Kanibot -v1.37.0 Development Updates - Introducing Diesel Pool notifications and Splinterlands rental market notifications

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Even though other projects are keeping me very busy, if I need some relaxation, I make some improvements to the Kani bot which is my own service on Hive blockchain. I realized that it has been a while since my last update. I made some improvements to the bot now and then and released them. I did not get a chance to work on any major improvements and to write about them. This article will list out some recent developments and improvements done to the bot.


There are four major features in this new update. Apart from this I also added some more improvements to the bot in terms of performance as well as error handling. Those are all some internal things that I'm not going to mention in this article. Now let's go through the new features one by one. I internally maintain the release versions and the current version of the bot is 1.37.0.

1.32.0 - Command to check total worth of an account on Hive Engine

This is one of the most exciting features. At least for me. I always wanted to check how much worth my tokens are on Hive Engine. I know there is a value displayed on the Hive Engine interface but that is not accurate. It does not include the staked tokens and delegated tokens. My code includes that as well and calculates the worth of the account.


The value is calculated in Hive and the current USD price. In the future, I'm planning to include the main account worth as well. This feature is already live and right now anyone can check this with the above-mentioned command. It is not mandatory that they have to be a registered member to use this command.

1.35.0 - Diesel pool reward notifications

There was a new distribution contract introduced on Hive Engine that distributed daily rewards to people who were adding liquidity to the diesel pools. Before this contract, there were no rewards for adding liquidity. This contract encouraged people to add liquidity to various tokens. One good thing about this contract is that it is not the case that only the token holder or the token pair creator should reward the liquidity providers. Even others can do it.


The notifications will look like the above. Initially, I had problems getting the notifications right. There was an issue in the way the jsons were created on Hive Engine. Then later the inconsistencies were corrected. This feature has been live for quite some time already.

1.36.0 - Splinterlands Gift cards (transfer) notifications directly from SL

This is not something new. I used to have some SL notifications from the custom Jsons on Hive. I know it will not be accurate but I wanted to have some notification for the time being. I have now made the notifications picked up directly from splinterlands API. The notification will be something similar to below:



The main reason why I wanted to explore the Splinterlands API was for the next feature. Read further to know more.

1.37.0 - Splinterlands cards rented in and rented out notifications

This was the notification that I wanted to have in the bot. I hope it will be useful for other Splinterlands players and renters as well. I thought it will be nice to get some notifications then and there if someone is renting in my cards. I keep adjusting the price and wait for the cards to get rented. I usually go to peakmonsters to check if it was rented or not. These notifications will now get handy for me.



The notifications will be displayed in two different ways. One would be for individual cards. If the cards were rented by someone in the group, that will be displayed differently in a group.

Hope you all enjoy these new features of the bot. I'm planning to add some more splinterlands notifications to the coming releases.

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These additional Diesel Pool notifications and also about splinterlands are helpul. Nice addition.

Thank you. Im glad you find these notifications helpful.

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