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RE: Introducing HiveLink - Allow users to select their frontend of choice when you link to another post.

in Programming & Dev3 years ago

I was going into it with a similar thought to you (in some regards), I intend it to be a way to link to something, letting a user choose their platform. Ideally it'll be implemented by developers so users will never need to write the link. One developer (dannychain) has already implemented it Here to provide a platform-agnostic link to my hive engine witnesses' profile, letting the user decide.

I hope that has cleared it up for you, and I'd be happy to hear any feedback you have!


It makes more sense now thank you, it still feels a bit like hard work for a user to change any link they share from to but there is an obvious big advantage for app developers

Yeah, for sure. Maybe I should've run it at :D