Kanibot - Year end Update

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Happy holidays and a very happy new year to everyone!

It has been over a year since made some posts on Kanibot updates. This doesn't mean that there were no developments on Kanibot but instead, no posts were made explaining the improvements. Kanibot is still very active on Discord and is being updated frequently with security fixes and improvements.

Going forward I am going to try giving an update at least once a month. This will also allow me to work more on Kanibot just for the sake of updating the community. I have been maintaining the backlog for Kanibot improvements and slowly introducing features one by one.

What is Kanibot?

Kanibot is a notifications service for Hive and Hive Engine users. Currently, the notification is targeted towards discord users. There is also a feature available in Kanibot to get some game-specific notifications as well. Kanibot started as a Hobby project when we had issues with Gina bot. Later more notifications and features were introduced to Kanibot and it was released for public use. A few users are using this for their notifications on Discord and I'm trying to keep this up to date.

New updates and features

Along with this update, I would like to highlight some of the new features and changes introduced to Kanibot.

  • Website completely rebuilt: It has been a very long time since we had some updates to the website and it ended up becoming unusable for many users. The reason was that it was using a very old code base. The entire website has been completely refactored and the color themes have also been changed now.
  • Subscription moved to website: The subscription to the bot has now been moved to the website for the ease of the users. There is a separate page now for extending the subscription to Kanibot. The new users will still have to visit the discord channel to register and they get 30 days free subscription. The subscription system is set in place to avoid spam and retain only the users using this service. The subscription cost is 1 Hive per month and it can also be paid for multiple months. Support for recurring transfers has also been added in the recent update.
  • New notifications added: Since the last update, there have been many notifications added to the bot. You can visit the website and check the settings page to see the newly added notifications and make adjustments to the notifications accordingly. Some of the new notifications are as follows:
  • Recurring transfer notifications
  • Witness vote notifications
  • Follower and Following notifications

In addition to all the above, there were a lot of updates done to the backend of the bot to make it more efficient. I'm also having an internal feature where I vote on some accounts based on specific needs. That's an internal feature used only by me. Soon I will try to make it public.

Kanibot witness

Kanibot is a witness on Hive Engine. This has been operational ever since nodes were made public and incentives were announced for operating a Hive Engine node. I have been operating and maintaining a public Hive Engine node since then. In the last two years, there have been a lot of changes made to the way the witness nodes are operated. A few months back the Hive Engine witness nodes were attacked and I moved the DNS to be managed by Cloudflare. There are some rules set on Cloudflare to do some rate limiting.

If you like what I'm doing on Hive, you can vote me as a witness with the links below.

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