Kanibot - v1.29.0 Development Updates - Introducing Hive notifications in Kani Bot

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This had been a long awaited feature for Kanibot. Many users asked me for this feature especially after the recent hardfork, Gina stopped working. I wanted to add Hive notifications to Kani bot but couldn't do it earlier than this due to other priorities.

Today I'm glad to announce that Kanibot will be able to send Hive notifications going forward. I had to refactor some code before I get started with Hive notifications. That's what took me so long to get this implemented. Now that it is done, I guess at least @sayee and @rehan12 would be very happy because they were the ones asking me more frequently.


What is Kani Bot?

A short introduction to people who are hearing this for the very first time. Kani Bot is a notification service for discord users. Initially the focus was only on Hive Engine notifications and now that Gina is not available or not working properly, I have extended it to send Hive notifications as well.

Hive notifications

I have not included all the notifications yet but the most important ones or the frequently used ones have been implemented in this release. Below are the notifications I have included in this release.

Comments Incoming
Comments Outgoing
Votes Incoming
Votes Outgoing
Downvotes Incoming
Downvotes Outgoing
Post Published
Transfer Sent
Transfer Received

The notifications would look something like below. It will mostly be similar to how it looks like in Gina. I have added a little more details to the notifications to make it more useful. For people who are wondering how they can differentiate Hive notifications and Hive Engine notifications, the footer of the message will have either Hive or Hive Engine written there. In addition to that the image or the thumbnail that is displayed there will either be Hive logo or Hive Engine logo.


So far, above are the notifications I have implemented in this release to kick start Hive notifications. In the coming releases, I will try to implement a lot more notifications. If you think some notification should be my next top priority to work on, please share the information in the comments section. You can also reach out to me in Kanibot Discord Channel.


Apart from the bot changes, I have also made changes to the website as well. Nowadays whatever change I do to the bot, I have to consider website as well which is what provides options for the users to adjust their settings.

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Yes, Kani is very useful to us indeed. Thanks for taking the pains to do all this, Bala

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Great updates I was waiting for the updates 😀🍻🙏