My first Vimm broadcast

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Greetings Sequoir, welcome to HIVE!

Good work, team. Continue working

I so much admire your creativeness here, i will be involved has soon as possible.

Vimm is integrated with hive ? I think, I heard the name earlier in days of steem.

Yep! We initially supported both chains, figuring it was better to give our users choice. Very quickly, it became apparent that such a solution was untenable, much to our dismay. We're still alive and kicking, and we just launched a European ingest server this week!

Thanks for reply

good to see vimm is still around

You know it, baby! It's gonna take a lot more than a fork to keep us down...

Thank Crimsonclad for doing this AMA with Sequoir and I'm really liking the standpoint and vision of this company!

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@hiveio do you know where i can see the exactly rules about the 2. Airdrop Proposals? Where is the link to see who is against myself on a proposal? Thanks