[Week 128] Weekend Engagement: WHAT IF you had to describe yourself in only 5 words...

Five Words Describing Myself

1. Frustrated Artist

Here are some of my latest art works...

Ever since I was young, I have always been amazed by people who are really good at drawing. I grew up with cousins who were really great at it. I was so jealous at how amazing they were that I decided to practice drawing as well. It was really frustrating at first because I couldn't draw well. However, I decided to keep practicing and now, I'm able to paint and draw some decent works. I still feel frustrated at times, but I also learned how to enjoy the process. Whenever I have more time, I try to paint or draw. Now it's more of an expression rather than frustration, but there are times when it could also be an expression of frustration. haha

2. Homebody

I rarely go out that when my online students asked me how the pandemic and lockdown affected me, I just told them, "I realized that my life was already in quarantine even before the pandemic started."

Since I started working from home around 8 years ago, I barely go out. Well, I did when my bestie was still in the country, but since she migrated to the US, I don't have any reasons to do so. Because of that, my friends and loved ones usually visit our place instead. lol

It's funny how people mistake me as an extrovert (maybe because of my bubbly personality?), when I'm actually a full-blown introvert. (I'm an INFP, btw) I do love spending time with very close friends and just hang around at home. I used to join cosplay conventions where there are a lot of people, but after the event, I don't feel like leaving my room for the whole week. You know that feeling when you just don't want to see anyone? haha



When I'm not working, blogging or spending time with family or friends, you can just find me in my room watching anime, reading manga or playing some mobile games. I love anime so much that I've rewatched some of my favorite ones multiple times.

When I was in University, my Otaku Life (which includes anime, manga, J-pop/J-rock, K-pop) helped me keep my sanity. I remember watching anime rather than studying for the final exam of my major subject. Surprisingly, I still got the highest score... and in addition, the person who got the second highest score was also an otaku.

Some people hide their otaku life, and I understand them since it doesn't really have a positive image, but because of the rise of Esports, Japanese anime and manga internationally, it's becoming more and more accepted. I'm a proud otaku, though. It has helped me a lot, especially mentally. ;)

4. Amateur Writer

Aside from art, I like expressing myself through poetry. I found the joy in writing poems when I was in high school. I remember watching "Dead Poet Society" in one of our film showing activity in class... then our English teacher made us form a group and start writing poems. I believe that teacher was one of the reasons why I got into poetry writing.

Since then, I have written more than a hundred poetry pieces. Well, it must be more than that, but I lost some of them... at least I could keep track of the pieces I made from around 10 years ago. :)

One of my dreams is to actually publish a collection of my favorite poems that I wrote someday. Who knows, right? :)

5. A Daughter

I'm an only child, so I'm pretty close with both my parents, especially my mama. She's my best friend and I love her so much. I especially like how she tries and enters my world (listening to my type of music, watching anime to understand why I'm crazy like this... lol). She's also the best cook in the whole world! We can lowkey blame her for my weight. hahaha

As for papa, I became much closer to him when he retired from work. He opted for early retirement which was a great decision since life of a policeman in the Philippines is crazy difficult especially when you're a law-abiding one. Now, he's my buddy... we both like drawing, dancing zumba and sometimes go jogging and play some basketball together.

I am very happy to be their daughter and I'm always grateful for them. <3

PS: I talked to much, so sorry for the long post...


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You certainly have skills in drawing and painting. Though you feel like you don't possess it, by sharpening it, it became visible. Knowing you are a certified otaku makes me smile. What's your favorite manga and anime so far? I know it changes over time. lol.

Hiiii!!! Thanks for your kind words... I'm trying to use this frustration to improve more in this craft.

I'm more into sports anime and manga, though I'm cool with any genre... My fave would be Haikyuu!! and Major for sports... I'm also into One Piece, Dr. Stone for Shonen... Then K-On!, UtaPri for musical... For gory ones, I like Shingeki no Kyojin and manga version of Battle Royale... 😂🥰

Recently, I'm watching Spy X Family and rewatching "Ginga e Kickoff!". Also planning on binge watching Blue Lock soon. 😂😂😂

Are you into anime/manga, too?

Realization of who you are, what you enjoy at a young age enlightening base to grow from! Nice descriptive writing, art and poetry .

Thank you so much... I believe we tend to discover more about ourselves every day. The important thing is to acknowledge and accept whatever it is... including the flaws. We can always use them to improve. Thanks again for dropping by. Have a great one! 🥰❤️

We have to understand ourselves both good and bad, we simply human....