asked her to meet at the church and go to the newly-improved plaza nearby because regardless of living just a few minutes away, I haven't been there since the pandemic started. lol

I rode an e-bike to our meeting place and the road there is quite nostalgic.

My family and I used to pass by here when we go for a walk or jog pre-pandemic times. Nothing much has changed, but they sure fixed the road. There were less bumps. :D

Our meeting time was 10AM and I arrived at around 9:50AM. I told her not to use the usual "Filipino time". It's an awful culture in the Philippines where people arrive an hour late to the agreed time. Well, she was a bit late but at least she informed me about it. haha

I took the chance to get inside the church. Luckily this side of the church was open... and I also lit some candles. :)

I then sat down under the shade of this beautiful tree waiting for Xugz to arrive. Luckily, it didn't take long. When she got to our meeting place, we started walking and went to the plaza. :)

That's the police station beside the plaza. :) That's where my papa used to work before he opted for early retirement years ago. It's so much bigger and more beautiful now, too. Having it near the plaza makes the place feel safer. <3

They set this up last Valentine's Day. Philippines is known for not taking down decorations soon. haha Anyway, it's a good thing since I could still take a picture of it even though Valentine's day was a month ago.

Xugz and I sat there for a while to catch up before we decided to go to the beach part of the plaza. :)

Kids can play here. It's a banana leaf, apparently. :)

What did I tell you about not taking down decorations? Hahaha.. This must be a permanent Christmas tree. It's cute, though. :)

You'll see these decorations on your way to the beach. It was around 11AM that time. The sun was bright, but it was so comfortable because it was windy.

Behind the scenes??? lol

It's funny because we both live in this city, but I haven't been here for around three years and it's Xugz's first time here. hahaha They've been living in this city for a while now.

In the past, that building was just small cottages, but since our city is promoting tourism, they've made a lot of improvements. Those are food shops and place to eat. There's also another building behind it which is intended for souvenir shops and tourism office, I think? It's not complete, yet...

On the other side, behind those trees are places to eat and drink at night. I guess they opened some bars by the sea in that place. We didn't go there, though. xD

We stayed there and chatted some more before riding an e-bike home. We just had a lot of things to talk about. :)

We arrived in our house around noon and mama prepared some food for us.

Aside from being my partner in crime, Xugz was also my food buddy. We used to have meals together way back university days. Sometimes, we go out with my bestie and order a box of pizza each. Funny thing is that, my bestie and I wouldn't be able to finish our box, so Xugz would finish them for us. So powerful!!! hahaha

We stayed in my room until around 4PM. We had pizza and ice cream party that afternoon while continuing our chat. The whole day wasn't enough. hahah

Her mom called her informing that they're done with their appointments, so she had to go as well. We promised to meet again, though... and for sure, it wouldn't take another 10 years to do so. hahaha

I'm happy to hangout with Xugz... we reminisced our time together in the university. We both didn't graduate in that university, though. I transferred to another university after taking a break post-surgery... while Xugz, shifted to another course in another university.

The last time we met 10 years ago was during a cosplay event I attended with my bestie and new friends from the university I transferred to. It was also fun reminiscing that day as well.

PS: My parents were so happy to see me go out... hahaha I finally experienced "socializing" again. lol Anyway, see you next time!!! <3