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RE: Introducing HiveLink - Allow users to select their frontend of choice when you link to another post.

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I'm not sure I understand the purpose? isn't particularly memorable, then when I remember it all it ever does is bring me back to this post?

Ok I made it work with a users name, but why am I going to remember more then or ?

Evidently as everyone loves this post I'm missing something, but I just can't work out what???


I was going into it with a similar thought to you (in some regards), I intend it to be a way to link to something, letting a user choose their platform. Ideally it'll be implemented by developers so users will never need to write the link. One developer (dannychain) has already implemented it Here to provide a platform-agnostic link to my hive engine witnesses' profile, letting the user decide.

I hope that has cleared it up for you, and I'd be happy to hear any feedback you have!

It makes more sense now thank you, it still feels a bit like hard work for a user to change any link they share from to but there is an obvious big advantage for app developers

Yeah, for sure. Maybe I should've run it at :D

I'm lobbying friday (it's like gina) devs to include it for their post links, and I'm already using it for post links when sharing stuff in chats. I'm usually on either ecency or peakd and my links would be to one of those. Users on a platform other than what I link to ended up:
a) editing the link to go to their platform of choice
b) on a platform they don't use
c) accidentally interacting on the wrong alt (some ppl use various platforms to keep alts separate)
d) get the idea that I'm promoting a particular platform

With hivelink (, I can just replace the front part of a url and those problems all go away. Super simple tool that solves a few problems when presenting links to Hive posts

I think that explains it more, so the idea is share a link starting with instead of and the person who uses the link can choose their front end.