Max, the pet who hypnotizes me with his eyes - WEEK 180

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Max, the pet who hypnotizes me with his eyes

I like pets very much. They're like children. They know if you really love them or not. You can't fool them.- Donna Douglas


And this time with this weekend's writing you have touched my sensitive side, especially when it comes to pets.

First of all, if I had gone through what you went through @galenkp with Dixie, I honestly don't know what I would have been able to do, surely that guy wouldn't have gotten off so easy, and yes, it saddens me greatly when I see these innocent souls end up in such ways.

Is there anyone in the world who doesn't love a pet?

Today I want to introduce you to my pet, yes, I want to introduce you to Max, and if you search through my slightly older posts you will find a few posts that feature Max in the lead role.


We have grown very fond of this dog, Max has a not so pleasant history, I'll tell you briefly.

How did we come to have Max?

Before Max we had two puppies that we loved very much, but unfortunately they got old, just like us humans (I think they were over 17 when we had them) and unfortunately one of them got epilepsy (yes, we didn't know until then that dogs had that disease too) and the other got a rare form of cancer and unfortunately we lost them both.

We had a period where we were very affected and didn't want a pet anymore, we thought we would get attached to it and maybe one day we would suffer again.

You can tell I didn't last long without a pet, so I talked about adopting one from a shelter.

One day my wife passed by our local building materials store and saw a puppy crying there all alone.

In the second second he went to the shop assistant and asked him whose puppy it was, the shop assistant told him it was nobody's, and just like that we found a new little soul in our family.


The first days were terrible, Max was so weak and full of fleas, after long treatments and many baths, Max recovered and look who became the family's favourite pet.


Max exudes lots of love, warmth and has endless energy, he loves to play outdoors.

We live in the countryside and at home we have a garden (I've shown it to you a few times) here Max loves to play, here we have many activities that we do together.

I didn't tell you that he has a lot of toys, but he likes toys, very often when we go on holiday, when we come back we buy him a toy that he likes very much.



On the other hand Max also has a weakness for chickens, he plays with them when the chickens take flight, hehe.



Max loves to go for walks, by car of course, now I'm joking, he loves to walk and discover new places, he is very curious but also very shy.





My dear Max greets you all and I greet you too, Max is already getting jealous that he sees me sitting too long at the computer and would like some attention, so see you next week with new challenges.

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P.S. The attached pictures you have just seen are taken by me with my mobile phone, and the text is also designed by me.

Yours @triplug😉


Ahhw this sweety is so lucky that you found him and gave him a warm home!

I guess we're both lucky😊
I am very sensitive when it comes to these innocent souls, at one time in the trunk of the car I had a bag full of food for puppies and where I saw abandoned puppies I stopped and fed them.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Our pets come to mean so much to us, it's truly amazing how deeply they can reach inside and how they take hold. It's heart-warming that you feel so strongly for Max and I think he returns the love.

Becca 🌷

You are right, our pets are part of our lives and of course our family, when it comes to these souls I am very sensitive and couldn't bear to know they are sick or have anything happen to them.
Greetings from Romania😊

What a lovely story. I didn´t even know you have a doggie, you probably haven´t featured him in your posts for a long time :) Say hi to Max for me and buy him some nice treats with this TipU vote hehe :) Enjoy your weekend my friend!

@tipu curate 7

Aww, thanks a lot buddy, yeah, I'll buy Max some rewards.
We love pets and yes we went through some painful times when we lost our other two puppies but now we are ok, we have Max.
Max also thanks you for the rewards he will receive.

Aww, he is such a cutie :) Well, me and my wife we both love dogs (we actually love all animals haha) but because of our nomadic lifestyle, it was impossible (or very difficult at least) for us to have our own doggie. But now that we will have to settle down a bit because of our daughter, we might soon get a doggie too. I mean once we manage to save some time for it ;)

We have an advantage because we live in the countryside and we have enough space to keep a puppy, probably if we lived in the city it was more difficult.
We are very attached to him, we worry when we see that he is not himself, but we also rejoice when he exudes energy, he is very playful, there is not a day when we don't have a play program (even if it's raining outside), he loves to run in the rain, he is not afraid of thunder (something we have rarely encountered in puppies).

Yeah, Max is really lucky to have you as the owners :) I wish all doggies were this lucky. Btw what breed is he? Is that a cross?

Indeed, Max is a lucky guy, by the way, my wife keeps nagging me to set up a shelter for stray dogs, but for now the financial effort is very high for us, but in the future you never know.
Max is not a dog of a certain breed, as you wrote he is a crossbreed.

Aww, man, that would be awesome! I mean the idea with a shelter. In fact, there is an amazing person here on Hive who runs a shelter for stray, abandoned and injured animals on her own right in her house. Her previous profile was stolen so now she uses this one: @torem-di-torem. I know that at one point, she was taking care of more than 100 animals. On her own. Incredible. Would be amazing if you could run such a shelter too but I can imagine it takes a lot of funds to start something like that.

An inspiring story 😍 It brought a tear to my eye. How nice to have someone with four little paws who loves us as much as we love them. I would be totally lost without my cat. I wish them a long life together.

Thank you so much for your nice comment, these pets are very dear to me.
Have a wonderful weekend.

the chicken is very cute. Max won't eat it? I'm afraid Max will pounce on his chicken

Yes, Max likes to play with the chickens, but I don't let him because he is very big and they are fragile and I will figure out that they won't survive playing with Max.

Awww, he's a cute boy! 😍
And I'm happy to see he got the chance of a family with you. Pets are so awesome companions who are filling and touching our hearts and souls.
Take care!